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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 1, 2019


For the first time in three weeks we are happy to be writing the report without snow falling or snow in the short term forecast!  We are looking at nice weather in the forecast for the weekend and straight through next week.  It won’t be warm but with temps around 4-6 degrees and a mix of sun and cloud it should be good winter fishing weather.

More steelhead reports keep rolling in on all our major steelhead systems. Alex was out on the Vedder last weekend so be sure to check out his report for the latest.

On the bulltrout front it is still too cold to start thinking about salmon fry hatching but the second we get some warm weather this will change. The 14-day forecast sees us getting back to some more seasonally normal temperatures next week. If you are thinking about getting your fly boxes ready for the fry hatch we have Andre’s flies in the shop and some other good options in the fly bins. It is always good to stock up early before the rush so you’re ready for those first warmer days on the river. 

Jordan spent some time on the Squamish this week and we will have an up to date report on the conditions and what to expect for the weekend in the Squamish portion of the report.

On the saltwater front it looks like we have mixed wind in the forecast with some bigger outflows for Howe Sound again. As always check the marine forecast before heading out and have a read of Jason’s saltwater report below.

Last but not least we have we’ve got a couple of great classes this month so be sure to check those dates out in our classes and courses section and call the shop at 604.872.2204 to sign up today!


March is here!   A number of our March classes are sold out but we’ve got a couple of spots at the tying table with Zach next Monday night and in Matt’s Introduction to Fly Fishing Course in the middle of the month.  Check out all of the details below. 

Tying Intruder Patterns – 2 spots left!

Steelhead fly fishing has been radically transformed in the past decade or so for two main reasons, Skagit style Spey casting and the Intruder style fly.  This combination has proven to be absolutely deadly effective for catching steelhead.  In this one night course you will learn about the specifics techniques and unique materials used to tie Intruder style flies.  The way this type of fly is tied has evolved from the classic palmering style to a new composite loop style, and both techniques will be taught in detail in this course. In addition we will talk about why this style of fly is so productive and different ways to rig the fly from stinger hooks to the original Intruder rigging.  At the end of this course you will have the skills needed to tie a variety of Intruder style flies from multi stage, monster flies for high water, average sized flies for everyday conditions, down to small, mini intruders for low water.  Note that this course is suitable for intermediate to advanced tiers.  Course materials are not supplied but can be purchased at the course night or in advance at 10% off.  A detailed list of what materials are needed will be supplied in advance of the course.

Cost: $50+GST Date: March 4, 2019 Time: 6:30PM – 9:30PM


Introduction To Fly Fishing

This course was specifically designed to give the new fly fisher the basic knowledge, casting skills and fly fishing strategies to effectively fish our local BC waters.

This course is comprised of two sessions a 3hr evening seminar and a 3hr casting session.  

Cost: $150.00 + GST

Seminar:  March 12, 2019  | 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Casting:  March 17, 2019  | 10am – 1pm or 1:30pm -4:30pm


Chilliwack/Vedder River Fishing Report

The Vedder remained very low this week and fishing was a little slow overall, though a few moments of brilliance still shone through now and again. Generally the water has been very clear to which is to be expected, although while we were out on Sunday the water did colour up in the afternoon possibly due to a bit of snow melt as it has been getting a little warmer under the afternoon sun.

With the water conditions being as they are be prepared to fish small presentations and your high percentage spots will be at the head of pools under some white water or a little further out in the seams and further away from the transition zones. Look for submerged structure that will create current breaks and cover. It is going to be important to fish as much water as possible to find them. Keep hitting these higher percentage spots and you may be rewarded.

Alex Au-Yeung

Squamish River Fishing Report

This past week didn’t see much change from last, with conditions being tough. This past trip turned more in to a scouting trip than a catching trip. Covering lots of water with a variety of presentations didn’t yield any love for me from the fish gods, but for a lucky few, a couple fish were encountered. 

Still pretty frosty up here! Hope March brings some warmer and wetter conditions.

We are also right around the corner from the fry hatch, meaning both fly and gear anglers will want to be stocked up with small imitations. Dick Nites, Mini-G, Hildebrandt, and Colorado blades should be in the gear bags, with muddler minnows, epoxy fry, and other small baitfish patterns filling fly boxes. 

If you head out this week, remember to wade safe as clear water can be deceiving. Some spots that appear shallow may be deeper than you expect. 

Bobber down,

Jordan Simpson

Stave River Fishing Report

As we wait for the inevitable fry hatch, the report for the stave stays very much the same. Keep your gear light, and chuck bright colours for the cutties and whitefish in the system. If some steel is what you’re looking for, you’re probably better off heading to the Vedder. If the weather continues to warm up (and it looks like it will) fry hatch will cause a pickup in fishing everywhere, including the Stave.

Aidan Munro


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Thanks to everyone who wrote letters to DFO, they are having an impact.  If you haven’t done so already, go to last weeks report for details and send one in today!

Fishing this past week was pretty consistent.  Each day there seemed to be a pretty good bite on the top of the flood and into the first hour or two of the ebb.  Looks like we have some morning low slacks for the weekend and high slacks in the afternoon and the tides look pretty mellow, so from that perspective things look promising.  I wish I could say the same about the winds as it looks like the bigger outflows are back, especially on Sunday (at least at the time of writing this report).  You have to take this with a grain of salt though.  I was out a few times this week where the forecast wasn’t great but we had some pretty good conditions with near flat water.  You just have to know where to hide I guess.   If it is windy, at least it will be sunny this weekend; so don’t forget your sunglasses (a common mistake this time of year).

In terms of where to go, there have been fish up Howe Sound and in Vancouver Harbour.  There is now officially a lot of bait in the Harbour and we are assuming the fishing is going to pick up more in the Harbour as fish role into to capitalize on the big bait balls.  This has happened the last 3 or 4 years, so hear is hoping it happens again this year.   Top producing flashers for me have been the Phantom in UV purple or UV chartreuse, paired up with Herring Aide spoons or Irish Cream spoons. 

We are finally seeing a few larger fish show up, so make sure you check those leaders you have probably been fishing since November!  Crabbing is now what I would consider to be decent, not red hot, but worth dropping the traps.  Prawning has been good but some of the spots are drying up a bit as they have been hit pretty hard for 3 months now.  Below are some pictures from this weeks action, enjoy…

Eddie with a beauty from Thursday!
Guide Derek and his clients were 3/5 on legals on a mid week trip and got some nice Dungeness as well.
Jason got his gust Jim into a nice one last weekend! Rainbow at no extra cost.