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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, February 22

Outlook:  What a difference a week makes.  Last Friday we were praying for rain, and wondering if we would get any at all!  Now it looks like the rain gods are smiling down on us with a good amount of precipitation forecasted on Friday, Sunday and into next week. While in the short term rain can be a bad thing for anglers, as sometimes too much rain will blow out a river, the long term effect is that the high water pushes in fresh steelhead and moves around the fish already in the river.  The days following a blowout is the time to be on the water.  Because forecasted precipitation the boys expect some good reports to come from this weekend for steelhead and bulltrout….

March and April Courses, Dates & Availability

March and April are arguably the two best months of the year for river fishing within the Lower Mainland, Vancouver and Sea-To-Sky Corridor. These two months bring the peak of the winter steelhead runs and the annual fry emergence. And to get you even more excited the ice on the local and interior lakes will be thinning out by late April. With this, the month of May can bring us the best lake fishing of the season using chironomid patterns for big and hungry rainbow trout. To help you capitalize on these opportunities right at your doorstep Pacific Angler offers courses specific to each fishery. Due to popular demand we have added a second Fly Fishing For Searun Cutthroat Trout in Rivers course. This is…

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, February 15

Outlook:  This past week has been a good one for the local Vancouver fishing scene.  For river anglers steelheading has continued to be good on the Vedder River and our staff saw the first fry out and about in the backchannels while fishing for bulltrout and cutthroat trout. For the saltwater anglers the local Vancouver harbour has finally perked up a bit with a few legal winter chinook being caught.  The encouraging news is that while fishing has remained good, it can still be a lot better with a few changes in the conditions. It is no secret that February has been an extremely dry month.  While Vancouver received some rain last week we still need a good amount of steady precipitation to come through…

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, February 8th

Fishing this past week has remained steady with some great opportunities for the first ever BC Family Day long weekend, which we have renamed BC Fishing Day.  Because you can bet we are all going to take advantage of having the store closed on monday.  The question will be where? It looks like we are going to get a break from the rain this weekend as the NW winds move in and push the clouds out.  The Vancouver weather forecast is calling for a mixture of sun and cloud on Friday, cloudy conditions on Saturaday and Monday, and sunny conditions on Sunday.  You can expect the daily high temperatures range from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius and daily low temperatures to range from 0 to…

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, February 1st

Pacific Angler Outlook: The weather pattern seems to have changed from cold and dry conditions to our typical mild and wet conditions that we Vancouverites experience on the coast.  This is welcome news for the river fishermen.  Precipitation will help to drive in fresh steelhead to the river systems.  You can expect to see this trend as we move further away from winter and closer to the spring.  Yes I said it spring!  It is hard to believe we are only a couple months away from spring. Overall, river fishing has been fair this week with a few reports of steelhead caught on the Vedder/Chilliwack River.  In terms of steelhead fishing the Vedder/Chilliwack River is the place to be right now.  The Sea-to-Sky Corridor has…

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, January 25

It has been a busy week here at Pacific Angler with courses being held each night, everything from Steelhead on the Fly to Introduction to Fly Fishing. Matt was also out this past weekend showing students how to effectively fish with egg patterns. Check out the pictures below. There is simply no better way to learn than on-the-water instruction. The conditions have definitely improved from a couple weeks ago. This week has seen a bit or rain plus mild air temperatures. We expect the fishing to keep improving this weekend for the river guys with more rain and some big tides pushing fresh steelhead into our local rivers. The saltwater fishing over the past weekend was slow but seemed to perk up mid-week with a…

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, January 18

Pacific Angler Outlook: The story for the past week has been the cool weather conditions and dropping river levels.  As of now all of the systems in the Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky Corridor are low and clear.  But do not let that discourage you.  The fish are still out there and the conditions simply make it more of a challenge to fool them and thus make the whole experience more rewarding. At least that’s what I keep telling my self to get me through the cold days and the persistence has paid off because we have been hooking fish. Pacific Angler steelhead float fishing expert, Dimitri, was on the Vedder/Chilliwack River for 6 days straight and faired quite well, especially on his last…

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, January 4th

Pacific Angler Outlook: HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Pacific Angler Team – We had a busy 2012 and we are excited about 2013. Our New Years resolutions are numerous and lofty (Kamchatka 2014 anyone?) but one resolution is simple – We plan to keep our famous Friday fishing reports going strong with as much helpful info as we can! It looks as though the New Year is going to bring the first solid rain in some time. When the weather is cold and dry for an extended period, fishing can be difficult and writing the report is hard but it looks like things are going to change! We might need to batten down the hatches and get ready for the first storm of the year….

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, December 21st

Pacific Angler Outlook: Christmas is almost here! It looks as though Mother Nature needed to remind us with record snow fall mid week.  Check out the picture from our head saltwater guide, Eddie, and Pacific Angler customer Darren.  Nothing like a chrome steelhead during a heavy snowfall! We are now back to standard Vancouver rain.  River levels have been consistently dropping with all the precipitation staying on the ground as snow. With low and clear river conditions most fishing has been slow.  However, based on recent reports all early indications are pointing to a great steelhead season. The Pacific Angler staff have heard of a number of fly caught fish.  The guys putting in the time are starting to consistently find steelhead float fishing. If…

Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, December 14

Pacific Angler Outlook: For the fishermen we tend to look at the calendar not in months but in fishing seasons.  As Christmas marks that time of year to be merry it also marks the beginning of the winter steelhead season throughout the lower mainland.  Yes, December is one of Pacific Angler’s favourite months.  The anticipation of catching that ever-elusive first chrome steelhead of the season is what it is all about. So far for the month of December the weather has been in our favour.  After a very wet and mild October and November, December has seemed to be much drier but more importantly cooler.  So when the Lower Mainland has received precipitation it has been in the form of snow in the mountains and…

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