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Dimitri’s “Intruder Style” Fly Recipe, Black & Blue

Hello fellow intruder fly tiers,

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the store last Wednesday for the annual Pacific Angler Intruder Seminar.  It was a blast to tie a few flies and share some of my hard earned knowledge with all you fellow steelhead nuts.

The house was packed…

As promised, you can find the recipe for the first intruder that I tied below with a couple of pictures.  It is the Black & Blue fly.  Remember, these flies are completely freestyle so feel free to adapt, change, or substitute materials where needed or desired.

Some of my standard ties.
A couple Black & Blues at the top of the picture


Shank: Daiichi 2051 #1.5
Trailer Hook: Owner SSW Super Needle Point #1
Trailer Material: Fireline 50lb Yellow
Eyes: Pseudo Eyes. Med/ Nickel-Yellow
Thread: UTC 140 Chartreuse

Butt: Chart. Sealfur
Tail: Split Twin Tail- Black Ostrich & Natural Amhearst
Rear Collar: Purple Chinese Hen Hackle
Rear Eyes: Matching Pair of Jungle Cock Feathers

Body: Lagartun’s Gold Flat Braid
Under Collar: Royal Blue Polar Bear
Over Collar: Black Ostrich & Natural Amhearst
Front Collar: Silver Doctor Blue Guinea
Head: Chart. Sealfur

Again, thanks for everyone who came out.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop by the store to chat with me or one of the other guys on the floor.

All the best and happy fishing,