BC River Fishing Reports


BC River Fishing Reports - Mid September, 2011

All the local rivers are going to have excellent fishing in the next 4-8 weeks depending on run timing and weather patterns. We are fully stocked with all the latest river fishing gear for float fishing, spin fishing, fly fishing and spey fishing. For expert advice on exactly what to use come by the shop or simply give us a call. Here is a look at what is going on right now and what to expect as the season progresses.

The Fraser is in good shape and has been fishing well for pink and chinook salmon. Many anglers are fishing the Lower Fraser for pinks with pinks spinners and spoons in the Richmond and Ft. Langley areas with good success. There has been some good pink fishing further up the Valley as well at the mouth of the Harrison River and the mouth of the Vedder. The pink fishery will start to slow down near the end of September. The bar fisherman have been doing well for chinook in the Chilliwack area and we are starting to see mostly white springs now as the reds have pushed through and we are now getting the big pushes of Harrison and Vedder river white springs. This fishery is great all of September and well into October. We have heard of a few coho in the back channels and sloughs of the Fraser, but it is still very early for these fish. These coho usually show up in stronger numbers later in October and into November. Sturgeon fishing is really starting to get good. October and November are two of the best months for sturgeon fishing as the fish feed heavily on dead salmon and salmon eggs. If you don't have a boat and want to try sturgeon fishing, give us a call at the shop and we can book a trip for you on one of our jet boats. Our Fraser River jet boat guides are dialed in on the sturgeon fishing and are on the water every day of the week hooking these giants. Double digit days are the norm this time of year and the fish pull hard because the water is still warm and they burn line and come flying out of the water as well! There is nothing like seeing an 8 foot sturgeon come flying out of the water on a nice fall day! If you don't have a boat but want to fish from shore, no problem. Come down to the shop or give us a call and we can set you up with the gear and locations to have some success from shore.

The Seymour and Capilano have a few coho and the Cap even has a few white springs already, but both rivers are still at summer time lows at the time of this report. As we get more rain this month and into Oct expect big waves of fish to enter these rivers. We are having great success out in the ocean off the mouth of the Cap for chinook and coho and you can see big pods of coho jumping at the mouth of the river. Once we get a good bump of rain the Cap is going to see a solid wave of fish entering it and fishing will be excellent until it drops again. Float fishing yarn is the most productive method until the bait ban is lifted November 1st and then roe is often the most productive. Spinners and spoons are also excellent choices, especially in some of the deeper pools where float fishing or fly fishing is difficult. We just received our huge fall shipment of spinners and spoons for coho and chinook, including some new finishes from Blue Fox Vibrax, BC Steel Spoons, and the Gibbs Koho, Kitimat and Croc Spoons. If you are fly fishing the Cap for coho we have the high speed sinking lines you need and custom tied flies especially designed for Cap coho.

The Chehalis is pretty slow right now and will get a few fish with the September and early October rains but it really turns on later in October. Last year was exceptional so hopefully we will see another strong coho return this year. Float fishing roe is hard to beat, closely followed by spoons and spinners. There are a few good runs for the fly fisherman as well and these fish are aggressive when they first come in after the rain and they respond well to the swung or stripped fly. We have a variety of custom tied fly patterns in stock that were specifically designed for the Chehalis, Harrison, and Sloughs in this area. Ron Hjorth is very knowledgeable when it comes to coho fishing the Harrison area so come to the shop for some tips on how to get setup and a point in the right direction.

The Chilliwack/Vedder has good numbers of pinks and is already seeing catches of coho, chinook, and jacks (small male chinook). Once the rains hit the river it is going to be full of fresh waves of coho and chinook and the pinks will slowly fade out as more and more of the fresh coho and chinook enter the river through October. Dimitri is an expert float fisherman and has been keeping our gear section fully stocked and updated with some great new items. If you want to get dialed in on float fishing this river for coho and chinook, come by the shop and talk to Dimitri. The fly fishing can also be excellent, especially in some of the "lakey" pools and back channels in the lower Vedder. Coho will often hang out in these areas and a clear intermediate line with a streamer style fly will often produce extremely well. As mentioned earlier, we have some excellent custom coho patterns for this fishery.

The Skagit is in good shape and fishing has been good with very little pressure as most anglers are chasing salmon. With the river being so low this time of year you can cross most of the tailouts and really put some miles on and get to some less fished waters. We see some Green Drakes this time of year which makes for some exciting dry fly fishing.

The Birkenhead has been fishing well for rainbows feeding on sockeye eggs. This river is pretty far away for most of us but if you are up in the Whistler area it is worth a try. It is not an easy fishery, be prepared to hike through the bushes and bring your bear spray (Grizzly country). Many anglers prefer to fish with a local guide who knows the most productive runs and how to reach them easily. We have a team of guides who live in Whistler and are experts on this system, so if you want to try something a little different , put the salmon rod down and give us a call.

The Skeena started off slowly this year as we had high water and the early component of steelhead was clearly not as strong as the previous few years, likely due to increased netting this year. Matt Sharp is up on the Bulkley guiding in the Maxwell Camp, so if you want an up to the day Skeena report, give me a call and I will phone Matt and get some info for you. So far it was slow to start, but the river(s) seem to be dropping and there are good numbers of fish starting to show up. Matt had a slow week last week but had a 9 fish day yesterday, so things are picking up, including a 40 inch buck. We have a huge selection of Skeena steelhead flies in stock and all the latest spey rods, reels, and lines. We live and breathe spey fishing so if you have any questions, from beginner to expert, come see us or give us a call.

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