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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: November 24, 2017


OUTLOOK Warm weather in the end of November is an oddity and it has thrown a wrench into a couple of our river fisheries but on the upside winter chinook fishing in 10 degree weather is awesome. On the river front the Squamish got smoked Wednesday and Thursday by the warm weather and rain. She hit a 7 on the graph and it looks like it broke the monitor. The river is dropping as we write this but the forecast does not look good for the weekend. Matt was out last week and had some success. Check out his report for more details. The valley rivers did not get hit as hard but they did spike up and are blown out. The Harrison is very…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: November 17, 2017


OUTLOOK Well folks many of the salmon fisheries are winding down but there are still some excellent opportunities on some of the later run rivers and the egg fishing opportunities are just ramping up. If you are heading out for salmon the Vedder is not completely done and we are still hearing reports off the Stave but again it is nearing the end of the season. The Squamish and Harrison area waters are historically a little later and there are still good reports coming from these areas. All of the details are in this week’s report below. On the salmon egg, trout fisheries things are just ramping up. Matt is out on the water this weekend and though we have a storm rolling in on…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: November 10, 2017


OUTLOOK This is an interesting time of year. For many anglers things are slowing down. Cold, short days may not feel ideal for fishing. We know better than to sugar coat this slower time of year but for the guys and girls who know the fisheries, this shoulder season can actually offer some of the best fishing of the entire season if you know how to watch the weather and plan your trips. The saltwater scene has actually been very good but the wind really did hamper our efforts this week. Again we don’t usually think much about winter chinook until January but we are hearing solid reports and if you still have your boat in the water it is well worth a look. Do…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: November 3, 2017


OUTLOOK We are hitting the prime time of our river salmon season and the weather is shaping up well… maybe not for the guys who got drenched yesterday but at least in terms of overall temps and river levels things are looking good. The rain yesterday may have made things a little less than pleasant for being out on the water but it doesn’t look to have affected river levels. As we write this report the Vedder, Stave and Squamish are stable and dropping. We might see a little bump from the rain overnight but it is cold and this is going to keep rivers from blowing out. The weekend looks great for weather with cool stable conditions. If you are planning on heading out…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 27, 2017

OUTLOOK We are in for a real treat this weekend with amazing weather and a number of rivers coming into great shape. We also have a detailed feature in the saltwater section where Jason is going to share some tips on how to make sure your saltwater gear and boat are properly put away for the winter. If you can’t make it out fishing this weekend, take a few hours at the dock. It is way nicer and easier to put a boat away for the winter when it is sunny and warm than dealing with in the rain or freezing temperatures. On the river fishing front, the weather is also very interesting and something all anglers will want to watch. We have possible record…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 20, 2017


OUTLOOK We just got back from our trip to Montana and wow it looks as though we didn’t miss much. Actually that’s not true. We missed some crazy weather. Just in case you were worried about us… the blue skies in Montana were a little bright and the 17-degree weather was just a little hot for my liking. But we toughed it out. All kidding aside I feel for everyone who has been braving the rain and though it has definitely affected the fishing and access there are some positive notes. If you can follow the weather closely and watch the water and temperature graphs, usually the best fishing is in that sweet spot after the storms. Check out all the river reports for some…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 13, 2017


OUTLOOK BOOM – The first big storm of the season smashed the coast yesterday and though it was not long lasting and probably sucked for you anglers who got stuck out in the rain, it could mean good things for fishing to come. There is a little concern when looking at the 14 day forecast. For Squamish and the Chilliwack areas the rain looks like it is here to stay and though the rivers need water, when looking at the next 10 days it might be too much rain. October and early November might see high water issues but only time will tell. One thing is certain the rain will mean more water and more water will mean moving fresh fish hitting our salmon rivers….

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 6, 2017


OUTLOOK Well it looks like things are cooling down a bit. The saltwater fishery has been slower this week probably due to the big tides but we have been finding fish every day. With better tides and no real rain in short term forecast the Capilano and the mouth of the Fraser could provide some epic late season fishing this coming week. We should start seeing pods of coho and chum hitting the mouth of the Fraser as well as pods of late chinook hitting the river. The river fishing has been good but not without its challenges. Again with no major rain in the short term forecast the Vedder should continue to produce but be challenging because of low clear water. We do not…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 29, 2017


OUTLOOK We have a good bump of rain coming this weekend. This is good timing for the freshwater fisheries. You will want to check out all of the river reports but in short the Capilano should bump up and the fishing will turn on. The Squamish will colour up even more and might make for more challenging fishing on the main stem but the egging should turn on where the pinks are spawning. The big winner this weekend will probably be the Vedder. It is low right now but we heard some great reports mid week in the morning on the lower river and it should bump up and allow the bulk of the fish to push into the mid and upper river. The rain…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: September 22, 2017

OUTLOOK It feels as though fall is here and with it salmon season is ramping up. It looks as though we will see solid weather for the rest of the week and then some possible rain early next week. This is all good news for fishing. On the saltwater front good waves of chinook are pushing into the Fraser mouth and Capilano every day. Some tides have been challenging but pretty much every day has turned on at some point and our boats as well as a number of customers have been putting up good numbers. For those of you who enjoy fishing the Cap be sure to read Jason’s report below and provide your input to the Port of Vancouver in their ongoing consultation…

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