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COVID-19 Update – The Doors Are Open!

After almost two months we are again open for in store shopping. We are back to our regular hours, 7 days a week to serve you. Monday – Wednesday | 10AM – 6PMThursday – Friday | 10AM – 7PMSaturday |10AM – 6PMSunday |11AM – 5PM We have all the appropriate physical distancing and cleaning measures in place (see below). Curbside pickup and delivery are still an option so feel free to call the shop or email sales@pacificangler.ca to place an order We can’t wait to see you!

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 15, 2020


OUTLOOK The long weekend is coming and with the world focused on easing restrictions in a socially responsible manner we have a number of fisheries worth looking at. Many parks have opened up to day use in the last 24 hours  there are still a number that remain closed and along with that some fishing access points. We expect more openings to come but it wasn’t a blanket opening so be sure to check specific parks open and access information here http://bcparks.ca/covid-19/ before heading out On the fishing front we have got some information on local lakes, some news on very good salmon fishing out in the salt as well as an update on the Capilano River opening for salmon fishing. Jordan also has a…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 8, 2020


OUTLOOK Some positive news came for everyone this week. With restrictions scheduled to ease we are excited for more opportunities across the board – Get a haircut, having a dinner at your local restaurant or having more fishing opportunities! It is still early days and exact details on how this “easing” of restrictions and the new “normal” will affect everyone is not 100% clear. This also goes for fishing, charters and retail. At this point we will be continuing  at our retail store with our “Openish” policy where you can call or email in your orders and have them shipped or pick them up curbside.   Rest assured we are working away behind the scenes preparing the shop and are excited that the day you all…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 1, 2020


OUTLOOK Welcome to May!   We can’t believe it is already May and are looking forward to the month ahead.  On the retail front we continue to be open for phone and email orders with curbside pickup or shipping options.  So, feel free to call us at the shop (604.872.2204) or send an email and we can get your gear ready for you!  We can’t wait to have you actually in the shop! On the fishing front it looks as though the weather will continue to push rivers into freshet. We are seeing very high discharge levels on all our rivers right now. With warm rain coming this weekend, expect the Squamish and Chilliwack rivers to be dirty and fishing to be limited. We will talk more…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 24, 2020


OUTLOOK We wanted to start by thanking everyone who wrote letters concerning the chinook closures and public fishery access. The support and volume of letters was amazing but if you didn’t have a chance to write a letter by the deadline they have announced that they will still be accepting letters on this topic so we ask again to make sure those letters are in. Click here for details on the issues and some points to consider when writing a letter. On the fishing front the Squamish fire has been reclassified as “under control”.  A checkpoint is set up to keep non-residents out of the area was also lifted. However, they are still asking that non-essential travel to the upper valley be avoided as crews are…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 17, 2020


OUTLOOK A saltwater call to action and a fly box giveaway are the stars of this week’s report. The saltwater news is IMPORTANT – DFO needs to hear from you on the proposed chinook retention plan for the 2020 season.  If you didn’t see the Special Chinook Report in your inbox or on our blog and social media feeds yesterday take some time and have a read of it here.      Whether you are a saltwater salmon angler or just an angler in general, take 5 minutes read up on the proposals and make time this weekend to share your thoughts on these proposal with DFO and your elected officials (contact information for all is in the post).  The time is now – letters are…

Special Chinook Report – We Need Your Support Today!

Well here we are again.  It’s the middle of April with excellent chinook fishing in our local waters and no opportunity to retain a chinook, not even a hatchery fish. Here are the facts.  Yes, there are some chinook stocks that are in trouble.  Primarily the ones that go in the upper reaches of the Fraser and enter the river in April, May, June, and July.  They spend 2 years in their natal streams.  These stocks are called 4.2 and 5.2.  The first number is their mature age, the second refers to how long they stay in the river before out migrating.  Are these stocks in trouble, you bet.  Their spawning habitat has been severely degraded by forest fires and subsequent flooding and siltation, they…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 10, 2020


OUTLOOK First off, we want to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter Long Weekend. The weather looks amazing and on the fishing front things look excellent! The store will be closed Sunday and Monday  but we are open to take phone orders and curb side pickups today and Saturday from 10AM – 5PM. When it comes to going fishing currently, the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has not issued any orders restricting individuals from angling and/or hunting at this time. You can check here for updates.  If you are questioning where you can go here is the link to closed Parks and facilities. Check before you go and fish close to home. If you are going out, the recommendations are clear.  You need to make…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 3, 2020

OUTLOOK Let’s start right off with an update on the “No Salmon Fishing Regulations” that you might have seen in the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Region 2 updates on April 1. Matt talked about this in the video version of the report.  Also, clarification has come forward and as expected these regulations will be revisited in season and we can expect in season openings. See the statement below on the reasoning behind these regulations: “Perhaps we were not clear enough when we talked about this a the local SFAC meetings.  The intention is for DFO to work on a table for review  by the SFAC’s or a sub group as was suggested by myself at the meeting and once we have finished the DFO and…

Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 27, 2020


OUTLOOK Let’s start with the shop update. We are Open …. ish! The doors to the retail shop are closed to the public  but we are taking phone and email orders Monday – Saturday from 10AM – 5PM.  Give us a call at the shop – 604.872.2204  or email us at sales@pacificangler.ca to place your order.  You can pick up your order via contactless curbside pickup or we can mail it out to you. We’ve been having a ton of fun taking your calls and then doing the shopping for you. So, call in! From texted pictures of lure options to long lists of fly-tying materials or even a private facetime shopping session we can work with you to get you want you need.   With…

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