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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 29, 2017



Another year is winding to an end and with it another year of fishing reports. It is crazy that we have been writing this report for nearly 10 years. There may have been late reports along the way but we have not missed a week in all this time. We thank everyone who has supported the report, helped with info and sent in pictures. We could not have done it without you.

It has been a fantastic year for Pacific Angler. We have brought on new staff, expanded our guide fleet and have partnered with a number of our suppliers to reshape the shop into something we are all very proud of. We have seen some excellent fishing this season were we all had the opportunity to enjoy what the Vancouver fisheries are all about but we have also seen some changes, challenges and real concern affecting a number of beloved fisheries.

It will be interesting to see what 2018 brings but this will not be a predictions report, or a state of the fisheries speech. In this report we are going to cover the fisheries happening right now and then look back at some of our best reports from 2017. Reports with info that will carry us into 2018 as well as some notable fishporn from the last season,

Just a reminder we are open 10AM – 4PM on New Years Eve and closed on New Years Day.

We hope you all enjoy it and we hope you have a happy and safe new year!



Squamish River Fishing Report and Highlights
The Squamish area got smoked yesterday with over 15cm of snow. Roads were a mess and this is going to make things interesting for fishing. If we see warmer weather and rain today and tomorrow the snow might melt, raising the river levels and coloring the water. This would be ideal and possibly make for perfect fishing conditions but from all the numbers it looks as though we will see more snow and then cold conditions early next week. This is going to freeze the snow. This will keep the river very clear and limit access. Both things are not ideal for fishing.

Next week we will see what happens and if anyone is out this weekend we would love to hear what the road access is like in the upper river. We think it is worth heading out but be safe, if you are venturing into the upper river bring shovels and tow straps and let us know how it goes.

With the “best of theme” this week we are going to start out with one heck of a photo from a good friend of the store. Sure we have seen bigger bull trout but this is undebatable in the donkey category and caught just last week! Nice fish Fraser.



Here are a few more of our best of Squamish photos – thanks to Fraser and all the other folks who sent in these photos over the last 2 seasons!

We’ve also got some of our most viewed Learn How With Pacific Angler Videos that are related to the Squamish Fishery.

The Mending 101 video – Mending is key to egg fishing without an understanding of mending principles you are not fishing effectively.

How we set up custom nymphing leaders

How we rig our beads on a leader board

Happy New Year!

Matt Sharp


Vedder River Fishing Report – Derby Recap and Steelhead reports “Best Of”:
While the shop was full of excited Boxing Day Shoppers stocking up on great deals, many of us were waiting with baited breath (pun intended) for the Boxing Day Derby results on the Chilliwack River. Shortly after 3pm I got a text with the much-anticipated answer. Between roughly 180 participants there were 3 hatchery steelhead weighed in with the first place prize going to a 6.9 pounder. This is a little depressing when looking at past numbers. It is by no means a clear indication of the season to come. There were fewer participants this year, not to mention the weigh-in does not account for wild fish caught and released or fish that never made it to the beach. It has sounded like a slower start to the 2017/2018 season but not to worry. It is still early and there is ample time for things to turn around. We will have a good grasp on the outlook of the run come February, but for now get out there and have fun! Water conditions are good and with the forecast being cold and clear over the next week it should stay low and clear for the New Year.

Since it is the end of another year, let’s look back at some of the more memorable Chilliwack Reports. In this report from January 2017, Stefan, who took our Steelhead Float Fishing Course, caught his first steelhead literally the next day. What a beauty of a first steelhead too! https://www.pacificangler.ca/pacific-angler-friday-fishing-report-january-27-2017/



This fishing report from April 2017 is a great reminder that even during late season there are chrome fish to be had, so don’t give up until the river is literally closed. Also a couple of tidbits on how to target these late run fish. https://www.pacificangler.ca/pacific-angler-friday-fishing-report-april-21-2017/

Here is a short feature I did on floating jigs for steelhead last year. If you’ve never tried fishing jigs for them before read this one for a brand new angle on tackling these elusive fish:  https://www.pacificangler.ca/pacific-angler-friday-fishing-report-december-9-2016/

Last I would like to bump a comprehensive list I did this past December on the gear you will need if you are just getting started for steelhead. A lot of these products we regularly stock at the shop so while the report is dated the information is still pertinent for this season. https://www.pacificangler.ca/pacific-angler-friday-fishing-report-december-1-2017/

These are just four of many, many amazing reports that we have had the pleasure of writing over the years. If you can’t get out on the water then going back to browse at these reports can make for a fun 15 minute read with some beautiful pictures to drool over. Alternatively get out there, catch a big ‘ol steelhead, and be the next lucky angler to be featured in our weekly write-ups!  We’ll say goodbye to 2017 with one more Vedder picture from this past year.

Happy New Year to all of you and I hope 2018 will be the year of tight lines!

Alex Au-Yeung



Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report:
I am happy to report that fishing has been good this past week. We have been out on a number of charters and have had some great success with lots of action from smaller fish to keep us on our toes and some nice keeper fish as well. Crabbing has also been good, so we have been dropping traps on most trips.


Kai with a nice winter chinook caught on a very wintery trip this week!

For the most part we have been fishing in Howe Sound but there has been some decent action in Vancouver Harbour too. As usual for December and January, the fish are all over the place, you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

It looks like the wind forecast is good for this weekend, at least for the Strait of Georgia South of Nanaimo, and this is a great opportunity to head across to the Gulf Islands, so we are going to check that out over the weekend. This time of year the fishing is usually pretty consistent on Gabriola and Galliano and its always fun to head over there when the winds allow.


Eddies guest with a nice fish from a trip on Wednesday.

Don’t forget we have our Boxing Week Sale going on, so if you are looking to get some spoons and flashers, now is the time to do so and save some money. We have select spoons and hootchies at 30% OFF.

Have a great New Years weekend and see you on the water or in the shop.

Jason Tonelli