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November Outlook: Chum Opens and Chrome Coho!

November is here and we have some great fishing this time of year!  Far too many anglers hang up their rods after Halloween, but those in the know are getting ready for some of the best fall fishing of the year.  Speaking of Halloween, check out this G. Loomis inspired pumpkin carving from PA customer Ted.

If you want to get educated this November so you can catch some coho and chum, check out yesterday’s post about our November Courses, including some great fly tying courses.


Here is the info from the email we received yesterday:

“Returns of chum salmon to the  Fraser River have begun to pick up and have remained steady since mid-week last week.

The fish that were identified, by DNA samples from the Johnstone Strait test fishery , are now showing up in the Fraser River and the current run size estimate for Fraser River chum is 972K which is above the escapement goal of 800K.

The Department will again be using the decision guidelines table in the IFMP to manage this fishery and will be announcing today the reopening of those areas closed to the retention of chum in the recreational fishery in Areas 11, 12, 13 and 29, the non-tidal Fraser and tributaries. Fishery notices will be released at some point to day with the actions taking effect  immediately.

The next update will be on Monday,  November 7, 2011.”  

So we have some chum on the way, the coho fishing continues to be strong, and we are having a very mild Fall Season so far with not too much rain!  All in all it is making for a season to remember so I encourage you to get out there and take advantage of the great November fishing for chrome coho and chum!

See you on the water or in the shop,

Jason Tonelli