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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 26, 2018


OUTLOOK It has been an interesting week for fishing. We are getting very good weather for river fishing. This does not mean clear sky’s and hot weather. Ideally we see a cycle of consistent yet mild rain events followed by a few days of cool overcast weather. This rises the river but does not blow them out and allows fish to move in. We are hoping that this will happen this weekend and it looks promising. We have reports on the Squamish, Stave, Vedder and Harrison in the river sections. As we wrote the report last night the Squamish was in good shape but we have heard some early reports this AM that the Squamish has blown out.   That said it should come into shape soon…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 19, 2018


OUTLOOK Both fresh and saltwater anglers continue to enjoy the warm October weather; it really doesn’t get much better than this. On the saltwater front we’ve been spending most of our time down at the docks getting the boats ready for winter but we’ve snuck out a few times to do a bit of prospecting for winter chinook and generally just enjoying trying our luck in the sunshine.   Lars has all the details in this week’s report. If you’re heading out to the rivers we’ve had solid reports coming in from the Valley all the way up to the Whistler area.   Many rivers are starting to hit their stride so check out the reports in the freshwater section below or drop in to the shop….

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 12, 2018

OUTLOOK What a fall we are having! We started with a drop in temps and a couple classic west coast storms to get the leaves turning and fish moving and it now looks like it has reverted to summer. This has made for some really cool fishing. Salmon are running strong in many of our rivers. We have reports on the Stave, Harrison and Squamish this week and all three are worth a trip. For those of you heading to the interior to do some lake fishing we are going to see some record high temperatures in the interior this week. Last week the interior lake fishing was amazing when the wind and cold didn’t put a damper on things so we are very excited…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 5, 2018

OUTLOOK The air is getting crisp, the leaves have a hint of colour and the salmon have hit the rivers! Fall salmon season is here! Yes, yes we know many of you have been hooking a bunch of fish already but the best is yet to come. If you have been holding off until there are more fish, now is the time to get out. We have had good reports from the Vedder and Stave. The Squamish has been dirty from the rain and snowmelt but we expect with the crisp weather to hear good reports this week. We are also hearing a few reports off the Harrison/Chehalis. This system is sometimes a little behind but it is worth a trip if you are thinking…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 28, 2018


OUTLOOK It looks like summer is back with people in flip-flops and shorts again. Unfortunately, it is not going to stay. We are going to get hit with a little dump of rain on Sunday and the temperature will cool. That said it should be back to sun and 14 degrees next week which as far and we are concerned is perfect fall fishing weather. The river fishing continues to improve. We have heard great reports from the Vedder and fish are showing up on the Stave and Harrison and are coming in to the Squamish. The heat this week did affect some of the coastal rivers such as the Squamish. If it gets too hot they get a bump of dirty water from snowmelt…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 21, 2018


OUTLOOK We have heard some great salmon reports from across the river fishing scene this week and with another big bump of rain coming today, it looks perfect for river salmon fishing this weekend. Things will clear up tomorrow with great weather next week. We have details on the Vedder, Squamish, Stave and Capilano Rivers in the river section below. As of writing this report today saltwater sockeye fishing is still open and on longer trips we’ve been successful and got a few in the boat down at Sandheads. A little closer to home for those of us heading out of downtown fishing at the Cap mouth is in full swing! Check out Jason’s Report for all the details and his tips on this great…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 14, 2018


OUTLOOK The weather looks wet for the weekend. This is actually perfectly timed for a number of our salmon rivers. This is going to bring bumps of fish into the rivers and though it is early, it is going to be the perfect time for scouting with a reasonably high expectation of catching fish. The anglers putting in the legwork now, finding spots and learning how the rivers have changed over the summer, will be the ones hooking the most fish when things get hot.  This week we have reports from the Stave, Vedder, Squamish and Capilano. There is still no news from the Skagit Fire Situation – we do not have a report on it this week because if you Google “Skagit River Fire” the most up-to…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 7, 2018


OUTLOOK The first big storm of the season is coming! Most Vancouverites dread this storm but the fishermen know it is a game changer. It is going to shuffle up a bunch of fisheries and kick off a number of other fisheries. If the weatherman hits the target, we will see a sizeable trough anchor itself off the west coast. This will bring waves of rain lasting well into next week. On the saltwater front it is not great news but it is not the end of the world either. The rain will jump up river levels and fish will head up river. But we also find that the rain can stir things up and make for great windows of ocean fishing when the fish…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 31, 2018

OUTLOOK The last day of August is here! The first day of fall is a little ways off but with slightly cooler temperatures this week we are thinking about fall salmon fishing! We will have a look at the major river systems; the Stave, Vedder and Squamish in the freshwater section below that should help you plan future trips. The weather this weekend and next week should be in the high teens with a mix of sun and cloud so great weather to get out fishing. Sockeye fishing on the Fraser is still going great but we are expecting a closure on the 4th so check out those details in the regulation update section below. Saltwater fishing continues to be good. No closures have been…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: August 24, 2018

Vancouver Chinook Classic 2018

OUTLOOK The big focus for all BC residents, fisherman and non-fisherman alike, has been the wildfire and smoke situation. We took a hard look at the weather this week and though the outlook is a little better for both the fire situation and the smoke situation things are still not ideal. We will see a little rain on Saturday but the weather service is not expecting it to be the “deep soaking” rain needed to put out fires. The wind directions will also not solve the smoke problem. It looks as though things will be less smoky in many areas but it will not be gone. One positive is that it looks like one of the heaviest pockets of rain will hit the Skagit Valley…

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