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Friday Fishing Report: Jan 31st, 2014


Ahhhhhh the wet Vancouver wonderland in all its glory.  Temperatures in the lower mainland will be hovering between freezing and 6-7deg over the next week with POP consistently in the 90% range.  Saturday in Squamish looks like the best day which I am sure all 10 of our students in Aaron Goodis’s Spey course will be grateful for!

Sunday, for any of you mutual Hawk watchers should be a “weather be damned” day as we watch the HAWKS run those Bronco’s out of Metlife Stadium in the Superbowl.



The Georgia St. marine forecast remains light to mid winds (5 to 15knot winds) for this coming weekend  so it looks good to get out on the water even though the sunshine may not be plentiful, the winds should not be an issue and with just come clouds hanging over your head all you should need is a thermos with baileys+coffee in between some tight lines and pulling up your crab and prawn traps.


So for we have a few flies entered into the competition – Send us your fly and get in on the action!

DDB Vancouver, a local advertising agency is looking for a “Classic Salmon Fly” pattern that can be used to identify their West Coast (Vancouver) office and differentiate it from their other local offices across Canada . The idea is to incorporate the circular elements of their corporate logo into the design.

Here are the details and I recommend you study these to have a clear understanding.

1. Fly must stay within the color palette for DDB. Black, yellow, white or silver are the colors in the DDB corp logos. (gold/black fly is shown below as example of correct colors to use although the design itself is not correct)

2. Critical to the winning fly design will be the ability to create a strong visual of a yellow circle rimmed in black as seen in the top right corner of DDB logo below.


3. Contest Timeline:

  • Contest Starts Wed, January 22nd
  • Contest Ends @ 5pm on Wed, February 4th

4. RULES of Engagement:

  • Email pictures of flies to bryce@pacificangler.ca
  • Limit of two fly entries per contestant
  • Winning pattern will be chosen by Lance Saunders & his team at the DDB Canada, Vancouver office. Pacific Angler does not have any voting influence in this contest
  • Winning fly pattern receives $100 gift card to Pacific Angler
  • DDB Canada owns exclusive rights to chosen fly design as it will be used in marketing/branding initiatives for DDB.
  • DDB reserves the right to choose more than one fly that is submitted to the competition. Any fly chosen in addition to the winning fly will also receive compensation from DDB.
  • Additionally DDB may commission a series of actual flies [6-12] to give out to employees at an agreed to price per fly with the winning tier.

Winning Fly(s) will be posted on FB and announced in PA newsletter!  Good luck to all you talented tiers that want to enter!!

Industry Events

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4)


The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) consists of short and feature length films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly-fishing. From capturing the beauty of northern steelhead rivers to giant bull trout in British Columbia, the variety of films at this event are sure to peak the interest of all anglers. IF4 contains exclusive content not available in any other fly-fishing film event.

Date: February 6, 2014
Time: Doors open at 6:30 PM.  Film begins AT 7:00 PM.  Rush Seating
Location: The Esplanade Empire Theatre ( N. Vancouver) 

Tickets also available at both Michael & Young Fly Shops, Pacific Angler and Riverside Fly & Tackle.  If available, tickets may also be purchased at the venue on the day of the event for $18.00 per ticket.

To view official feature films you will see at the IF4 in N. Vancouver please feel free to check out last weeks Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report – Jan 17th, 2014.  In last weeks report you will find links to each feature film.

Jordan’s final report from Hawaii!

Well we got rocked on Wednesday night! The big swell that was predicted to hit us ended up shifting more east and headed towards Mavericks (one of California’s biggest surf breaks), putting the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau on hold (“The Eddie” is THE most prestigious surf competition in the world (invite-only), and only runs when the waves are consistently 30 FEET OR HIGHER!).

With the insane winds and rain that hit us on Wednesday night and trickling into Thursday the flats were a write-off up into the day I left.

I did end up exploring a small section of the Ko’olau Mountains, hiking along the old Pali Highway. Parking along the old highway, we were careful to not trip or slide on or way down the bank to the river that flows in the ravine. With the dense brush and flora, fly fishing in this spot was not an option, though I know it is in wider sections.

Rigging up a small white curly-tail on a light spinning rod, I tossed it up into the deepest section of the first pool we came to tight up against the far wall.   After reeling it in with only feeling a slight bump that could very well have just been a rock or branch, I re-cast up into the deep pool again. A few turns of the handle and the jig got rocked. A few moments later I had the first of many smallmouth to hand.

JS_Jungle Smallmouth_2014

After handing the rod off to my good friend Domi, a local transplant from Hawaii who now lives in White Rock/Bellingham, he made a cast to a different section of the pool. As soon as the small jig hit the water there was a flash as a feisty smallie blew up the jig before it could even begin to sink.

With the time passing sooner than we realized we called it a day and made the hike back to the car.

A day or so later with the flats still in terrible shape and the winds still being variable, we decided to make a small stop in at Hawai’is ONLY fly shop, Nervous Water Flyfishers. This is the only shop in the entire STATE of Hawaii, not just on Oahu. After stopping in and visiting with Sean at the shop (located at 3434 Waialae Ave, Honolulu), I took Domi to the spot where I first learned to spot bonefish. There is a spot I know of in a protected Marine Reserve where fishing is not allowed. In this spot you can stand on a short rock wall and throw bread in the water, bringing in lots of fish. Part of this mix of fish is a large school of bonefish all in and around the 7-10lb range with a few being bigger. This is the only spot I know of so far where you can get bonefish up to the surface to take bread. After doing so, I would run down onto the beach and practice spotting them in the shallows. Sometimes the bread would wash up into the surf where it hits the sand and the bonefish would almost get stuck on the beach as the water receded. To say the least, Domi was shocked that this place existed and I returned back a few days later with bread and to practice spotting the fish himself. He also set up a GoPro camera where he captured some amazing footage, with a screenshot pictured here below:

JS_Hawaiian Bones_2014_3

The next couple days saw me spending some time on the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe, sleeping in a beach-side Cabana. Having clearance as a guest on the different military installations can lead to some pretty crazy experiences, from F22 Raptors flying over your head as you cast to tailing bones, to Cobra helicopters flying around you as you pole a skiff along a flat.

Though the famed giant bonefish of Hawaii eluded me on this trip, some big ones were spotted and cast to, even hooked up to for a few moments by my guests. Peacock Bass and Red Devils were landed, along with a host of other mystery fish, proving once again how much fun it is to fish the lake and to take a break from the rigors of the salt.

Beautiful sunsets, such as the one pictured with me below in the township of Kaka’ako, street art and lots of food trucks made up for another great trip that I’m already in the stages of planning again for next year.

JS_Hawaiian Sunset_2014

If you’ve vacationed here before but never thought of giving fly fishing a go, or simply have any questions regarding gear, species, fly shops, or some spots to give it a try, feel free to come by the shop and ask me.

**Nervous Water Flyfishers is located in the side section of a Chinese food restaurant in the Kaimuki district of East Honolulu. I’m pretty sure it’s a converted dry-storage space that has been made into a small hole-in-the-wall shop. A small and cozy shop, it has everything you need for the local fisheries, including saltwater and freshwater (trout and the peacocks).

Stop in and support the local fly shop when you are in Hawaii. Buy a few flies and make new friends!

Jordan Simpson

 Freshwater Reports

Squamish: The water level came up considerably this past week due to the warmer weather we experienced. The high water peaked early-mid this week and is on the drop. This little boost of rain should keep things in nice shape for the weekend.

This is the time of year when streamer fishing can start to outperform the egg pattern. As the weeks drag on, less and less of the salmon biomass left over from the fall is present. This means that the trout’s food source is transitioning from flesh and eggs to sculpins, alevin and later fry.

The Squamish and Cheakamus systems are a 100% catch and release – no bait/scent – barbless fishery so play by the rules, give other anglers space and have fun!

Max_BT_Jan 2014


 Vedder: The conditions have remained very good this past week. The river is sitting at around 2-4ft of visibility at the crossing. Things are shaping up nicely for the weekend! The fishing has definitely picked up in the last two weeks with both fly and gear anglers reporting fish. We are thoroughly excited to see what February has in store. The river above the clay banks is flowing very clear where as the river below the clay banks is typically nicely coloured up. This makes it important to carry lots of different size presentations in your vest at all times. Get out there, cover water, and please be courteous to your fellow anglers.


Capilano: While the water has fluctuated a little in the past week, it has remained fairly low. The steelhead fishery on this river is nothing to get too excited about, however, it is a great place to spend a couple hours. Focusing your efforts around high water periods will improve your odds. Between now and late march you have a chance at encountering the elusive North-Shore winter steelhead.

Harrison/Stave Rivers:  The cutthroat will go way up the creeks that feed into the Harrison as they beguine their spawning cycle for the next month or so. This results in the fishery to slow down and if you do catch a few they will be before their two year cycle and smaller in size. If you do find them paired up they should be left alone to spawn. The cutties in the Stave will have a similar focus.

Saltwater Fishing Report

Todd Sweet:  Friday I dropped prawn/crab traps and headed to Howe Sound where there was no fog. Fished Tunstall which was loaded with bait even some boiling on the surface. But no fish. We moved up to the Falls and hit one keeper and one 23 inch and lost another. Two of the fish were in spoons and one was on anchovy about 20 ft above the spoons. We pulled 8 crabs and a whopping 200+ prawns.

TS_Jan 25_2014_2

TS_Jan 25_2014_3

Saturday was the same routine with only two undersize picked up, one at each location. Again the prawn count was in the 200+ range.

TS_Jan 25_2014

Call Pacific Angler Charters @ 778-788-8582 to book your winter chinook, prawning and crabbing charter today!! End of January and February are a great time to get out on the water and hook up!

Pacific Angler 2014 Fishing Courses

The following courses highlighted here have 3 or less spots available.  If you have any interest, I recommend that you call the store (604-872-2204) to reserve your spot ASAP.

INTRODUCTION TO FLY FISHING – Matt Sharp   (2spots left)


This course was specifically designed to give the new fly fisher the basic knowledge, casting skills and fly fishing strategies to effectively fish our local BC waters. This course is comprised of two sessions; 3hr evening seminar and a 3hr casting session.   The dates below show the seminar date first and casting date second.

Class Size: 12
Cost: $125.00
Dates (Feb 12 & 16 – 1 spots left)
Seminar Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Casting Time(s): 10am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm

TYING INTRUDER FLY PATTERNS – Dimitri R.    (3spots left)

Dimitri_Intruder Course_Jan_2014

Happy students with their intruder flies after Dimitri’s course!


This course is designed for those that are interested in tying steelhead flies in the “Intruder style”.  This style of fly is extremely productive for steelhead and salmon due to its profile and movement in the water.  During this two night (5hr total instruction) tying series, you will learn the very specific techniques and unique materials used to tie this fly.  This course is suitable for intermediate to advanced tiers.  Students are required to supply their own vise, tools and materials.  A 10% discount is available on materials and tools purchased for the course.

Class Size: 7 (3spots left)
Cost: $45.00
Date: (Feb 17 & 18)
Time: 7pm – 9:30pm

Single Hand Fly Casting – Advanced Distance   (2spots left)

This is for the fly fisher with experience looking to improve their accuracy, distance and over all style and control over the fly cast. Learn “the double hall” for improved distance, casting angles to help with pin point accuracy and dealing with the elements such as wind, line drag, and running line management.  Aaron’s students should leave the class with a much better understanding of how to achieve better distance and accuracy with their fly casting.


Class Size: 6 (2spots left)
Cost:  $100per person
Date & Time: Sunday, March 2nd 10am – 1pm (local park TBD)


AS_Cutthroat_Course Image_2014This spring make sure to get out and take advantage of the world-class cutthroat fishing in the Lower Mainland.  This cutthroat course is designed to educate you on the life cycle, location, seasonal feeding habits, and successful techniques and flies used to catch these elusive yet aggressive fish.  This course consists of a 3hr evening seminar and a fully guided day on the water

Class Size: 8 (3spots left)
Cost: $225.00
Date: Seminar Mar 12  & Guided Mar 15 or 16
Seminar Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

WINTER STEELHEAD ON THE FLY – Matt Sharp   (3 spots left)

Steelhead on the Fly_Course_2012

Fishing for winter steelhead on the fly (single hand or Spey) is arguably one of the most challenging and rewarding fisheries in BC.  Let our steelhead gurus help you unlock the mysteries of these magical fish with their decades of steelhead guiding knowledge.  This course consists of a 3hr evening seminar and 1 full day of guided fishing on the water.  In the seminar we will go over rods, reels, lines, sink tips, flies and reading water and swung fly techniques.  The fully guided day on the water we will be work on casting, reading water and swinging the fly.

Class Size: 6 (3 spots left)
Cost: $250.00
Dates:  Seminar Mar 5th & Guided Mar 8th or 9th
Seminar Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

View full Pacific Angler 2014 Course Schedule online and see the 20+ courses we teach.  Some courses are available throughout the year with multiple dates in the calendar.

On behalf of the Pacific Angler staff we wish you the best in your fishing endeavors and we hope to see you either at the shop or on the water. To check out the latest Pacific Angler news view the Pacific Angler Facebook page.

Jason, Matt, Andre, Max, Eddie, Jordan and Bryce