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Is located 20 minutes north of YVR International Airport in the heart of the city. Vancouver not only provides one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world, but also provides a great hub for many of Vancouver's fishing opportunities.


BC Fishing Info - Vancouver Fishing Opportunities

Vancouver saltwater fishing opportunities abound in the inner harbor throughout the summer months. The same season also holds opportunities on the mighty Fraser River, 1 hr. east on the Trans Canada Highway. Here the angler can do battle with chinook, sockeye and pink salmon. For the ultimate test the Fraser River also is home to the giant white sturgeon one of the most underestimated gamefish in the world.  Located 2 hrs. north from the city is the 2010 winter Olympic venue, Whistler. This area is reached via the Sea to Sky Highway and offers some exceptional fishing for rainbow trout in a multitude of streams and lakes.


Fly Fishing for Trout in British Columbia

Located further east, 4 hrs. to be exact lies the high desert plateau region of British Columbia. The Thompson / Nicola region offers the greatest lake fly fishing opportunities in the world! This region of the province has over 500 lakes seasonally stocked with Kamloops rainbow trout. These trout are famous for their arial displays and hard fighting abilities. This fishery begins in May and continues through into the Fall. During this time period the angler has the opportunity to catch these beautiful trout using a variety of fly fishing techniques. So for any related BC fishing information and insight into Vancouver fishing opportunities.