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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: February 8, 2019


OUTLOOK Welcome to winter boys and girls! When you look at the rest of the country (Winnipeg –23, Toronto –10 with freezing rain, Calgary –17 with snow) we really shouldn’t complain. That said we are in for a cold one this weekend with temperatures in the negatives and possible snow today. Almost every year we see a 10-20 day cold spell around February and there is no way to sugar coat it, fishing gets hard. The only bright side is that our amazing BC steelhead are not as affected by cold as bulltrout or resident rainbows and reports this week were better than we expected. It has slowed with the cold but if you are getting out you still have a real chance for steelhead…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: February 1, 2019


OUTLOOK We have a sizable dump of rain coming today and then some chilly weather coming for Sunday and into next week. We never like to see an extended period of negative degree weather. It drops the river levels and it shuts down the metabolism of our fish. The one good thing about the forecast this week is the rain we can expect today. On paper it is a sizable 20-30ml bump of water. We do not think it will blow things out but hopefully it will colour the water and should take the edge off the cold weather to come. We expect fishing to be solid for Saturday and Sunday but if it remains cold into next week we will see fishing slow. We…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 25, 2019


OUTLOOK The weather looks pretty good for the weekend. We had some rain mid week and it helped the river levels. In a perfect world we would get a little more rain but as it stands the levels of both valley and sea to sky highway rivers look good. Matt was out on the Squamish on the weekend and though the fishing was not hot they managed a few nice fish on Sunday.  Alex was out on the water this weekend as well but he was out in the Valley so he has the latest from the Vedder. Check out both of their reports this week for more information. Jason is away in Costa Rica soaking up the sun! It is a family vacation but they have managed to…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 18, 2019


OUTLOOK This was an interesting week on the weather front, heavy fog; warmer than normal temperatures and some pretty nice weather overall. It made for some good river days earlier in the week and when the saltwater boys could dodge the fog, the winter chinook fishing was solid. We have some rain in the forecast this weekend and it is raining as we write this report (Thursday night). This is probably a good thing for the river fishing as a number of our systems were getting too low and clear for good fishing. Looking at things for the weekend we do not expect rivers to blow out and it actually might not be enough rain. Time will tell. With any luck the rain will bump things up a bit,…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 11, 2019


OUTLOOK The holidays are over, kids are back to school and everyone is getting back to the grind. For some this can be a little depressing. If this is you, take some time, plan some trips, a vacation, heck just a day trip out to the river or out in the boat. Fishing has picked up this last week and the weather looks really good for this weekend and into next week. If you are looking for a warm fly fishing vacation, we just had a customer drop out of our annual Christmas Island Trip. He broke his hip and leg so we won’t hold it against him but if anyone would like to join us April 8th to 17th we have spots available! If…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: January 4, 2019


OUTLOOK Winter storm incoming! Actually… incoming might not be the correct word. If you are reading this Friday afternoon, we are probably in the thick of it or with any luck it has moved through. A very moist Pacific frontal system stalled over the coast Thursday resulting in heavy rainfall for Metro Vancouver. The rain will taper off today as the front moves inland, but wet weather is in the forecast for the next few days and in the extended forecast as well. We will see rain lessening on Monday but things will also get colder so we could see snow for Squamish. We won’t even try to sugar coat it. This is a bummer for fishing. Warm clothes and good raingear will be needed….

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 28, 2018


OUTLOOK 2018 is almost in the books and we hope that everyone had an excellent 2018 and enjoyed some time with friends and family this Christmas Season. For us it was an amazing year filled with good fishing, another boat down at our docks, a great team in the shop and countless great moments on and off the water with friends and customers. On the fisheries side of things 2018 was an interesting one. There was some truly amazing fishing but there are also some challenging concerns. In this week’s report we are going to keep it simple. We want to thank everyone who has supported us this year and all the years before and wish you all nothing but the best in 2019. Jason…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 21, 2018


OUTLOOK Christmas is almost here! We all hope you are having an awesome holiday season and making the most of Christmas parties, family and good friends. We also hope you have had the chance to sneak out for some fishing. If you are getting out, there are some great options right now. We have river level and saltwater reports below but this time of year we like to focus on Christmas gifts and Boxing Day. If you have loved ones struggling to find you a gift or more likely you are struggling when you get asked the inevitable “what do you want for Christmas” question – send them our way to get you that perfect gift. Or get a gift card and then come down…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 14, 2018


OUTLOOK It feels like there has been a record amount of rain and there is more in the forecast. Obviously this is the ideal time for us to shamelessly plug our great selection of waterproof jackets. From gortex to rubber we have you covered. If that doesn’t work we have a big roll of saran wrap at the shop that we can wrap you in. All joking aside the weather looks nasty for the next little bit and for most of our fisheries we recommend waiting it out. Its time to get your Christmas shopping done, tie leaders, tie flies, organize packs or tackle boxes and get ready. When things calm down, fishing should be excellent. We have predictions for how the rain will effect…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 7, 2018


OUTLOOK Christmas Season is upon us and it is a fun time at the store. The staff are all eyeing stuff they would like under the tree this season but we have also not forgotten about the fishing. We just saw the first major cold spell of the season. When things are cold and clear, fishing on the rivers can be a challenge but guys are still doing well with trout on our local rivers and cold crisp days are a ton of fun on the ocean because the water is usually calm and every trip this week has seen good fishing for winter chinook and prawning. We are going to see a shift in the weather this weekend. We might even see some snow…

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