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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, July 6 2012

Pacific Angler Outlook

For all of you who have forgotten what a sunny day looks like… get ready! The forecast this week looks awesome! Sun, Sun and more Sun with temperatures hitting consistent 20s in Vancouver…FINALLY!

With the warm weather we hope to see a more consistent snow melt and we expect a number of the local dams to hold back water to drop levels into fish-able ranges. This may slow the gear fishing on the Capilano River but it will help the fly fisherman on the river, the beach fishermen, and saltwater coho fishing off the mouth of the river.

Fishing in the lake country this weekend should be awesome. If we see extended periods of warm weather over the next few weeks things will slow down.  However, the first stretch of settled warm weather (that usually hits us in early June) can make for some of the best fishing of the season.

For the saltwater angler please read below for the most recent marine forecast. This is a great resource to check the conditions before you head out on the salt chuck.

Environment Canada – Georgia Basin Marine Report

Marine Forecast:

The Georgia Basin is forecasting light winds from the west diminishing in the evening. Saturday morning we will see a 5-15 knots northwesterly and it looks as though we can expect similar conditions well into next week.

This is awesome for fishing the salt – Immediately after I finish this report I plan to sort through Jason’s desk for the keys to the Grady White. He is heading up to the West Coast Fishing Club for a few days of fishing – what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I will see you all on the water… just don’t tell Jason when he gets back!

Note: Remember that the marine reports can change quickly so check before you head out on the water.

BC Lake Fishing Report:


It has been another week of terrific lake fishing reports! Again we had a few poor reports when the weather hampered the fishing.  However, overall when the weather settled fishermen/women found great fishing across lake country and even in the local lakes around the Lower Mainland. With the unusually cold weather over the past month we have heard of many different kinds of hatches.  Mayflies, damsels, and caddis have been mixed in with classic heavy chironomid hatches. With the warm weather coming we all expect the lake fishing to continue to improve.  However, if we do see a long stretch of warm weather (approximately 2 weeks) things will slow down as the classic doldrums of summer kick in.


The Latest Reports

  • Lumbom fished poorly for most on the long weekend but some good friends toughed it out for Saturday and Sunday then hit it big in the shallows on Monday. A black/brown chironomid hatch came off. They ran into a bunch of fish in super shallow water.  Thanks for the report Anne!
  • Sheridan was unsettled this last weekend though we had reports that it picked up mid week, fishing green chironomids and the odd caddis in the evening with big fish cruising the back bays.
  • Another good report from “7 and a Half Diamond” fishing shallow.
  • We heard of a report of an algae bloom on Roche Lake earlier this month but had reports that it is clearing up a little and fishing should be good.
  • Some great caddis fishing along the reeds in Lower Kane. We had a friend who hit a number of 2-4 lb fish.
  • The staff heard of a good report from Mamit Lake.
  • The staff have heard of slow fishing on Tunkwa Lake, with some high winds affecting the fishing.
  • We had conflicting reports from Leighton with some good and bad reports but saw some nice pictures of guys hitting them on sedge pupa.
  • We heard good report on Logan on brown chironomids

 Local Lakes

Check out the stocking reports to plan your next trip.

Region 2’s trout stocking database

Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report:

With great conditions forecast for this week, hitting the salt is a great way to spend the day. Thrasher rock is still worth looking at though it has died down over the last few days. With no rain in the forecast we expect the Capilano River level to drop.  This will cause the coho to start stacking up along the shoreline of West Vancouver.

To target these fish run small spoons and hoochies. Our favorite colors/styles are the flaming hands spoon, Coho Killers, kingfisher 3.0 (#618), wonder bread 3.5, and cop cars 3.0 & 3.5. For hoochies our guides have had success with the Yamashita double skirt in white and Casper hoochies. Productive flashers are the purple haze and purple onion.

When trolling for coho you want to fish relatively shallow, running your gear 15 – 35 ft in 50-70 ft of water. The key is to troll at a good speed. Look to the angle of your downrigger cable to be pushing the 60 degree mark. We have also heard reports of some big chinooks being caught off shoreline of West Vancouver.  Fishing an anchovy a little deeper than the coho gear is a good idea when trolling multiple rods.

We are also expecting a Chinook opening off the mouth of the Fraser River.  Sub areas 29-11 to 29-17: on July 16-July 27, will open with a daily limit for wild or hatchery marked chinook salmon for (1) per day with a minimum length of 30 cm and a maximum length of 77 cm.

With the Fraser still very dirty, fish large spoon and herring with glow teaser heads. We just received some Glow Green Chartreuse teaser heads, which all the guides are drooling over. Thanks Brian for the hot lure.

River Fishing Report:

Most of the local rivers are open. With high water levels fishing has been harder than normal at this time of year.  The staff have heard of success on the Skagit River fishing large nymphs in the edge seams and running big bull trout patterns. I am expecting the majority of our coastal rivers to start dropping over the next few weeks.  As the river levels drop you can expect the fishing to improve. 

The Capilano River has had a good season and things are still fishing great for coho and the odd summer run steelhead. Float fishing is the best way to cover this river.  However if the water level drops, as predicted, fly fishermen running their flies through deep pools will see more success. Watch the river levels and look for good fishing after bumps of rain. Remember all Steelhead are catch and release only.

The Fraser, Stave, Harrison, and Squamish Rivers are still high and though we have heard some great sturgeon reports on the Fraser most of the fishing is limited by the high water. A few of the smaller tributaries have some fish and we have heard of springs off the mouth of the Squamish River.  This means that they should show up soon in the Cheakamus.

The Vedder River is now open although very high. Dimitri is heading out for a day of scouting in the hopes of catching large chinook salmon on conventional gear.  I do not expect the fishing to be good until the river comes down a bit but if you want to get out fishing the limit is 4 per day with 1 over 62cm. Float fishing gear or large spoons is your best bet.

If you have any questions about our fishing reports please do not hesitate to drop by our store at 78 East Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Enjoy the amazing weather this weekend, tight lines and I’ll see you out there,

Matt Sharp