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Friday Fishing Report Sept 21st

Pacific Angler Outlook

I can’t believe that September is almost over. It looks like Mother Nature can’t believe it either because she keeps delivering amazing summer weather. Since August 1st, only 5.9 mm of rain has fallen in Vancouver. Normally, 92.6 mm would fall through August and September. The Vancouver forecast is calling for a small system to move through today. The ridge of high pressure that has brought all the warm dry weather will start to break down on Sunday and some areas may see showers Monday but temperatures will remain seasonal and dry throughout next week. This weather trend is playing havoc with a number of fisheries around the lower mainland, particularly the river fisheries and we do not expect this forecast to make much impact on the situation.

The bottom line is we need rain in order to get the river levels back up. I know… hoping for rain in Vancouver is a dangerous game. I am knocking on my wooden desk as I write this. Too much rain is just as bad as too little, but to kick off the fall salmon river fishing season we need a few small bumps of moisture and cooler weather.

While the majority of river fishermen are complaining about the lack of rain, the saltwater salmon anglers are loving it. Salmon that should be running up the rivers are stacking in the ocean. This is making for some great saltwater fishing for both the beach fisherman and saltwater anglers. Eddie and Jason had some great fishing in the “Salty Dawg” this last week and we expect things to continue to the end of September and into October.

The Pacific Angler staff received good reports from the Thompson and Skagit Rivers. If the warm weather persists these fisheries should continue to be productive for the next few weeks.

The Pacific Angler river fishing courses are filling up fast! No need to worry though we still have some availability. If you want the best instruction on salmon gear fishing, fly tying or fly fishing we have a number of great in-house and on-the-water courses designed to prepare you for the season ahead. Call the shop or check out the Pacific Angler course schedule online!

I have heard of some awesome reports from “Steelhead Paradise” (aka Skeena system). Although the rivers are getting a little low the fish numbers are off the charts. The fishing is so good that the boys at Nicholas Dean Lodge have not had time to write a report but if they had it would go something like this – THE FISHING IS FREAK’n AWESOME – we will try to guilt trip Chad and the boys into updating us next week. Hopefully they are not too tired from landing fish.

Pacific Angler is also supporting another great cause and we are inviting all our customers to participate!

M1 Innovations, Pacific Angler and Fishing with Rod have teamed up to raise money for Operation Smile Canada, an organization that provides surgical services for children who are born with a cleft.
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Chick to donate! Operation Smile.

Check out British Columbia’s most up-to-date and in-depth reports below! If you have any questions give the friendly staff a call at the shop (604-872-2204).

River Fishing Report:

For a detailed look into the local river scene read Dimitri Roussandis’s river fishing report below:

Chilliwack River: The Chilliwack River continues to stay low until we get some rain. There have been some good days this week with fishing showing up in more numbers. First light and last light are still the best times to be out. The jack springs are in full force and a lot more adults are being caught this week. The coho have been trickling in, and there is some early chum as well. As a side note, watch for late running Cultas Lake sockeye, they can be mistaken as coho from time to time. The first good rain will bring a big push of fish into the river and kick off the season. The shop just got stocked up on custom spinners for coho and Chinook. The smaller brass spinners were reported to be the hot ticket.

Chehalis River: The Chehalis is still low and clear, and generally unproductive. There hasn’t been much happening this past week. There will be some opportunity once the fall rains start.

Fraser River: We have been hearing positive reports from the Fraser River again this week. There are lots of fall white chinook making their way up river now. Sturgeon fishing has been tough to say the least. There is high level of caution, as the fall steelhead and upper Fraser River coho salmon are migrating through in full force now, so make sure to identify your catch prior to landing.

Squamish River: The Squamish River is fluctuating slightly these days. More coho are making their way into the river now, but the best days to come are in October. All wild fish are catch-and-release, and there is a strict bait ban on the river and its tributaries at all times.

Capilano River: The ‘Cap’ is low. Until the rains come, there won’t be much opportunity for fishing. There is a bait ban on the Capilano River in the fall, until November 1st.

Thompson River: The salmon fishing on the Thompson has dropped off the last few days. Trout fishing has been good. Now that the salmon are dying off, the fish are a little less cowardly. The stone flies have been hatching steadily at night, and the constant mid day winds knock plenty of food into the river for these guys. Dry fly fishing has been phenomenal, and nymphing is equally productive.

Skagit River: The Skagit has produced a few good fish this week. The rainbows are around as always, but have keyed in heavily on specific patterns. The bull trout are starting to pile up together, and have been really active. Come on by the shop and ask the guys for some advice on some key flies & tackle.

Saltwater Report:

The Vancouver saltwater salmon fishing scene has been red hot over the past two days. Captain Eddie, Pacific Angler’s head guide, has been out on the water every day this week and reported excellent fishing for large Chinook salmon.

The morning tide has been the more productive tide (as apposed to the afternoon) but both produced fish. The mouth of the Capilano River has been the hot ticket. However, the Pacific Angler staff heard of some excellent fishing for Chinook and coho along the shoreline of West Vancouver fishing shallow with spoons. This could be a great alternative as the mouth of the Capilano River will most likely be busy this weekend.

As well, good luck to all of the participants in the 2012 District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Charity Fishing Derby this Friday September 21, 2012. It is promising to be a great event for two worthy causes: Athletes 4 Kids &
Seymour Salmonid Society.

The outlook for this weekend and week is looking strong. Our guides and staff expect the fishing to remain strong and hopefully improve even more as we get closer to October. While the fall rains will drive fish up to the Capilano River hatchery, fresh chinooks will be arriving until mid to late October and maybe even November if we are lucky. Anchovies with a teaser head, 6 ft. leader and a flasher have been the ticket for our guides. You might want to try smaller anchovies as well (5 inches), as our guide noted that the salmon stomachs were full of smaller bait. The flood tides are the most productive times to fish so be aware of the tides. If you would like any last minute information or learn how to setup your gear like the pros then make sure to stop by our shop (78 East Broadway) or even give us a call (604-872-2204).

Also check out the Pacific Angler Guide Journal.

Beach Report

Once again the low tides are at dawn starting this Friday. The rain has held off which means coho are still stacking up at the mouth of the Capilano river and along the shores of West Vancouver. Expect cohos to be in the 8Ib to 15Ib range so make sure to check your leader and tippet as these fish will put you into your backing in no time.

At this time of the season you might be surprised with a chinook at the end of your line and hopefully you can land one if you don’t break it off. If you have a boat or a safe floatation device you can fish in front of the “Pink” building at 21st street. You are surrounded by Cohos and can fish all day if you like.
It is best to use a clear tip line and streamer patterns apposed to fishing from the beach with a floating line. If you come to the shop I will show you some different patterns and discuss in more detail this wonderful fishery we have here in our harbor.

Happy fishing and don’t forget your stripping basket.


BC Lake Fishing Report:

Things have started to cool down. We are still waiting for more September Lake reports. If you have been out please let us know how it went.

During September and into October the fish will start pushing hard to fatten up for winter. This time of year is awesome because fish forget about being picky and will travel into areas of the lake that they didn’t bother before. Look to the shallows and make sure to have water boatman and booby imitations in your fly box. Fish the boatman on an intermediate line and the boobies on a heavy full sink. Leeches and Dragons are another great bet in the shallows as soon as it cools.

The staff at Pacific Angler hope you enjoyed this report. If you have any questions about our fishing reports please do not hesitate to drop by our store at 78 East Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Have a great weekend and tight lines,

Matt Sharp & the Pacific Angler Team