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What’s New Wednesday, The ONE

Jason and Matt Test Drive Sage’s New Rod in Puerto Vallarta! Jason and Matt traveled down to Puerto Vallarta this November for a family, non-fishing vacation.  “Matt and Jason on a non-fishing vacation??”,  Ya that was what everyone at the shop said.  It was no surprise to find Matt tying rooster flies while Jason put his…

Course(s) for December: Intruder Night

Pacific Angler will be doing one course for December…and it is a crowd pleaser!  Read below for all of the details and cool video of Dimitri tying his “Ghost Prawn”. Intruder Night with Dimitri Roussanidis On Wednesday December 7th, Dimitri will be demonstrating techniques used to tie the large flies known as “Intruders”, famous for…

Tuesday Fishing Report

Although the coho fishery is tapering off, the rain for the last couple of days will most likely bring a late wave of coho into the local rivers.  So don’t put away your coho tackle yet.  I have witnessed fishermen catching chrome coho into the first week of January when fishing for steelhead. Double header!!!…

Sharp’s Black and Blue

This is one of my most effective steelhead patterns.  With the upcoming winter steelhead season I thought I would take the time to share this fly with you.  Enjoy! Recipe: Spey Blood Quill Marabou, dyed black Spey Blood Quill Marabou, dyed brilliant blue Rhea Spey Plume, dark blue Guinea Fowl Feathers, silver doctor blue Fluorescent…

Tuesday Fishing Report

Brrrr!  It’s cold out there and the rivers are dropping fast and getting clear after having come up nicely on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  There were some fresh coho and chum that rolled in on those days and there was some good fishing on the Chehalis, Harrison, and Lower Squamish.  Expect things to be pretty…

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