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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: April 29, 2016

Obviously the big news today is that our SPRING SUPER SALE starts tomorrow! This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, everything in the store will be on sale and the store has never been this full of product! There are spots where she is literally overflowing! Make sure to look below for all the deals and features! If you have been debating a new rod or reel for this year or just need to stock up for the season, this is the weekend to do it!

We know you guys don’t tune in for just sales and promotions – This is the Friday Fishing Report! Let’s get into the fishing.

This week we saw the saltwater scene pick up with some descent (still not hot) reports off the hump and one or two hot reports up Howe Sound. Make sure to check out Jason’s Local Saltwater Fishing Report for more details.

On the interior lake fishing scene we are hearing awesome reports from a number of the lower elevation lakes and a number of the guys at the shop were out last week and early this week on their days off. We have some good details in the lake fishing report below so check it out!

On the local river fishing front there are still some steelhead to be had on the Vedder and cutthroat on the Stave. It is almost fly only season on the Vedder so for the gear guys there is one day left but it might be a good fly season this year. The Harrison is very high now and a challange to hike and on the Squamish system people are still catching fish but the water is high and it takes some dedication to find good fishing spots. For the most part this system is finished for the season. There might be some fishing up that way today and tomorrow but the weekend will be hot and will have her on the rise again.

Check out river reports below for more information.

Ok, back to the SPRING SUPER SALE – We sent out a detailed sales flier yesterday so it should be in your inbox but if you missed it take a look at all the deal info below!!  (Don’t worry the fishing report info continues below the mile long list of sale items 🙂

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Up Coming Classes and Courses

Introduction to Chironomid Techniques with Trevor Welton

Chironomids are the number one food source for trout in BC’s lakes; however, few anglers have taken the time to become true masters of this discipline. Those that do are often rewarded with the largest fish. Trevor is a former member of the Canadian Fly Fishing Team and an excellent chironomid angler.

Dedication to his sport has helped Trevor become one of the top fly fishermen in the province as well as a fisheries biologist working for Hemmera. This course is comprised of one 3hr evening seminar. Content is for beginner to advanced.

Date: May 4

Cost: $45.00

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Tying Chironomid Fly Patterns

80% of a trout’s diet consists of chironomids whose patterns vary from lake to lake. This 3-hour evening seminar will teach you how to tie a variety of the most effective chironomid patterns used in BC’s world-renowned lakes. You will finish this course understanding the very specific technical aspects ranging from beads, ribbing, colors, and body shapes. Students are required to supply their own vise, tools and materials. A 10% discount is available on materials and tools purchased for the course.

Date: May 16

Cost: $45.00

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Special Events

FFFT 2016

The Fly Fishing Film Tour

The 2016 Fly Fishing Film tour is just over a week away! This is a not to be missed event and the 2016 lineup films looks awesome. Check out the film tour site for all the trailers.   Come into the shop to grab your ticket or buy online here! The Vancouver tour stop is on Tuesday May 3 if you want to see the full-length videos don’t miss out at The Cinematheque on Howe Street.

Don’t miss this one!  “World Class Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying Exposition in Seattle June 3 – 5th , 2016”

This is an International Exhibition celebrating the art and passion of the Atlantic Salmon Fly.  Over 70 world-class tyers representing 17+ countries are coming to Renton, WA for three days to share their expertise, passion, artistry, creativity, and fly-tying tips & techniques with the public. This event presents a rare & unparalleled opportunity for the beginner to expert fly-tyer to meet the individuals featured in books, sit with them and learn about this classic art-form from some of the most renowned tyers alive today.  The inaugural event in 2014 was such an outstanding success that it demanded an encore presentation in 2016.  It is truly a unique, one-time opportunity you do not want to miss!

Exhibitors will be a fantastic source for fly-tying tools, feathers, materials, tinsel, and fly-fishing gear!

Please click on www.asfi-expo.com for the event schedule, list of tyers  and the opportunity to win a Harry Lemire Fly!


Interior Lake Fishing Report

We headed up leisurely on Monday to the interior. It was tough to decide which lake to fish. We checked the weather prior to our trip and the temperatures for the Kane Valley lakes were way below zero. This would put a damper on camping and maybe the fishing so after hearing solid reports from Tunkwa we decided that it would be our best choice as it was the warmest of the lakes that we were considering.  After arriving at the lake in the late afternoon we got our boats ready along with the gear. On the first trip of the season set up can be slow.

On Tuesday we were on the lake by 10:30 and impatiently waited for the chironomids to hatch. We caught a few small ones but by 12:30 the heat cranked up the hatch and it was game on. Double headers, singles, fish jumping so high that a few landed in our boat. It went on until 4:00 clock and we were exhausted.


The trout were taking small green and black chironomids in size 16 and along with chromies in red  and chartreuse ribs with black bead and antron on top.

Chronimids in vial

The next day was the same but a much calmer day with clouds. This is the perfect recipe for may flies. The may flies were dark grey and hatched around late afternoon. The fish that we pumped also had small tan scuds. We never got in early enough to fish scuds and leeches but for sure this is an other option to look at this time of year. We caught and released well over 50 fish in 2 days along with the same amount of misses. This was a nice warm up trip to the season and it was nice to fish water depths of 7 feet and short leader as the fish were caught in depths of 5 feet.


Long story short lake fishing is going off if the lake you want to fish is warm enough. We have been getting great reports from Logan to Dragon and everywhere in between. Warm up on a few of the larger lower lakes but it shouldn’t be too long until we are hitting the slightly higher elevation lakes.


Great fish off Dragon Lake last week!

Vedder River Fishing Report

With the river on the drop there were quite a few fish caught this past week. There is some warm weather in the forecast which could cause the river to rise again.  On May 1st the river becomes fly-fishing only from the Vedder Crossing down. The Crossing to the fishing boundary in the upper river is closed to all fishing. If the conditions are favorable there can be some decent fishing for fly anglers in May. If you have any questions come down to the shop and the guys can help you out. Good luck to the gear guys going out for the last day of the season!

Sam Graham

Stave River Fishing Report

With this warm weather appearing to be here for a while, most rivers will be starting to enter freshet, causing most of them to blow out and become un-fishable. With this being said, the Stave River is dam controlled, and river levels can usually be pretty consistent, whether that’s high or low.

Depending on the glacier melt, they may open up the dam, causing the river to come up- this in turn can cause some colour and turbidity, meaning anglers should consider using bigger and bolder presentations while searching for steelhead- both fly and gear anglers alike.

For those fishing for trout with a fly rod, fry patterns have been the go-to  pattern, with a few anglers finding success on small nymphs.

For those using conventional gear, larger gooey bobs, bigger spoons, and size 3 or 4 Blue Fox’s are all a great idea.

Remember, if you do retain your limit of hatchery steelhead, you must stop fishing that body of water for the remainder of that calendar day.

Remember, with the water being released from the dam and water levels on the rise, wade safe and have fun.


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report April 29

Well it has certainly been an interesting week.  We were fully booked a lot of this week and that always makes for some interesting intel as we have multiple boats in multiple locations.  This week we fished the Bell Buoy, the QA, the Hump, Gower Point, Cape Roger Curtis, Cowan Point, Tunstall Bay, and Hole in the Wall.

For the most part fish were caught at all of the above places but I have to give the hot spot of the week award to Hole in the Wall.  For whatever reason there were a lot of chinook there for about 4 days this week.  Now don’t go reading this report and head up there this afternoon or tomorrow, because a lot of those fish are long gone.  Such is the ocean fisherman’s dilemma, as localized activity like that is often short lived.  In fact my suggestion would be to look at historical data and see where the majority of fish get caught this time of year, and that is on the Hump.  The other spot I would recommend trying this weekend is the Bell Buoy or QA as both have been producing consistently each day, especially on the flood tide.

The hot depths have been 80 to 120 on the downriggers on the Hump and QA as the water is dirty right now with Fraser run off and algae blooms.  That means glow flashers like the Salty Dawg and Chartreuse Glow have been producing well.  Spoons have also been working well and you guessed it, some that have some bright green and glow have been top producers.  See the picture below for some of the hot spoons right now, including some of the new Pesca colours and Oki colours.  Bait has also been working well.  We have just increased our huge selection of bulk teaser heads in our saltwater section so come down and check it out.  We have all the top glow, UV and chrome finishes in stock including lots of custom ones you won’t find anywhere else.


From left to right. Oki Mojito, Oki Happy Hooker, Pesca Janitor, Pesca Double Double, Pesca Tossed Salad.


Lots of glow, chrome, and UV teaser heads in stock

We are also just starting to get whispers of the first good waves of fish in the Nanaimo area.  We haven’t heard much from Thrasher yet, but usually we start to get some good offshore reports from this area in the first week of May and by the second week of May it is usually on fire.  I can’t stress how important it is to book this trip in advance.  We see it every year where people wait for the hot reports in May and by the time they can get a day to go it is late June and they have missed out.  So call us now and book in May and early June so you will be rewarded with some of the best chinook fishing of the season.

If a 10 hour Thrasher trip isn’t in the cards, don’t fear, the time to book locally is right now!  Just check out Captain Eddie’s results from this weekend on a trip where they fished the Bell Buoy and Hole in the Wall!

Eddie’s guests were all smiles this weekend with some nice local chinook!

Eddie’s guests were all smiles this weekend with some nice local chinook!

To book a trip please call us on our charter phone at 778-788-8582.