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BC Lake Fishing Report - Late September, 2011

Interior Lakes: As we enter Fall we have some of the best lake fishing of the year with almost no pressure. Many anglers are chasing salmon, hunting, or simply have already gotten their lake "fix" in the Spring. This is too bad as all those huge Kamloops rainbows are feeding heavily, packing on the pounds before a long winter. The fish have also had all summer to feed so they are bigger and in prime shape. As and added bonus sometimes you have the whole lake to yourself where in the Spring there would be 20 boats!

Generally I use 3 things in the fall for interior rainbows, micro leech, micro leech, micro leech. Okay seriously though, you can do well with mirco leeches under an indicator on the shoals or stripped in on a clear intermediate line, sometimes you will be lucky enough to see some water boatman, or you can use a fast sinking line on the bottom of the shoals and strip in a "booby fly" and watch fish crush it aggressively. We have custom tied micro leeches in stock for your lake trip this fall and all the lines and accessories needed for a successful trip.

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