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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: Aug 30, 2013


Welcome to your October thunder and lightening storms – in August?

This rain is definitely going to get the river fishing going early.  Without a doubt there will be coho moving into the Capilano, and Chilliwack River today with the big storm we had last night.

The massive biomass of pinks, in the millions, has shown up at the Fraser and the test sets are starting to go ballistic.

Bryce and I (JT) were on the phone with DFO yesterday and they were literally working on the paperwork to open up the Fraser to fishing for pink salmon today.  The notice has not been sent out as of this morning, but the second we get the email announcing the opening we will let you know.  We have lots of great lures and flies in stock for people to take advantage of this great Fraser River Fishery.

The tides this week are fantastic for out in the Salt.  Slow, gradual flood tides that have been the type of tide that has consistently produced over the last month. We generally use the Dairiki Tide site for our updates.

When reviewing the Georgia Basin forecast for conditions is a great tool to use for planning around the safety of your fishing trips.  However, that being said we do know that several charters were canceled yesterday due to forecasts of 15-25knot SE winds going against flood tides.  Typically, these are conditions to shy away from.  Our boats still went out on their charters to see what the weather was like and while they got rained on pretty hard early in the morning the wind never appeared and they fished on calm waters and boxed some fish as well!  Plan safe, review the weather reports but also know that it is not an exact science and it is ok to jump on the water if you can and see if the weather patterns have shifted and the waters are calm and fishable.


Squamish: The Squamish systems are still fishing well for pinks. Expect to see a lot more coloured up fish this time of year as they have begun to spawn in many places. That being said, the lower river should continue to crank out some relatively fresh fish for the next week or two. This rain is sure to bring the river levels up and degrade the water clarity. Changing to larger presentations in dirty water will increase your success rate. Fly fishing and float fishing are the most effective methods. Larger pink flies like #8-6 pink wooley buggers and cerise clouser minnows are good choices in the dirtier water. Gear anglers will find pink tinted spinners, marabou jigs, spin’n glos, and wool ties to be effective. You are required to release all trout and char. Get out there and be mindful of the fish and your fellow anglers.

Capilano:  The next high water period should bring in a wave of fresh fish. Float fishing is very effective on the cap. Presentations such as roe, krill (current bait ban runs from Aug 1 – Oct 31, 2103) colorado blades and small spoons work well. Fly fishing with full type 6 lines and small olive buggers and muddler minnows is also effective. Please identify your catch properly and release all wild and hatchery marked steelhead.

Chilliwack River:

The first coho of the year are showing up right now with the wet weather we are having.  It is still early but there are already coho and chinook in the river.  Things will pick up dramatically in the next two weeks as thousands of fish start pouring in.  Float fishing roe or colorado blades is deadly early season.

Saltwater Fishing Report:

The big fish have moved in!  We have had 2 customers catch fish N of 30lbs this week as the big white springs move in.  There are a mix of red and white springs in the 10-30lb range from the Bell Buoy all the way down to the S Arm.  As per the last couple of reports, the best setups have been flasher, 6 foot leader, anchovy or herring teaser head.

Bryce with his biggest Chinook of the year off the Bell Buoy!

Bryce with his biggest Chinook of the year off the Bell Buoy!

Go to the Guide Journal at www.vancouversalmonfishing.ca and look at some of the recent reports and you will see the flashers and teaser heads we have been using.  When we aren’t using bait, glow hootchies with a 32 to 36 inch leader have been doing well and also the Pesca RSG spoons with a 6 foot leader, just like when you are fishing bait.  We sold out of these spoons for the third time, but Enrico has promised to make some more and drop them off early next week.  If you want to make sure you get some, call the shop and get your name on the list, or you likely won’t get any!

Dimitri keeping the Judge happy!

Dimitri keeping the Judge happy!

Our guide boats have been doing very well with chinook, pink, and coho being hooked up on every trip.  We have been fishing the N Arm area on the 5 hour charters and T-10 and S Arm on 8 and 10 hour charters.  We have been fishing in 100-180 feet of water and we are hitting the fish from 35 to 75 on the downriggers.

Dimitri with a happy client!

Dimitri with a happy client!

The 2013 Labour Day Chinook Classic is this weekend, so somebody is going to hook a first place prize chinook that will win them $25,000 CASH!  Should be an exciting weekend.  Both our boats are chartered for this event, so I know guides Eddie and Dimitri  will be tying leaders and going over the boats with a fine tooth comb tonight.

The anticipation is building, I can’t wait!  I will be out on the water in one of the weigh boats, so see you out there!

Jason Tonelli



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