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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: Aug 9th, 2013


Weather forecast for Vancouver = GREAT

Wind forecast for Georgia Basin = GREAT (moderate 15knot to light 5knot)

Tides for Vancouver Harbour = GREAT!  Early morning flood tides this weekend with nice mid-day low slack and evening flood.

Thompson river reports are getting better, pinks in the Squamish, Skagit fishing nicely with more bulls showing and the Birkenhead is shaping up nicely now as well.

The local salt is continuing to produce decent numbers of fish with a lot of the action coming from the pinks although coho and the odd Chinook are still being boxed.  Sockeye are also being caught but they are still closed and word on the water is that there will not be a sockeye opening this year.  We will keep you tuned.

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Stillwater Report:

Lake fishing nowadays is for the lake fishing enthusiast and die-hard.  Higher elevation alpine lakes will be producing but lower elevation lakes will continue to be hit/miss due to the amazing heat we are experiencing.

That being said, our local Whistler guide, Ryan O’Connor continues to see some days with good fishing on Alta and Green lakes in whistler:

ALTA LAKE Fishing: fair to good!

Best fishing in the early mornings before the wind picks up and in the evenings when it cools off. Not a lot of activity during the peak windy times. This is the time to work a balanced leech under an indicator and use that wave action. The reeds at the north end of the lake on either side of the river hold fish.

Beautiful Cuttie!

Beautiful Cuttie!

All dock structures can also be excellent habitat and shade for fish. Some of my largest cutthroat have come from and been lost at Lakeside park dock. Black and green woolly buggers and articulated thin strip rabbit leeches(black or brown)have been working nicely. Scotia creek is low-low-low.

GREEN LAKE Fishing: Good

Caught several rainbows at the mouth of 19 mile creek as the drop off here seems to hold fish consistently. The Fitzsimmons is very cloudy, yet I still had some luck on the left side. All the bows I got here were on black nymphs or small black leeches.

The weed beds and shoreline towards the white navigation markers at the north end are productive either trolling or casting and stripping leeches or other large offerings.

River Fishing:

The Birkenhead (Ryan O’Connor):

The Birk has tinges of chalkiness to it and the water level is dropping so fishing will continue to improve.  Tends to be more fish activity in the late mornings. Dry fly’s with white wings and green bodies are most productive Chernobyl ants and orange stimulators also trigger fish. Hares ear’s and small rubber legged stones also work well.

Never hurts to fish a egg naked or under an indicator.

Tight Lines,


Veddar / Chilliwack Rivers: the rivers are in great shape now.  You will find darker springs higher up still.  Sockeye are in the river but release only.

Max Stickle has been keeping tabs on some of the other local fisheries.

Squamish: The Squamish and Mamquam have continued to produce decent numbers of pinks. Larger presentations such as spoons, spinners and flies like the clouser minnow seem to be the ticket as the Mamquam is pumping grey water, making fishing tough at times. Get out there and please be mindful of the fish and your fellow anglers.

Skagit: The Skagit is now running low and clear as usual. The bull trout are about in stronger numbers than previous weeks. Keep those sculpins, clousers, leeches and minnow patterns working the buckets! Make sure to have a good selection of nymphs (Hares ear, pheasant tails, green drakes) and don’t be afraid to swing soft hackles when the dry fly fishing gets tough.

Thompson: It’s on! The river has cleaned up and dropped nicely. The dry fly action as turned on with good reports coming from some of our customers. Make sure to have some high floating hopper patterns and stoneflies such as the California Blonde.

Thompson River fly selection available at Pacific Angler now!

Thompson River fly selection available at Pacific Angler now!

W. Vancouver Beaches + Capilano River

I decided to take a break this week and catch up on fly tying and sleep. Looking forward to some good tides coming up from August 14th onwards. There are a lot of fish on the shores of West Vancouver shores all the way to Indian Arm.

Fresh waves of coho fish will move in until the fall. You will see a lot of fish jumping which is a great indication where the school is so cast your fly towards the jumper and hope that a fresh one underneath will take your offering. Change your flies more often than usual  as these fish get more stale and finicky, you will get fish if you put in the time but you have to take advantage of the good tides.

This is also a great time to fly fish out of a boat in our harbour so if you are interested give Bryce a call at 778-788-8582 to book a charter with me (Andre) showing you all the fly-fishing techniques from a boat setting as it is a bit different than fishing of the beach.

See you on the water,


Saltwater Report:

Eddie Matthei:

I had been enjoying some pretty decent fishing until last Monday morning when I broke some small bones in my foot. I will now be off the water for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks!

I am however still keeping in touch with my fishing buddies to be able to provide you the latest intel. West Vancouver is still the place to be for action. Primarily fishing for pinks and the odd Coho but they’ve been a little harder to come by lately.


Eddie's got another HAPPY GROUP!

Eddie’s got another HAPPY GROUP!


The chinooks have also been elusive but last Tuesday one of the guys hooked one about 20lbs off the pink apartments on a small pink hoochie at 21′. It got away and so did the other one hooked by another boat. They are both still out there!

FYI I have heard of a few others off the Capilano as well. The Bell Buoy is also showing a few signs of life but smaller ones so far. I do expect that to change within the next couple of weeks. All of the sudden the bigger fish should arrive. That fishery can change from slow to awesome in one day so it’s a good idea to prospect there to be there to greet them.

Pink hoochies, pink Apex’s 50′-60′ up but I was also running anchovies and spoons on my deeper lines for the chinooks and cohos. T10 also showed signs of life about a week ago but has been a little dry as of late. That area is on the verge of coming on big time as well.

Can’t wait for my bones to heal so I don’t miss anything!

Tight lines,


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