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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: November 18, 2016


On the river front we have had no end of challenges this season but on the saltwater front winter chinook is picking up and prawning has been very good. If you haven’t put your boat away for the winter, fire up the engines, drop the traps and see what’s out there. If you can pick the right weather it is worth the effort. 

On the freshwater side of things, the Vedder is slowing down for salmon but steelhead are just around the corner. The Harrison has been a tough one. It should be fishing well this time of year but challenging river levels and warm weather have left us with very few options to hike and fish.

The Squamish has had moments of brilliance this season but they have been hidden in with a slew of blown out crummy weather days. This river dropped a bunch this week and we are hoping for good things to come. With another storm in the forecast it will be tough to call for this weekend. Check out Matt’s report below for more details.

Lastly this week’s Friday Feature Product is the Simms Freestone Zip wader. When zippers first came out in waders we all thought they would be another place for leaks. Time has proven us wrong they rarely fail and there is no debate on the obvious benefits in comfort and ease of use that come along with the zipper.


The Steelhead Society of BC Annual Pub Night Fundraiser

If this is not already in your calendar put it in there. The Steelhead Society of BC is hosting their Annual Pub Night Fundraiser on November 30th 2016 @ Micky’s Public House in Coquitlam.

There are always amazing live and silent auction prizes up for grabs so don’t miss out on this event. All of the proceeds raised at this event benefit steelhead rivers in need by funding projects such as habitat restoration projects, conservation efforts/research, and much more!

We’ll see you there!

Steelhead Society Pub Night 2016


2017 Season Saltwater Guides

At Pacific Angler, we are currently searching for an energetic, client-driven and experienced certified saltwater guide to join our select guiding team for the 2017 season. The ideal candidate must have a genuine passion for fishing, superb knowledge of local fisheries and is comfortable operating a fleet of Grady Whites. Must be a team player and demonstrate a commitment to exceeding guest expectations with a can-do attitude in all situations. Exceptional fish handling skills and equipment maintenance are a pivotal part of the position.

Check out the full job posting here!


Our 2016 classes have wrapped up for the year. Keep an eye out for our 2017 Course listing to be announced soon! Thanks to all of our students for a wonderful year of support for our classes and instructors.



Simms Freestone Zip Wader

With the year round fishing that living in Vancouver can bring, anglers are always looking for ways to help improve their game on the water. Most anglers look for small tools, new lines, accessories, and odds and ends, but few look at waders. From Simms, Pacific Angler is happy to showcase the Freestone Zip wader. Get into these waders for the amazing price of $499.95!

Simms_Freestone_Zip_Wader_Pacific_AnglerI ended up grabbing a pair of these waders after retiring my old pair and I can honestly say that once you go to a zippered wader, you’ll never go back. Besides being way easier to put on and take off, they are also a lot easier to hang and air out, helping to reduce the ‘green dot’ effect of mildew commonly found in waders that are not hung up to dry or stored properly. One thing I would keep in mind when purchasing a pair of these amazing waders is to go up a size as I find these fit a tad small compared to other models. For example, I usually fit a size large from other manufacturers, as well as through Simms’ other wader models, yet to comfortably layer with the Freestone Zip; I wear a Large King (LK). Another thing I really like about these waders is how durable I’ve found them. Generally speaking, I very rarely fish roadside spots and am usually found bushwhacking into the middle of nowhere. Without hesitation, I charge through thick brush and slide over logs and rocks and my waders so far do not show a mark of wear. I strongly feel that waders, just like a rod and reel, are tools and are meant to be used. Yes, all three of those do cost money and we are naturally tempted to baby them, but at the same time, we want to have a successful end product (or day). Just like how contractors and carpenters build houses, they still use their (often expensive) tools. Sure, they take care of them, and I always suggest one takes care of their gear, but they don’t baby them- they use them- and often with stunning results. When spending the amount of money that we do, we should be able to use our gear confidently, and I strongly feel these waders offer the best quality to price, especially for a zippered wader.

With improved breathability and durability, the Simms Freestone Zip wader is the best value-to-durability and breathability ratio of any wader on the market today.   Made with the same material as their classic Freestone wader, Toray® QuadraLam™ is a more affordable option to the American-made Gore-Tex wader. Toray is heavy-duty engineered fabric with a microporous waterproof coating that utilizes 2-layer coated fabric, a single membrane layer, and a tricot backer to offer improved durability.

Simms_Freestone_Zip_Waders_Pacific_AnglerSome of the great features of these waders include:

  • A YKK® Aquaseal 100% waterproof center front zipper that offers easy access and quick relief on the river
  • 2 large fleece lined handwarmer pockets secured with stormflap closures, large enough to store fly boxes
  • Patented front and back leg seam design offers an articulated fit for maximum mobility and comfort
  • Adjustable 1.5” elastic suspenders with opposing YKK® buckles to create a waist high conversion on the river
  • Dual retractor docking stations on the chest pockets feature internal magnetic retainers for tool retention


I put these waders through he paces on the water every week!

I put these waders through he paces on the water every week!

All of this backed up with Simms’ best warranty in the wading business you can’t go wrong. If you’re interested in trying on a pair of these amazing waders, or have any questions, feel free to come on in and see us or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Jordan Simpson


Vedder River Fishing Report

The river will be high going into the weekend but clarity will be good until it starts raining. Salmon fishing is slowing down but the lower river will still have chrome chum and the odd coho trickling in. Finding slower water will be key as many of the spots don’t fish well at this height. Fishing beads or egg patterns this time of year can produce the odd resident trout that is feeding on salmon eggs.

Sam Graham

Capilano River Fishing Report

The fall salmon season on the Capilano is wrapping up. There will be a few chromers to be found right up until December but as we progress they will be more difficult to come by. Water levels have been consistently decent over the last week so if you are looking for a quick trip to the river while staying close to the city it is at least a viable option.

As the depths of winter approaches we will start to see a few winter steelhead make their way into this river. This run is quite small so please treat any steelhead you come across with care and remember that it is strictly catch and release on the Capilano for these fish. With this in mind, there is a limited fishery for those willing to put in the time and effort to find them.

Alex Au-Yeung

Squamish River Fishing Report

The river was tough this week with rising water and even dirty water when the river was dropping. The guys here in the shop have all been heading out on personal fishing days and guided trips. They have been finding chum on the lower river even when the water has been high and dirty but timing the upper river for coho has been a challenge.

Clarity levels on the Squamish from this Thursday.

Clarity levels on the Squamish from this Thursday.

If you want to fish for chum hit the lower river with a fly rod, sink tip and a mix of purple and pink flies or Andre’s special red and purple chum patterns. Float fishing is still very effective as well with jigs and flies under the float. We heard of a few bullet fresh chum caught this week so the run is not over yet.

The upper river has been blown out more days than it has been in. It dropped down to what we consider good levels on Tuesday and Wednesday but the colour of the water was still very dirty. We do not know if a slide, roadwork or unseasonably warm temperature is slowing the river from clearing.

Today looks to be the best conditions but again only time will tell if the river has cleared. With more rain for the weekend we will have to play it by ear.

If you are planning to head out explore the upper for coho but use Judd road as your fallback plan if the water is too dirty to find coho.

Good luck,

Matt Sharp


Harrison River Fishing Report

It has been an interesting season on the Harrison. In many ways “depressing” would be a better word for it. Andre, at the shop, is in withdrawal because he is missing one of his favorite fisheries.  The river dropped a little from last week but is still above 10 meters on the graph. This is higher than the summer freshet levels due to excessive amount of rain combined with warm temperatures. If there is any hope of this fishery being wade-able for this salmon season we will need very cold temperatures and less rain. We are going to get hit with another storm this weekend and in the 14 day forecast cold weather is not expected until the end of next week.


While dropping, the river is still very high.

While dropping, the river is still very high.

The only success that we have heard is from the anglers with boats and even these anglers have not had great days. The high water spreads out the fish and makes them hard to find. If you have a boat and it is still a fishery worth exploring. Search hard and know that if you find coho they will have seen very little pressure and should be eager biters.

Historically we have had good fishing right to the end of November and even into early December we have caught fresh coho. With any luck it will get very cold and there might be a chance to hike this river. If not cutthroat season in the winter and spring will be on the calendar!


Stave River Fishing Report

The chum and coho runs on the Stave River are drastically tapering off as we move past peak season. Like many other systems there will be the odd clean fish trickling in for the next couple of weeks so there is still the possibility to be rewarded. In order to avoid the older fish try fishing away from spawning grounds in order to access the fresher and more aggressive fish. Roe and Colorado Blades are good options for drifting while spoons and spinners can be good options for casting and retrieving in slow water. Fly anglers can also try small flash flies or muddler minnows for coho or a big pink and purple popsicle pattern for a shot at a fresher chum.

Alex Au-Yeung



Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report

Typical November weather, wet, cold and windy. We haven’t been on the water much this past week, instead opting to do some boat maintenance. As per last weeks report, there have been a few nice size winter chinook caught for this time of year. Prawning has also been decent. So if there is a break in the weather, we will be heading out. In the meantime, back to the boats to get them ready for the upcoming summer season.

If you are heading out we just received some shipments of prawn gear so we have all the rope, traps, weights, and bait you need for a successful prawning season. We also have some glow 15 and 18 pound cannonballs in stock so you can get down deep for those winter chinook.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli