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Alex Au-Yeung

Alex is one of the nicest down to earth guys you will meet and did we mention he is a fanatical fisherman? Alex has a background in psychology and of all thing speech therapy but has found his passion in the fishing industry. He is an accomplished steel header and salmon fisherman and is an extremely skilled center-pin angler but has no qualms about spending hours on our urban fisheries chasing bass, pike minnow and anything else that will bite.

He is one of the most honest fishermen we have had the pleasure to work with and whether talking about the intricacies of rare center-pins or explaining how a beginner can target trout on our local lakes, he is always willing to help with a smile and genuine sincerity.

He writes a number of our reports and is a regular on the sales floor. If you want to talk to someone about center-pins, bass fishing or really anything hook and line related, ask for Alex next time you are in the shop.