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Lars Akerberg

Lars has been a passionate angler since a very early stage in his life. His father and mentor, Bo Akerberg used to own “Fiske & Fiskar” which was one of the largest fishing tackle shops in Sweden. His father opened the store in 1973 and ran it successfully for over 35 years before selling the company to his employees in 2008. Lars grew up working at his father store, selling both freshwater and saltwater tackle.
While Lars started his angling career using light spinning tackle, throughout the years he has moved more and more into flyfishing. Lars used to hold the Swedish record for northern pike on a fly with a trophy pike of 28.4 lbs. that he caught and released in 1998.
That same year, Lars made his first saltwater trip to Ambergris Caye in Belize and was instantly hooked on targeting Bonefish and Tarpon.
Lars has fished everywhere; Cozumel, Cancun, Isla Blanca, Isla Holbox, Belize, Honduras Venezuela, Christmas islands, Hawaii, China, Northern Europe… the list goes on.

Having being “hooked” on Bonefishing, Lars chose to go to school at the Hawaii Pacific University. At the time Hawaii was little known for its bonefishing, and other than a small side note in the book “Bonefishing” by Randall Kaufmann, there wasn’t much mentioned about bonefishing on the island. Whenever Hawaii was mentioned in flyfishing circles it was almost always referred to as a “blind casting fishery” with no real flats. Lars felt that these statements were not true, and likely just a result of the area being unexploited from a flats-fishing standpoint. He was right. From classic mangrove lagoons, reef style flats to pancake flats, Hawaii offers some truly amazing bonefishing opportunities not to mention the bonefish are huge!
Lars guided fulltime for bonefish for the 7 years in Hawaii and is to this day recognized by many as one of the guides that built the guiding business in Hawaii.
Lars left Hawaii in early 2008 and moved to New York where he joined one of the largest derivative trading desks at the bank JPMorgan. He worked his way up the organization, reached the level of bond trader in 2009. His career with JPMorgan, started in New York, but took him all over the world, first to London, UK and then to Hong Kong, China but his heart was never far from fishing. This love of fishing and family has lead him to Vancouver.
Since his arrival in Vancouver, Lars has been extremely active in exploring the local waters that we are blessed with here in British Columbia. While he enjoys the occasional Sturgeon trip and local saltwater, his passion truly lies deep in the untouched wilderness of British Columbia and its many remote rivers. His favorite to date areas to fish locally, is in the upper regions of the Squamish River system. If you have been up fishing the Squamish River, I am sure you have seen Lars and his iconic red kayak that he uses for drifting and cutting across the mighty river in search of the next hot spots. Having brought his knowledge learned from guiding and fishing all over the world, he found early that those skills and the ability to “read” the water can be applied to any system in the world. Many of his clients refer to this knowledge as the “6th sense” of flyfishing. If you fish with Lars you will quickly understand that he has this skill in spades.

Lars joined Pacific Angler in 2016. We are blessed to have such an experienced world traveling angler on our team.
Take the opportunity to visit the shop to speak to Lars, whether it’s about local fisheries here in beautiful British Columba, salmon & trout in Northern Europe, Hawaiian bonefish or tarpon fishing in Hong Kong, and everything in between.