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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: Sept 20, 2013


September is continuing to grace us with a mixed bag of weather.  With this weather comes some great fishing, fresh fish, spiking river water levels then dropping as the nights get cooler.  With rain then sun we will see some fish push up in the rivers while others will begin to stage off the river mouths as they wait for another rainfall.  This cycle will continue for the next 3-4weeks producing good fishing!

The local Marine Forecast – Strait of Georgia is showing fishable conditions Friday & Saturday but the wind picks up on Sunday to 20-30knots.  Check the forecast before you head out as conditions can change quickly.

Rain is in the forecast for the weekend but this does not change the local salt fishing other than keeping the fairweather team at home so get out and go for those Chinook showing up!

Fall lake fishing is here and we are seeing an increase of traffic in Pacific Angler for people getting out for this fantastic fall fishery.  Brent Gill from Douglas Lake Ranch has given us a report on lake fishing in their region that you can read below!

Stillwater Report:

Douglas lake Ranch / Stoney Lake lodge – Stillwater Report.

We are wearing socks! The extra long extended summer heat has just passed the Upper Nicola / Kamloops areas. The late blitz of extreme heat reached well into mid September and now, all of a sudden, as usual things have started to cool down.


Thankfully, a good majority of the “super nutrient rich” stillwaters had enough of an algae bloom to block the penetrating rays and maintain a fine balance of oxygen. For those who have never encountered Algae blooms on a prime Stillwater body, don’t fret, it’s all fine. The bloom creates an umbrella effect that keeps tolerable temperatures and realistic thermo clines in check. Most of the blooms rarely breach the top 6 feet of the surface.

Little trick: a few extra tags at your nail knot and tippet constructions help hold debris from running all the way down to your presentation.

Wallpaper material!

Wallpaper material!

Many of the long time stillwater Interior anglers will agree, most of the time during a conversation that is ‘under the breath’ so to speak, that the “summer doldrums” are a great time to actually capitalize on empty campsites, pressure free lakes and some peace and quiet. The fish have to feed, they will just do so in a different zone. Utilizing sinking lines (types 4 to 7) or longer leader configurations on floating lines will put flies in their face. Sure the typical chironomids have slowed down, but resident Leeches / Dragonfly Nymphs (Gomphus and Darners) Scuds, Bloodworms and Bomber Chironomids are just a few to mention work sinking. It’s these months where the fish are large, past spawn and the strikes are aggressive. Once we locate a bite in a known “feeding lane” the action usually remains steady.


Right now @ 3500 feet in the upper Nicola, the average daytime temperatures at 1:00 pm are in the mid teens to the lower 20s. This will change, literally by the day as the evening temperatures are much less than half of that. We have just started to see our first batches of chironomids popping up yesterday and today. The predominant weed-lines and lilies will start to die off slowly, the shallows will open up and the shoreline approach slowly takes over.

A few lakes right out my window here, really start to fish well with large Leeches and Scuds casted out from the extreme shallows into the dark water. An Intermediate to type 3 line seems to parallel the drop just right and cruisers will rip over to take those presentations HARD. Even though we are fishing very spooky water, that last second take without much stretch in the system can call for heavier fluorocarbon tippets!

The – fall – rocks.

Come on up!

Brent Gill.

-The Douglas Lake Ranch-
Lodge# 1.(250).378.7492
Toll Free# 1.800.663.4838

STONEY LAKE LODGE VIDEO! http://youtu.be/KD6tGkl1o6s

River Reports:

While we have our own reports on the local river fishing we also lean on friends of ours like Rodney who has the website Fishing with Rod.  Check out his site for current and updated tips on fishing techniques and Rod’s fishing reports.


We’ve heard good reports for bulls and rainbows. The dry fly fishing has been good with lots of aggressive surface feeding trout taking dries. We still have yet to hear of any reports of the green drakes coming off. The bulltrout are always eager to intercept swung streamer flies like sculpin patterns and leeches.


Seymour:  There are fish in the system and it is just about finding them in the runs that typically hold them.  You can use spoons or swing flies to trigger a tight line with nice coho.  Use minimum 10-12lb fluorocarbon as these fish get over 10lb and are strong!

Squamish: The system is in a transition period at the moment. Pinks are still present in the system, however,  most fish are in spawning mode. Some coho have likely entered the system by now. The coho fishing really gets going after the first sub-zero nights.

Trout fishing can be good this time of year with egg and flesh patterns. Although there are fishing opportunities to be had, the fluctuating river makes things unpredictable.

Beach Reports:

Ambleside: The fish are stacking up out front of the Cap so heading down to the beach at low tide can produce some great fishing!  We have plenty of spoons/flies in the shop that are specifically designed for this fishery!

Furry Creek:  Still receiving reports of fish being caught off the beaches at Furry Creek!

Saltwater Reports:

Jason Tonelli:

We have had multiple boats out the last few days and fishing has been fantastic!  There have been chinook, coho, pinks and chums down at Sandheads, chinook and coho at the T-10 and Bell Buoy, and more chinook and coho at the mouth of the Capilano River.  So if you have time for a 5 to 6 hour charter we have had consistent action only 2 minutes from our dock at the Capilano River Mouth, or if you want to make a full day of it, we can get you into some good numbers of fish at the Bell Buoy , T-10 and Sandheads which are 12, 25, and 45 minutes from the dock.

A nice chinook and two hatchery coho caught off the mouth of the Capilano River, only 2 minutes from our dock. These were caught Wednesday evening on a 5 hour charter.

photo[19] copy

A prime chinook caught down at Sandheads. These clients opted for a full day trip on Thursday, so we ran down to Sandheads and hooked chinook, coho, pinks and chum!

We should have about 3 more weeks of good fishing as the last week of September will see lots of chinook and coho show up at the mouth of the Fraser (Sandheads) as well as the mouth of the Capilano.  The Capilano fishery will sometimes go as late as the end of October, so we are far from seeing the end of that fishery, and without a doubt, the best days are yet to come.  Things should be pretty hot over the next few weeks!

See you on the water or in the shop!

P.S. If you are heading out on your own boat, the usual glow flashers and anchovies or herring in glow teaser heads have been hot.  35 to 75 on the downriggers off Bell Buoy, T-10 or Sandheads, and 50 to right on the bottom for the Capilano Mouth.

Good luck!

Jason Tonelli

Eddie Matthei

I have to admit that I love my job. Not only do I get to fulfil my passion for fishing everyday but I say it’s also “my job is to put smiles on peoples faces”. I have lots of photos to prove this over the years and to me there is nothing more satisfying than helping someone land the biggest fish they’ve ever fought!

First fish is a SLAB!

First fish is a SLAB!

It’s especially true during this time of the year as we typically get great weather and big fish. Not only are we hooking big chinook but lately some big coho’s, pinks and as of a few days ago even the odd chum too. Even bigger chinook are on their way as the larger females are starting to arrive.

Corp. Group Charter SUCCESS!!

Corp. Group Charter SUCCESS!!

The Capilano area right next to the Lion’s Gate bridge 2 minutes from the dock is loaded with fish and when the tides are too strong we have the option to go to the Bell Buoy which recently has some of the larger females arriving. So all in all there are lots of fish and lots of options so we hope to see you out on the water with us soon.

Tight Lines,


 Pacific Angler Courses – October 2013


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On behalf of the Pacific Angler staff we wish you the best in your fishing endeavors and we hope to see you either at the shop or on the water. To check out the latest Pacific Angler news view the Pacific Angler Facebook page.

Jason, Matt, Dimitri, Andre, Max, Eddie and Bryce