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What’s New Wednesday, S.A.T FLIES (snap a tail)

The idea behind these flies is to have an alternative to trailer hooks, more movement and interchangable tails if your hook goes dull.  You can tie different tails in different sizes and colours to match your fly and snap them on by the river or at home. The snaps I use are found in our salwater section.  I use the smallest size.  To put on the snap I use 20Ib mono.The hook for the tail part is a 2451 Daichi but you can use any straight eye hook of your choice.Here is an example of a S.A.T fly. Step-by-Step Step 1: put the mono through the snap and tie on the shank firmly.   Step 2: put the tag ends into the eye of the hook and fold…

3-4 Step Flies, Bubble Gum Popsicle

The reason I tie my popsicle with krystal flash or palmer chenille underneath the marabou is to give the fly a much more bulky body.  This gives the fly more movement. You can tie  different colour combinations for both chenille and marabou.  In the water you can see hints of the chenille underneath the marabou.  I add a tail using midge krystal flash because it is thinner and more supple than the regular krystal flash.  The bead is optional.  Barbell eyes of different sizes and colours can also be used. The Bubble Gum Popsicle Recipe BEAD: 3/16 Gold TAIL: Midge krystal flash, pink BODY: Krystal flash or Palmer chenille, pink HACKLE: Marabou, purple Step 1: Put the bead on & tie in the thread to the…

3 to 4 Step Flies

Winter steelheading season is here.  Those of you who brave the cold months and fish for these chrome beauties know that the fish are less active and will not move to a fly.  This makes it essential to use tips to get your fly down for better results.  Tips=hangups=loosing flies. In the past I would tie flies that took a long time and were costly, specially if you fish every week for the next four months like I do.  In the last few years the variety of chenilles that are on the market is endless such as krystal chenille, palmer chenille, cactus chenille, and uv chenille to name a few.  Now I tie and fish flies that are some what beautiful, do not use overly expensive materials (i.e…

Sharp’s Black and Blue

This is one of my most effective steelhead patterns.  With the upcoming winter steelhead season I thought I would take the time to share this fly with you.  Enjoy! Recipe: Spey Blood Quill Marabou, dyed black Spey Blood Quill Marabou, dyed brilliant blue Rhea Spey Plume, dark blue Guinea Fowl Feathers, silver doctor blue Fluorescent Chenille, fluorescent fire orange 6/0 Uni-thread, black or iron grey Soft Wire, medium silver Tiemco 7999, no. 2 Flashabou, dark blue Angel Hair, black pearl  Step 1: Place the hook in the vise and attach the tying thread approximately in line with the hook point.   Step 2: Select about 8 strands of dark blue Rhea that are just less than two times the overall length of the hook shank….

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