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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 14, 2021


OUTLOOK  It is a big week for announcements on the retail front.  First up – Reel West Coast – Brendan Morrison’s fishing show has dropped merchandise and we have a great selection in stock!   From hats, including youth hats, to buffs and dry bags we’ve got it all.  Swing by the shop to pick up yours today or give us a ring at the shop and we can ship it out to you.    On the lake fishing front Phill Rowley released his new lake fishing book today and it is a doozy!   It has been in the making for over 2 years and it was worth the wait.  It is rare we get this excited for books but this one is something special.  Matt managed to get a copy a little early…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 7, 2021


OUTLOOK  It looks like another good-looking fishing weekend on the horizon.  We have been in many ways blessed locally over the last 3 weeks.  It has been not too hot to blow out rivers and not too cold to be unpleasant outdoor weather.  With a little rain, temps in the low teens and some sun, it looks like the trend will continue for the weekend.    We were holding our breath this week for a fisheries announcement on the saltwater chinook fishery, but unfortunately it sounds like it will be further delayed until next week.  Jason has more details in his saltwater report this week along with an update on the fishing.  When  an update to the regulation does come out we will be sure to send out a special announcement and it will also be on all our social media feeds.     On the Vedder, it has changed to fly only below the Vedder Crossing bridge and is closed to fishing above.  We are not tuning…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 30, 2021


OUTLOOK  We are almost in May.  May is a time of flux for weather and fisheries but, there are lots of opportunities worth looking at.  We have still not seen regulation changes for saltwater chinook fishing but on the 1st of May bottom fishing opens in some areas of the Vancouver local waters.   The weather has also not kicked freshet into full swing so we are seeing some good late local river fishing but we do not expect it to last long.  Check out the Squamish, in the video, and Harrison Report below for the latest updates.  Regulations change on the first of May for the Chilliwack/Vedder so be sure to familiarize yourself with those check in Alex’s report below.   With the shift in seasons, we are tuning in on the Capilano this week because it is time to start looking for early…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 23, 2021


OUTLOOK  Well, the world continues to move in interesting ways.  We hope that everyone is staying safe, respecting health measures and also enjoying proper social distancing – ideally alone, in nature with a fishing rod.  If you haven’t already, we remind everyone to please familiarize yourself with current Public Health orders/travel restrictions and focus on your local waters.  The weather this week put many of our systems into a state of flux with river levels rising and lakes icing off.  For our readers in the Lower Mainland, we have updates on the Vedder and Harrison as well as water levels for the Squamish systems.  For our readers in the interior, we are envious of you guys.  Lakes are coming off and some have now turned over, have a read of Sterling’s update in the StillWater section below.  Jason has updates on the saltwater front where the…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 16, 2021


OUTLOOK  Epic weather incoming for the weekend!  We are going to see temperatures in the 20’s across the lower half of the province!  This means we should see most of our local fisheries picking up.   We have seen relatively low water on our local rivers and the cool night temps. have kept the water clear.  This warm high-pressure system might change things and we should see some snow melt this weekend across the Lower Mainland.  We will also see some ice melt in the interior.   From the water we have details on the Squamish, Harrison and Chilliwack in the freshwater section and we have some details on interior lakes in the still water section of the report.  This week, Alex also has a detailed piece on early season bass lures that you will want in your kit. We expect this warm weather to kick off bass fishing locally.   The big news this week on the fishing regulation and politics front is that it is…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 09, 2021


OUTLOOK  Spring has sprung and we are seeing great weather in the forecast.  Today’s rain might help out some of our valley fisheries and we will see temps break the double-digit mark in the Lower Mainland next week.  We might even see double digits in the interior at some lower elevations. With this in mind, Sterling has an update on interior lake fishing.  He was out and did some interesting fishing last weekend and we expect this to continue with temps maybe even hitting the high teens next week.   We also have updates on cutthroat fishing on the Harrison, late Vedder steelheading and the Squamish area for those that live up that way.  On the saltwater front, Jason is back this week with our bi-weekly saltwater report.  While there is not a whole lot to report on the fishing front, given the April…


As of April 1st, we are under some very restrictive interim chinook fishing regulations in the Vancouver area.  In this update I am going to talk about the regulations, proposals on the table, what we might see in the coming weeks, and what you can do about it.  Here is great video from Public Fishery Alliance on the importance of the SFAB proposals DFO is currently considering.     The Sport Fish Advisory Board (SFAB) has put forward recommendations to DFO to have some hatchery chinook retention areas in Howe Sound and over at Gabriola Island as of April 1st, 2021.    I can’t sum it up any better than the Sport Fishing Institute did in a recent update, so here is what they have to say:  AWAITING A SOUTH COAST CHINOOK DECISION While we wait to…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 02, 2021


OUTLOOK  Happy Long Weekend Everyone!  It looks like we will see some rain but this is a good thing for the river fisherman.  In this week’s report we have info on the Squamish, the Vedder as well as the Harrison and the Stave.  The weather was a little interesting last weekend but we are hearing good cutthroat reports and with some overcast drizzly days this weekend all the rivers should fish well.   The big news this week has to be the saltwater chinook fishing regulations that were released. If you guys missed it, and you are planning on taking the boat out this weekend, be sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations.  Be sure to check back for any updates and amendments to the regulations and make sure to read Jason’s Important Chinook Update that went out earlier today.    On a lighter note, if you are gearing up for lake fishing, Zach has a cool Interior…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 26, 2021

OUTLOOK  We are almost at the end of March.  Though we haven’t seen crazy warm weather, temps are holding in the high single digit range and it makes for great fishing weather.  This weekend, we are going to see some rain and like last week this is a good thing.  Rivers are low and can use the water.  Hopefully, the banks will hold.  In this week’s report, we look at the Vedder/Chilliwack, the Squamish and the Stave rivers.  Water levels were low but there were continued clarity issues on the Chilliwack.  See the River section for updates.  Cutthroat fishing is starting.  A few of the guys at the shop have been out and there are fish around.  We have an update on the Harrison with cutties in mind.  Last but not least, we have a local lake update and a…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 19, 2021


OUTLOOK  Local lakes are getting stocked, temperatures are rising and we have some rain in the forecast.  Though the rain may not be ideal for spending time outdoors it should be good for fishing in most areas.  The rivers could use a little water and overcast days are better for spring trout fishing.   This week in the report Alex has a piece on how to fish the local lakes that have been freshly stocked. Taylor has a Vedder update where we are still getting good reports and Zach tunes in for the Squamish where again, we have heard “ok” reports across the board but the system could use some water.   On the politics and fisheries science side of things, we are at the end of a licence cycle and new regulation announcements are coming soon.  This will be worth paying attention to.   A bunch of DFO…

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