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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: November 6, 2015


You may have heard the long-standing joke, “What do you call two days of rain in Vancouver? The weekend!” Well it looks like this weekend is going to be rain filled. With rain warning in place for Squamish and the North Shore we’ve got the weather network on 24/7 and our fingers crossed that it doesn’t arrive in full force.

All of our rivers were fishing well this past week, as the rain we had earlier in the week brought in some fresh fish. Coho, bull and rainbow trout were all eager biters up in Squamish while those out on the Fraser had another great week of sturgeon fishing. While it might be tough fishing this weekend, the rivers should come into shape again for some great fishing next week!

Mark your calendars – November 24, 2015 Pacific Angler’s Steelhead Fly Tying Jam Night is back! More details to come next week. You won’t want to miss this event.


There are still spots in our last course of the year. We’ve added another on the water date for Matt’s Fly Fishing Egg Patterns Course. There are 4 spots left, call the shop to reserve your spot today. Let’s make it another year of sellouts for courses.

Fly Fishing Egg Patterns
This course is designed to teach you the secrets to one of the most productive presentations in the BC fly fishermen’s arsenal; nymphing egg patterns. This deadly method can be used for different species of trout, char, and salmon. During a 3-hour evening seminar we will teach you key concepts, strategies, and gear that will give you a well-rounded foundation during the seminar portion of the class. Then you will put those skills into practice during a fully guided day on the water.

Dates: Seminar:     Nov 18           Guided: Nov 27 – New DATE!
Seminar Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
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Steelhead Fly Tying Jam Night
Pacific Angler’s famous Steelhead Fly Tying Jam Night session is back! Mark Tuesday November 24, 2015 in your calendar and keep an eye out for more details next week!


Join us on November 24 to learn the secrets to Matt’s famous black and blue.

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The Chilliwack looks to have some more high water in its future, with 30-40mm of rain predicted today and more in the forecast for tomorrow it will most likely blow out for the weekend. Keep an eye on the water levels to see what the river is doing. This week there were reports of fresh fish being caught throughout the system. With the higher water a lot of the fish will be on the move so finding fish in pocket water or places that they will stop to rest in softer water is key. With the higher water you’ll also find side channels of the river that were once knee deep and wadeable to be much higher and potentially full of fish. Never pass up that water, you’ll find out pretty quickly if it’s worth your while to stay.

The Cap came up this week but we only heard of a few reports of fresh fish in the lower river on the incoming tide. This fishery is slowly winding down as each week progresses into November. Please remember that it is illegal to intentionally snag fish and to retain foul hooked fish, if you are witnessing this please Report All Poachers and Polluters by dialing 1-877-952-7277.

The Squamish was in finally in great shape yesterday and a number of customers and clients found fish. Coho were in and bull trout and rainbows were also eager. Fishing classic chum patterns in purple and pink paid off in the lower river while chartreuse coho patterns and egg patterns connected with bull trout and coho in the upper river.


Zach with a bright Squamish coho.

This time of year chartreuse blue box spinners are deadly for coho on the upper river and purple jigs are still the go to chum presentation while float fishing.  We recommend 7-8wt rods for the salmon but don’t forget to bring a light trout rod rigged with a floating line nymphing setup with beads or wool egg patterns.  That will ensure you are setup to target all species of fish you may come across.  If you want more information on the nymphiyng setup drop by the shop and we can walk you through it.  Or join me in this month’s Fly Fishing Egg Patterns Course.  It’s one of my favourite ways to fish the Squamish.


Jeff with a fresh chum landed this week at Judd Road.

The forecast this weekend is not ideal with a big storm pushing through tonight and  Saturday. Though we have our fingers crossed and are hoping that all of the rain will show up, we expect the river will colour up and rise. If this happens focus on the tributaries but things will be a little colder than normal Sunday and this may clear up the river fast. We expect great fishing next week.

As always remember the Squamish System is 100% catch and release for all wild species. Retention of one hatchery coho (adipose fin clipped) is permitted. Be careful when identifying your catch, hatchery coho are rare on this system.

Good luck.

The river has dropped quite a bit and fishing was more challenging this week but with the storm this weekend the Chehalis might be a great bet. This system blows out but comes into shape fast and fishes well in high water. The Chehalis is a great float fishing river. Fishing roe, wool ties and Colorado blades are an awesome 1-2-3 punch when searching for coho on this system but don`t forget to have a few large blue fox spinners in your arsenal. A gold number 5 blue fox is one of our guide favorites for high water with the blood red and blue fishing well when the water is clearer.

Remember, the Chehalis is a single barbless fishery


Guide choice for the Chehalis, don’t leave home without it.

Stave River
With the Stave River salmon fishery in full swing, many anglers are finding success on various spoons, flies, and coloured jigs drifted under a float. Standard colours apply when targeting these fish, but don’t be scared to mix up the colour combos. Where pink and white worked one day, pink and white with a collar of chartreuse may by the ticket the next. This leads many people to tie their own, or add a colour by tying in a feather.
If you’re interested in starting to tie jigs, or want to learn more about the materials and feathers used, pop on in and we’ll get you sorted out with the right materials.

If this week provides the rain that is expected, anglers may want to up the size of their spoons and spinners, as well as the size of their yarn ties. If you’re unfamiliar with how to tie these, or prefer things pre-rigged, we also carry a wide variety of Uncle Fred’s yarn ties.


Fraser (tidal/non-tidal)
With the last week of October proving to be more wet, we’ve seen a bump in fish moving up and into the tributaries (Vedder, etc.). Not much has changed in the lower/tidal sections of the Fraser in regards to salmon fishing with the exception that fishing from shore may possibly start to taper down.

With the projected rains in the forecast, this upcoming week may see another bump of fresh fish moving up. Bar fishing for chinooks has slowed down considerably, with many anglers now tweaking their gear for sturgeon. Bar fishing for sturgeon is a great way to spend a fall afternoon, with much of the same gear being used. If you’re curious about getting into this unique and fun fishery, come on in to the shop and we’ll give you a hand!

Higher up in the arms, anglers have been fishing slower back waters and canals for coho with both gear and flies, with many anglers finding their catch to include bull trout (char) and cutthroat trout. These trout will follow salmon up into the redds and eat the spawned salmon eggs that are being dropped, as well as small sculpins and bait fish. Small spinners and spoons (Mepps, Blue Fox, Rooster Tails, etc.) are all great choices to imitate these small prey items that these predatory fish feed on.