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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: June 12, 2015


It was a hot, dry and windy one this past week!

Lake fishing in the interior has slowed down over the last week due to the high temperatures. It’s supposed to cool off so we’re looking forward to some improved lake fishing this coming week.

On the saltwater we’re hoping the wind will die down as we head into the weekend and make things just a little more fishable! Beach fishing is almost on the horizon as well. Don’t miss next week’s report where Andre will talk about the upcoming season.

Beach fishing season is almost upon us!

Beach fishing season is almost upon us!


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Get ready to hit the saltwater. Don’t miss out on our upcoming beach courses and the new date for added to keep up with demand for our mastering local saltwater salmon course. We’ve got a few spots left in a number of our freshwater courses too, so read on below for all the great classes coming up.

Mastering Local Saltwater Salmon – ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!
Over 50 million salmon migrate past Vancouver annually. Learn how to catch these fish with a Pacific Angler. This course offers an in-depth look at the local saltwater scene. We cover the local saltwater salmon fishing for the entire year, showing you the how, when, and where. This course includes a 3hr evening seminar and a fully guided day on the water in one of our Grady Whites.
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Seminar Date: June 22, 6:30PM to 9:30PM
On the water: June 26 or June 27

Tying Beach Fly Patterns – 1 spot left
Join Pacific Angler for a 3hr evening seminar of tying flies specific to catching salmon on our coastal beaches. Without a doubt, fly selection is critical while beach fishing. These flies are often not commercially available, so successful beach anglers learn to tie their own patterns. Your instructor will walk you through each fly pattern step-by-step. This course is suitable for fly tiers with a basic knowledge. Students are required to supply their own vise, tools and materials. A 10% discount is available on materials and tools purchased for the course.

Cost: $40.00
Date: June 23
Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Introduction to Fly Fishing Trout Streams
Stalking trout on mountain streams defines fly fishing. In this course we will teach you the fundamental techniques for fly fishing trout streams; dry fly fishing, nymphing, and streamer fishing. This course will get you as close to being Brad Pitt (River Runs Through It) as you will ever be! This course is comprised of one 3hr evening seminar.

Cost: $45.00
Date: June 29
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Fly Fishing on Beaches
This single evening 3hr seminar will cover the basic principles needed to be an effective beach fly fishermen in BC from Howe Sound to the east coast of Vancouver Island. Topics covered will include rods, reels, fly lines, flies, tides, and techniques. Andre Stepanian, the instructor for this course, has been chasing salmon on our local beaches for over two decades. Remember, east coast Vancouver Island has a pink salmon run every year and last year the Capilano had 12,000 coho!

Book this course early as we sold out all 3 courses in 2014!!
Cost: $45.00
Dates: July 6, July 14 or July 22
Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm


Capilano River
The River has been extremely low for the last month but we are hearing of the odd early coho showing up. This system is an interesting challenge. It is a difficult river to fish because of high canyon walls and when the water is low fish have a hard time moving into the river. We traditionally fish this system with float fishing set ups on long gear rods, or fly rods with heavy sinking lines. With the low water the need for extremely heavy lines is not as important but you will still want a sinking lines and a skilled role cast to target fish in the high walled pools.

Andre’s Cap Bugger is your best bet to catch the early coho that come into this system. Use Fluorocarbon leaders to combat the low clear water with a short jerky strip. Roe with gear rods is also another very effective method and utilizing borraxed roe that is not brightly colored is something to try in the low clear water. When the river is like this it is a great idea to combine beach fishing at the mouth with a day exploring the upper waters on the river. When the fish can’t make it into the river they will stage at the mouth. Check out Andre’s beach report in next week’s report for all of the details.

The Chehalis opened on June 1st, this is a great option for river fisherman who are looking to get out and scratch their itch before the Vedder opens on July 1st. The Chehalis gets a small run of summer steelhead and an equally small run of summer chinook. You can target these fish with all the conventional methods such as float fishing roe, wool combos, and colorado blades. Swinging flies can be an option but you really have to put in time to find good fly water on this river. With a small run size be sure to fish fast and effectively, cover lots of water.


Interior Lakes
I checked out several lakes last week as I had an opportunity to head out fishing for a couple of days. I ended up coming back the same day as Merritt lakes were slow due to the heat. With water temps were over 70 degrees, it was a ghost town with nobody on the lakes save for a few folks camping. I went to Corbett Lake lodge and they said the fishing had slowed down too. I fished it to see if I could hit a damsel or a caddis hatch but even that wasn’t happening.

As for the Cariboo region I haven’t had many positive reports. A group of friend that are really good lake fisherman, reported the fishing was very slow after fishing different lakes for 9 days.

If you’re heading out I’d recommend fishing Tunkwa lake as it has creeks running into the lake which cools the temperature and fishes throughout the whole summer. Other lakes that I recommend are Calling and Island Lake (Big Okay), which are at 5000 ft.

Brian Chan has been reporting some good damsel hatches, so it is something to look for if your are not hitting fish.


Local Lakes
Buntzen, Sasamat, Browning, and Rice have all recently been stocked. These fish will provide some excellent trout fishing opportunities over the next few weeks. The cooler weather in store for next week should improve the fishing in all the Lower mainland lakes. Fishing in the local lakes will start to slow down this time of year because of the warm weather. As the water warms up, the trout become lethargic, and stick to the deeper parts of the lake. That being said, the recent stockings, and cooling trend for next week could extend the season to the end of June.

If you’re able to up to the Whistler region Alta, Nita, Green and Lost have all been fishing well. As we noted in last weeks report Olive Woolly Buggers, Buick 52s and Muddler Minnows are effective patterns in Whistler/Squamish corridor. Dry fly fishing can also be very exciting when the fish are willing.



The persistent winds offshore have prevented everyone from fishing almost everywhere but hole in the wall. Although it hasn’t been hot fishing yet there are certainly a few nice fish around with a 24lb’r topping the chart.

Guest Nadine with her first fish, which was quickly released!

Guest Nadine with her first fish, which was quickly released!

Productive depths are in the 100ft range with one day producing fish at 50ft. In terms of tackle Homeland Security, Pesca Gut Bomb in both the 3″ and 4″, Irish cream and bait have been working best. Other favorite patterns like the Green Glo and Kitchen Sink are also doing well. The best flashers are Chartreuse with Glo and mirror Mylar, green onion or any similar patterns. When I was out I experimented with running spoons with no flasher and hit a triple-header with 2 fish hitting the bare spoons.

Another successful day of crabbing while on a salmon charter.

Another successful day of crabbing while on a salmon charter.

I was very happy to hook the first coho of the season. It’s confirmed, they have arrived! We’ve got some decent tides and if the wind settles we should have some very good days ahead. We certainly have the sun!

The first chrome coho of the season.

The first chrome coho of the season.

Tight lines,