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Fly Fishing For Sea Run Cutthroat Trout in the Fraser Valley

Pacific Angler Expeditions: 2013 Cutthroat on the Fly in the Fraser Valley


Cutthroat on the Fly in the Fraser Valley

AndreCutthroat trout fly fishing marks the true beginning of the West Coast spring in British Columbia. Salmon fry emerge from the gravel of the many rivers within the Fraser Valley, creating one of the biggest food sources for cutthroat trout.

From March 15th to April 15th Pacific Angler targets these beautiful trout Cutthroat trout are actively searching and feeding on newly emerged salmon fry. This creates an exciting fishery as anglers are casting towards aggressively feeding trout, often site casting to thrashing fish.

With the help of Andre Stepanian, one of the most experienced cutthroat anglers, you will be taken to some of the most productive cutthroat waters in the Fraser Valley. Andre has been fishing the Fraser Valley for cutthroat trout for over 20 years. With enthusiasm to spare Andre will instruct you throughout the day on how to cast and retrieve your fly, different stripping techniques, and fly selection.

Jet BoatPacific Angler offers both walk-&-wade and jet boat trips in the Fraser Valley for cutthroat trout on the fly. Both trips offer an excellent opportunity to experience this world-class fishery.

The advantage of a guided jet boat trip is the ability to access the water above Chehalis River fishing water that has seen less pressure from anglers. Our jet boat is also excellent for anglers who have a hard time wading long distances.

If you enjoy walking and experiencing the surrounding wildlife and breathtaking scenery while fishing then the walk-&-wade guided option would be a good option for you. The added benefit is that while walking the shoreline you often spot thrasher fish that you might otherwise miss if in a jet boat.

ScenicOn your guided trip with Andre Pacific Angler will supply you with the necessary fishing equipment, and transportation to and from the fishing grounds. While food and beverages are not provided for your guided trip we can organize a catered breakfast and lunch at an extra cost.

Jet Boat Trip

1 to 2 anglers = $700.00 (before taxes), 3 anglers = $850.00 (before taxes).

Walk & Wade Guide Trip

1 angler = $400.00 (before taxes), 2 anglers = $500.00.

*Fuel surcharge may apply for walk & wade trips dependent on area fished.

Contact Dave Fauquier, Pacific Angler’s booking manager, through phone (604-872-2204) or email (dfauquier@pacificangler.ca) to book your day.