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Dimitri’s “How to Cure Salmon Roe”

As some of you salmon anglers may already know there is a shortage of pro-cured roe in the Lower Mainland.  But have no fear, preparing your own roe is not as hard or complicated as it may seem.  Follow these easy to follow steps to prepare your very own roe!

Roe Recipe:
1) Butterfly Skeins of roe onto paper towel.

2) Add a light layer of procure or pautzke’s cure to the eggs, covering them evenly.

3) Flip over the skeins onto front and cover the membrane of the skein with cure as well.

4) Massage the cure through out the skeins into all the layers.  Make sure to use gloves.

5) Place the roe into a Ziploc bag.

6) Leave the bag in the fridge over night, allowing the eggs to juice out, and then re-accept the juices back inside. *This is the key to having nice eggs is allowing them to soak up all the cure, which in the end gives you big juicy bright roe.
7) After 24hours pull the skeins out of the bag and lay them back onto paper towel to drain.
8) Cut the roe into pieces around the size of a toonie.
9) Take ‘Mule Team’ borax and tumble the roe in it. This dries the roe out as well as toughing up the membrane allowing you to fish it longer.
10) Package the roe in tupperwear containers with fresh borax and freeze. If done properly your roe will look great, fish longer, and last for approx. 6 months

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