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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: March 30, 2018


The weather looks great for the weekend with seasonal temperatures and a mix of sun and cloud. The rain this last week bumped up water levels a little. While we would have liked to see more at least the rivers didn’t drop.

Overall the trout fishing was a challenge up the Squamish and the Fraser Valley cutthroat scene was also not hot. That said there were not many zero fish days. Most of the anglers we spoke to managed a fish or two. This is positive because the conditions were a little cold. We expect better things as the water temps rise, more snow melts and more salmon fry hatch!

Steelhead season is ramping up. Though there are not many of these fish in any of our systems, now is probably one of the most consistent times to put in some days targeting them. We heard of fish on a number of rivers across the lower mainland and up the sea to sky.

Saltwater was again good in numerous spots in the harbor, up Howe sound and across the straight so get out on the water this long weekend!

If you need to grab some tackle before you head out we’re open all weekend and closed on Easter Monday

Easter Long Weekend Hours

Friday March 30 – 10AM – 7PM

Saturday March 31 – 10AM – 6PM

Sunday April 1 – 11AM – 5PM

Monday April 2 – Closed – gone fishing!

Finally don’t forget that fishing licences expire end of day tomorrow so be sure to renew your freshwater and saltwater licenses.  Good luck out on the water!


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Chilliwack River Fishing Report

This is a good time to hit the Vedder for some later season steelheading. Lots of fish are in the system now and water conditions have been on the lower side so take advantage of fluorocarbon for your leaders. We recently got stock on a cool new fluoro from P-Line that has been getting rave reviews and with the clarity the way it has been it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up a spool or two.

We will see more wet weather this coming week but I don’t foresee that changing the levels much if at all. We have heard of some big fish recently and still good numbers of fresh ones as well so get out there!

Please remember to treat all steelhead you catch with care, but more importantly if you hook into some spawning fish please be extra vigilant in making sure they are released carefully. Good luck out there!

Alex Au-Yeung


Capilano River Fishing Report

The Capilano has fluctuated with high water again as the big rain came down and they released the dam. Things are starting to slow down a bit and there are still more fish to be caught. With the warmer weather we often see steelhead chasing spoons and spinners as they get more active. Swinging spoons in walking speed water, or casting/retrieving spinners in frog water might get you in the game with the elusive steelhead.

Wait for the water to come down to fish with floats or flies as the water will be too fast and murky. Once the water comes down but it is still a bit murky use larger profile bait and using some scent is key in these situations. Steelhead, or fish in general, have developed olfactory systems which help them return to their original spawning grounds, but they also use that sense to track down on food and prey. Swinging a larger profile marabou fly with some scent can definitely grab their attention if they are around. You can also simply fish with bait under a float.

In clear conditions, downsize your rig from floats, terminal tackle, hooks, to lures. Using clear floats will aid you in gin-clear situations as it will be harder for the fish to see the floats. Use lighter leader and add a bit of scent to trick the fish that might have a second thought.

In another month or so, we should start seeing coho appear in the system. Fishing with light gear with roe and Colorado blade will reward you with these small but tasty and feisty coho.

Please release all steelhead with care and stay safe out there

Dustin Oh


Squamish River Fishing Report

The Squamish and it’s tributaries have both been seeing some fish encountered, with anglers targeting both spring steelhead and bulltrout. With water levels slowly becoming more favourable, we are now hoping for it to turn that nice glacial green.


A nice bulltrout landed on a sculpin this week.

Fry should be out and about, so anglers targeting trout and char should have some fry patterns  (Andre’s epoxy fry are great), or some small Dick Nite spoons or similar. Make sure to cover lots of water, and to be respectful of other anglers.

Also, this is the time that bears start to become more active, so being best aware and carrying spray or bells can be a good idea.

Jordan Simpson


Fraser Valley Cutthroat Report

We still have a whole month and a half left before the cutthroat start making their way to the ocean for the summer months. Don’t ever lose hope if you don’t find them when you are out as every day is different. These fish are very elusive and move around a lot, the more you go out to scout the waters the more you increase your chances of having a “Magical Day”. You have to also move around a lot just like the cutthroat do as an easy day of cutthroat fishing is hard to come by but there are those “Magical One Day” days that the first place you stop the fish are there. I have had my fair share of days like this but if you consider the amount of years I have dedicated to this fishery (over 20 years) it is not a lot.

Peter with a cutthroat from earlier this week.

I have had good reports from the Harrison River from a few customers who managed to find a few fish. I went out yesterday on a perfect cutthroat weather day; cloudy with light rain and no wind. Starting at the Harrison River I did not find any fish despite the numerous amount of fry, then I tried my luck at the Nicomen Slough but no luck thre either and no fry to be seen. My last stop of my routine cutthroat fishing was at the Stave River, lots of fry finally but not even a rise so all in all after walking for 8 hours on three different river systems with perfect conditions I did not find the cutthroat on this outing but like I always say, things could change within 24 hours. So be sure to get out there and how knows, it might be your “Magical Day”.

Andre Stepanian



Local Lake Fishing Report

Most of the lakes in lower mainland officially have been stocked. With the weather starting to warm up a bit, it should be easier for trout to be acclimatized in their new habitat. Once the fish are habituated to their system, they will be aggressive to feed and will strike on almost anything presented to them.

The stocked lakes are:

  • Mill Lake
  • Rolley Lake
  • Mike Lake
  • Sasamat Lake
  • Buntzen Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Sanctuary Pond
  • Lafarge Lake
  • Como Lake
  • Green Timbers Lake

Try fishing with bait, lures or flies. Some will out fish the other methods on certain days, or they will be apt to strike on anything. If you plan to be there for only a short amount of time it is a great idea to try everything and see which method is more productive.

This fishery is great for kids as once you figure it out you can help them get good action for a day.

Keep checking the gofishbc.com website to see if they stock any of the other lower mainland lakes and add them to your list of lakes to visit. Their website is up to date and very accurate so it is a great resource.

Have fun out there,

Dustin Oh



Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Our guide boats were out on a number of trips this past week and for the most part the fishing was solid.  Our guests worked hard and were rewarded with some nice fish along with some more that managed to get away, and a fair amount of undersized fish.  We have been focusing our efforts in Vancouver Harbour around the Bell Bouy and the freighters area, which has been productive this past week. There has also been a few good reports from further up Howe Sound as well as across the straight, but with consistent fishing locally the last week that is where our focus has been on most trips.



Double_Net_FishThe usual flashers such as the Lemon Lime Series, Salty Dawg & Chilli Pepper with some glow tape have all been productive. In terms of spoons, the G-Force and Skinny-G’s in 3-3.5 inch size have produced fish and so have the Kingfishers in the 3.5 inch size. The Kingfisher 3’ “Irish Cream” is my personal favourite this time a year, but make sure to check out the new Kingfisher UV/Glow Black “Two Face” as well as the Irish Cream “Two Face” which are my new favorite spoons. They feature glow paint and a UV stripe on the front and a nickel finish with UV stripe on the back. The “Two Face” series also feature a significant eye on the front, and are perfect for local spring chinook fishing.

Kingfisher Two Face Series Spoons

The Kingfisher Two Face Series.

Typically keeping the gear close to the bottom is the way to fish for chinook this time of year but we have started to get hits further up. So if you are fishing in 130 feet or deeper and the bait balls are large or suspended off the bottom, it could be a good idea to stack at least on one rigger to cover more water/depth.

Crabbing has picked up since the last report, so bring some traps and set them in the usual hot zone of 45-65 feet of water while you are fishing. Prawning has been slow, but with the opening April 1st it shouldn’t be ruled out as more areas are opening.

If you would like to head out give our charter line a call at 778-788-8582 and I’ll book you in!

See you out on the water,

Lars Akerberg