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Friday Fishing Report June 29th

Pacific Angler Outlook

It is mildly entertaining when we get excited about historically normal temperatures but with one of the coldest seasons on record, beggars can’t be choosers. For the next week we can expect mid to high teens and the interior is forecast for the first handful of hot summer days. For the long weekend be prepared for a few wet days. Monday temperatures will break the 20 degree mark locally and will almost reaching 30 degrees in Kamloops.

This bodes well for the local and interior fishing scene. We received some great reports from fisheries across the province as they catch up from the long cold spring.

The Fraser is still giving us problems and all those planning on spending time on or near the water should be mindful of the flood conditions and debris warnings. There has been some good sturgeon fishing for those who brave the conditions.

The Capilano fishery is still great in the river and with lower water levels this week the ocean fishery off the mouth has picked up just in time for the long weekend.

With the cooler than normal spring this year the interior is still fishing great.  This past week we heard of some awesome reports and expect anyone fishing lakes this weekend to have good to great fishing.

Vancouver Forecast and Kamloops Forecast

Please read below for the marine forecast. This is a great resource to check the conditions before you head out on the salt chuck.

Environment Canada – Georgia Basin Marine Report

Marine Forecast:

The Georgia Basin today is forecasting moderate winds 10-25 knots southeast diminishing to light winds this afternoon. Over Saturday and Sunday we should see relatively light winds 5-15 southeast carrying over into next week. This is great news for the weekend saltwater fisherman/women.  It is important to check the marine forecast regularly as changes can happen quickly.

BC Lake Fishing Report


We heard of some great lake fishing reports this last week. A number of our anglers ran into awesome fishing in shallows with mayfly and damselfly imitations. Last week we predicted caddis fly action. And on cue we had a number of reports that took fish on caddis dries and pupa patterns.  We expect more of the same and if the forecast holds I would be keeping a close eye on the lakes in the evening at the end of the long weekend. Chironomids and micro leeches are still producing well.  However, hatches have been coming off in the shallower depths than the last few weeks. Make sure you have damselfly, caddisfly and mayfly (both dry and wet variations) patterns in your box this weekend.

The Latest Reports

-We had a great report from my old stomping ground around Nimpo Lake. My friends have said that the fishing traffic is down though fish numbers are up! With the cold wet season the rivers are all relatively high.  The lakes are on fire and with gas prices affecting angler traffic you can expect fewer anglers along with some great fishing. Red doc spratley and larger black and maroon micro leeches have been productive.

– Sheridan fished well again with a number of dry fly reports and some big fish in deeper water (#16-18 black chironomids and chromies, mayflies and some dragonflies).

– Corbett fished well again. A few friends cleaned up on green Carry Specials.

-We heard of the same action in the Kane lake area, with lime green chronies getting the best report.

– 7 and a Half Diamond had some amazing fishing yesterday. Fishing sparse leeches just on the edges with an indicator and a short leader hit a bunch of fish and a few that tipped the 6-9 lb range. Thanks for the report Colin.  And don’t worry, we will take Andre out back and shoot him after he is done your custom fly order so he will not pass on your secret pattern! Note: if you have a secret pattern that you need custom tied bring it into the shop. We guaranty confidentiality …. Unless it is a really awesome pattern 🙂

– Sedges were spotted on Scuitto lake last weekend and fishing was hot on pupa and then dries in the evening.

– Roche Lake saw a good sedge hatch as well. A few guys managed to get them some fish to rise. We also heard that micro leeches were producing well.

– We had some good reports from farther up north around Quenell area and expect good fishing to continue.

Local Lakes

We heard of awesome reports across the local lake scene. On more than one occasion anglers were complaining about tired arms! Though we expect things to be crowed this weekend fishing should be great!

Region 2’s trout stocking database

 Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report

The Chinook fishing has been hot and heavy for the past 7 days.  Our saltwater guides have been into fish every trip which always puts a smile both on our guests and the guides.

Last Wednesday (June 20th) and Thursday (June 21) were definitely the most productive days with Jason limiting out on Wednesday and Eddie, Pacific Angler head guide, limiting out and hooking into 14 chinooks on Thursday.  On last Friday the Pacific Angler staff went out to Thrasher Rock at 5:00 AM to get in a morning fish before work.

While the conditions were extremely tough, right on the verge of un-fishable, we were still able to get into fish.  A humpback whale also surfaced just 20 feet from our boat which was amazing.  All within a 40 minute boat ride from downtown Vancouver.

Eddie had a 5 hr charter last Friday and fished locally for coho.  He did well hooking into 3 coho.  The crabbing was good as well.

Over last weekend the fishing seemed to slow down a little bit.  Eddie had two full day charters at Thrasher Rock.  The weather was beautiful and the seas were flat calm.  Eddie managed to get his guests into chinook both days with the better fishing being on Sunday.  Eddie noted that the fish the guests kept all had very small herring of the year in their stomachs.  For this reason we’ve been using small spoons in the 3.0 size.  Recommended spoons are Kitchen sink, cop car, and irish creams.  As well, we’ve been doing well with hoochies.  Depths range from 50 to 100 ft.

The fishing at Thrasher Rock should continue to produce over the long weekend.  The weather/conditions are also looking good.  The local fishery for coho has also turned around in the last week.  With some good, consistent reports from fellow anglers we expect the coho fishing to strengthen over the weekend and into next week.

If you would like to book a trip please do not hesitate to call Pacific Angler’s booking manager, Dave, at 604-872-2204.  It’s the long weekend coming up!!!  There is no better way to spend it than soaking up the sun on the water.

You can check out the Guide Journal for a fully detailed and up to date report.

Beach Fishing

Tides have been perfect the last couple of days for our beaches. Maybe I’ll see you out there as I am going to take a scouting trip this weekend.

With water levels dropping on the Capilano River we expect good numbers of coho to mull around the north shore beaches.

This fishery is best covered with a floating line and 7-9 weight rod for coho and 5-6 weight for cutthroat. Look to areas on the north shore like Ambleside Park near the mouths of rivers and creeks. Come talk to us at the shop. We have fly lines specifically designed for this fishery and Andre will show you the flies and perhaps share some of his secrets.

Though it has a picture of Warm Water fishing on the box the Rio Saltwater Taper has a multi – filament core that preforms great in our colder waters and has the right taper to punch through the wind and laying a nice presentation to spooky fish.

BC River Fishing Report:

The rivers are still very high. Although we have heard reports that the rivers are cleaning up nicely. We are still expecting the best fishing to come later in the month.

The Capilino has had a good season and things are still fishing great for coho and the odd summer run steelhead. With lower water levels this weekend the fly fishing should be good. Andre was out this last week and took some fish on his cap bugger. Float fishing is the best way to cover this river though small spoons and flies fished in the deep pools have been productive. Watch the river levels and look for good fishing after bumps of rain. Remember all Steelhead are catch and release only.

The Fraser, Stave, Harrison, Squamish and Chilliwack Rivers are in full freshet.  Despite of this we have heard some great sturgeon reports on the Fraser River.  A few of the smaller tributaries have some fish and we have heard of springs off the mouth of the Squamish River so they should show up soon in the Cheakamus soon. This fishery can be fun for trout on eggs when the salmon hit the river and we are excited about scouting this fishery soon.

We heard more whisperings about a Fraser River salmon opening and it looks as though it will be open July 16th with a slot limit of nothing bigger than 77 cm. This is still not 100% confirmed so stay tuned.

If you have any questions about our fishing reports please do not hesitate to drop by our store at 78 East Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Have a great weekend, tight lines and I’ll see you out there,

Matt Sharp & the PA TEAM