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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: October 9, 2015


It looks like we are making up for our dry summer! We have large amounts of rain forecasted from Squamish right out through the Fraser Valley this weekend. If you’re out expect to encounter some higher water conditions. Fingers crossed with this rain we’ll see a good push of fresh fish into our local rivers.

Lake fishing continues to be hot in the interior but don’t forget about our local lakes. Many were stocked in the last two weeks and Whistler lakes are also a good option this time of year.

On the saltwater we have been focusing our efforts at the Capilano this past week as things have slowed a bit down south. While things have slowed a bit we’ve been rewarded with a few nice fish each trip.


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Looks like there will be quite a bit of rain this weekend so expect to encounter some higher water this weekend and into next week. This bump of rain should continue to bring in some fresh fish so we should have some good fishing as long as the river doesn’t blow out. Adjusting the size and colour of your presentation during these periods of higher water and reduced clarity will pay off. Think bigger and brighter. I like chartreuse and orange blue foxes in sizes 4 and 5, larger toonie sized chunks of procured roe, and more fluorescent colours of wool chartreuse, flame, and shrimp pink.

The chinook fishing for this year has been pretty amazing to date. We’ll start to see less and less fresh fish as the month progresses but the coho fishing should be picking up soon. The coho fishing has been mediocre so far with only a handful of fish being picked up, but we usually start to see a bump in coho numbers around mid October. So hopefully this rain should bring in some good numbers of coho sooner rather than later. If you plan on heading out this weekend make sure to check the water levels.

See you in the shop or on the water,

If we get the 40-50mm of rain expected for Saturday we will definitely see the Capilano water level increase. This should see fresh schools of fish entering the river. The best fishing is usually the day of the increased water levels until the water gets shut off. You can check the water height at http://www.vankayak.org/capcam/.

Just a reminder to all anglers that the Capilano is currently in a BAIT BAN until November 1st. If you want to fish bait head out to the Chilliwack (and check out my report above. Also another good item to keep in mind is that the Capilano gets a run of summer run steelhead so if you do happen to encounter one of these fish please treat them with respect. There is ZERO RETENTION FOR STEELHEAD, hatchery or wild.


We went scouting yesterday and we will have to reset a few of our graph numbers for judging water levels. Watching the river level graphs is a very valuable skill for anglers fishing the Squamish system but it is not an exact science. Historically the “blown out” level hovers somewhere around 3 meters to as high as 3.5. The level yesterday was less than 3 meters but as you can see from below picture it was well into the trees.


A very high Squamish River on Thursday.

Historically the Squamish has come into fishing shape around the 10th of October. The key is cool nights to freeze up the high country. Looking at the forecast of warm rain this weekend, we expect the river to be blown out into next week. If you do head out to the Squamish there are some backup options. We would recommend scouting out the tributaries like the Mamquam and Cheakamus. That said the Cheakamus was quite dirty yesterday as well.

Coho and chum will be moving into the system right now and we expect great fishing the second we get clear water. We have heard reports of guys hitting fish in the lower river around Judd road as well as in the clear water on the Mamquam. We have even heard of a few in side channels in the upper river but with the color of the water none of these reports have been “hot.”

We have also heard of some good egging reports from the Mamquam but we are waiting on reports from the rest of the system and do not expect it to be this weekend with heavy rain in the forecast.
Good luck

I went scouting last Friday fishing around the Kilby area, as I couldn’t access the back channels with the water levels at 9.2 meters. I didn’t see any coho at all and talked to a few regulars who had the same report. Hopefully the coho will arrive in full force soon. At the moment river levels are descending, but I am watching the weather reports closely as there is a large amount or rain forecasted this weekend. Hopefully it doesn’t all come and with with cooler temps at night we will be able to fish more areas on the river. If salmon is not your choice the cutthroat fishing is pretty good right now as they prey on the sticklebacks.


Stave River
The Stave River is starting to get some coho in and by next week, should be in full swing. This river fishes will for both the fly and gear angler, with the usual hardware and flies doing the trick. One key thing to consider when targeting coho (or any species) is to be prepared with a variety of lures or flies in various sizes and colours. What works in the morning for them may not work in the afternoon, and it can pay big dividends to have on hand what they switch onto next.

Fraser (tidal/non-tidal)
As of midnight tonight there are new regulations in place on the Tidal Fraser so ensure you are familiar with them before you head out.

From Fisheries:
Effective 00:01 hours Saturday, October 10, 2015 until 23:59 hours Thursday,
December 31, 2015 the daily limit is two (2) hatchery-marked coho.

A hatchery-marked coho is a coho salmon with a healed scar in place of the
adipose fin.

This fishery is usually good through to the middle of November. Drop in the shop and we can give you a hand stocking up whether you are looking to gear, fly or bait fish for them.

For the non-tidal portion of the Fraser many are still bar fishing for chinook. You’ll only have to wait a few more days for coho, with retention for coho from Mission to Hope opening on October 13 and October 17th from Hope to Sawmill Creek.

If you would like to change things up from the usual salmon fishery, sturgeon fishing has continued to be good. If you have access to a jet sled or other boat, more fishable water does naturally open up and increase, but they are not necessary. Many anglers do well fishing for these fish right from shore using stout and heavy gear. Pack a sandwich, some bevies, and a radio; mix this with a regional park or accessible shoreline and you’ve got an afternoon set up perfect.

Come on into the shop and talk to any one of us and we’ll be glad to help get you set up for your next day fishing!



Local Lakes
A number of lakes have received their fall stocking of catchable rainbow trout. Take a look at this website for up to date stocking reports in your area. As the weather cools, Whistler lakes can be an excellent choice. Olive Wooly Buggers and Muddler Minnows are great options for fishing Alta while big streamers are a good choice for Green Lake. As a reminder both Alta and Green are catch and release/bait ban fisheries.

Interior Lakes
I had some solid reports from Roche and Peter Hope lakes. The water temps are at 55 degrees and plenty of fish are getting caught on balanced leeches under a strike indicator fishing the shoals and size 12 olive scuds. The odd 25 inchers are still around so the lakes didn’t get a %100 winter kill. At Peter Hope most of the fish were caught on leeches and dragons in 10ft of water and some dry fly action near the weeds as well. Indicator fishing with both leeches and scuds is a popular fishing method in the fall months. Fish will often forage in shallow water as they fatten up for the winter, making for some excellent sight fishing opportunities.



Reports from down south have slowed down but we’ve been out at the mouth of the Capilano for most of this week and have had some consistent fishing throughout the week with things really picking up as the week progressed.


Griffen’s guests with a nice Capilano chinook

As reported in previous weeks, for the Capilano fishery we like to hug the bottom and fish anchovies or herring in teaser heads with or without flashers. Dimitri landed some nice fish this week using anchovies with chartreuse glow flasher and a green mist magna-glow flasher.


The chartreuse glow and green mist magna-glow were the top producers this week.

There is plenty of rain in the forecast for Saturday and we’re hoping that will push some of the stale fish up the river and bring in some fresh fish to the harbour! Make sure to get out soon before the season ends or you will have to wait till the winter chinook arrive!


Here’s looking at you!