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Friday Fishing Report, November 25

Well, we’ve been asking for rain and it looks like we will be getting it and will continue to get it in a big way over the weekend.  The weatherman is calling for 15 to 50 plus mm of precipitation, Saturday through Sunday.

A flush of water might push in some of those late waves of coho into the coastal rivers as well as push decaying salmon and their eggs downstream.  This usually puts trout and char on the feed.

Figuring out where to fish this weekend could be anyones best guess.  Make sure to keep your eye on the river levels.  It is always a good idea to track the water level of your favorite rivers to determine the optimal fishing conditions.  Then match it to the weather conditions such as air temperature and precipitation.

The rivers have been coming up-and-down with the rain over the course of the week.  They seem to have stabilized a bit now but with more rain to come it will be hard to know how high they will get.  Keep an eye on the freezing levels as well.  If that rain turns into snow then it will not have the same effect on the river levels (aka. not blow them out).

The overall trend for the next week will be:

  1. Coho fishing is slowing down (but some big northerns will be coming in);
  2. Cutthroat fishing should be picking up; and
  3. we are still a couple weeks away from good winter steelhead fishing.
A perfect cutthroat trout.
Sunday may also be a great day to get on the water if the weather prevails.  It is Grey Cup weekend in Vancouver (go BC Lions) so the rivers will probably be quite.
If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to give the Pac Ang boys a call (604-872-2204).

Hope to see you on the water,