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Pacific Angler Spring Super Sale – 2022 Sale List

Spring is in the air and it is time to get geared and save big!  Come down to our 13th annual Spring Super Sale and save big on the industry’s top brands. From beginner to expert, we have some great deals for you to take advantage of!

Sale Dates/ Hours and Location

Saturday March 26 – 9AM to 6PM

Sunday March 27– 10AM – 5PM

Pacific Angler – 78 East Broadway Vancouver BC

Driving to the Sale?

Due to ongoing Broadway Subway Construction, there is no street parking available on Broadway.  Check out our parking map here (it’s also at the end of the list) for some great parking options in the neighbourhood. 

We also can reimburse you for the cost of parking if you park in the roof-top parking lot at 130 W Broadway, on top of the old MEC building. Once parked, choose the $2/90 min parking option.  Bring your receipt in and we will reimburse you the $2.  It’s as simple as that and this lot is just two short blocks from the store. *Note this program only applies if you park in the 130 W Broadway lot.


We’re excited to be back with our spring sale once again after a 2 year break!  With this sale we have some never seen before in season savings. Aside from our usual amazing deals if you see (SPECIAL PROMOTION) noted beside some items these are some of the best deals in this year’s sale. If you see the specific size or model you are looking for, call in to the shop this weekend, pay by credit card over the phone or come down to the store. You won’t want to miss out! These savings are for this weekend ONLY!


Choose any fly rod, fly reel, fly line, and make your dream setup, receive 15% OFF!

Build a saltwater setup with any mooching reel, mooching rod and line, receive 15% OFF!  (some exclusions apply)

Build a bottom fishing setup with any saltwater levelwind reel, rod and line, receive 15% OFF!

Choose a float fishing rod and a levelwind or centerpin reel of your choice plus line, receive 15% OFF!

Note: Combo discounts can’t be added to items already on sale or discounted.


Enjoy great deals on all the hot brands like Fenwick, Okuma, Shimano, Rapala, Trophy, Shakespeare, Daiwa, Mitchell, Ugly Stik, Plano, Flambeau, Gamakatsu, Normark, Gibbs Delta, Owner, Luhr Jensen, Mad River, Worden’s, Berkley, Maxima, Seaguar, just to name a few!

All Freshwater Terminal Tackle, 15% OFF! 

All Freshwater Lures, 15% OFF!  Lucky Bug, Flat Fish, Rooster Tail, Mepps, Panther Martin, Wedding Bands, P-Line, Gibbs Crocs & Kohos, BC Steel, and more!

Fenwick Eagle 7ft Medium Light Spinning Rods EAG70ML-MFS-2 Reg. $109.95, 25% OFF!

Daiwa Millionaire Classic UTD 300 Bait Casting Reels (left and Right Available) Reg. $144.99, 30% OFF!

All Ice Fishing Gear – Lures, Line, Rods, Reels, 25% OFF!

Blue Fox Spinners 20% OFF!  + Select Colors at 40% OFF!

All VMC, Gamakatsu, Owner, Mustad, Eagle Claw hooks, 20% OFF!

Includes small packs and bulk packs! Stock up now!

Flambeau Tackle boxes, all sorts of sizes, 15% OFF!

All spinning and float fishing rods by Rapala, 13 Fishing, Shimano, Trophy, Titan, Daiwa, Fenwick, Ugly Stik, Okuma, 15% OFF!  Lots of great models, including lots of travel rods!

G. Loomis GL2, GL3, IMX, E6X spinning rods and float fishing rods, 10% OFF!

Raven centerpins, 20% OFF!   

Okuma spinning reels for trout and salmon, 15% OFF!

Penn & Daiwa spinning reels for trout and salmon and blue water, 10% OFF!

Abu, Daiwa, Shimano, Okuma level wind reels for salmon and steelhead, 10% OFF!

Get the kids fishing!  Trout combos from $44.95 to $129.95, lots to choose from, 15% OFF!


We are Vancouver’s saltwater fishing experts!  Our fleet of guide boats are constantly on the water and we know what works for local salmon!  Come in for a great selection of saltwater tackle from brand names like Oki’ Tackle, Gibbs Delta, Rapala, Shimano, Daiwa, Abel, Islander, Amundson, Fenwick, Flambeau, Scotty, Silver Horde, Sea King, Trophy, Titan, Coleman, Victorinox, Pesca, P-Line, Luhr Jensen, Rhys Davis, Tomic and many more!

All Saltwater Terminal Tackle, 15% OFF!

All Flashers, 20% OFF!  We have all the top producers in stock now!

Saltwater Accessory Wall, 15% OFF!  Pliers, Knives, Scales, and more, from Rapala, Shimano, P-Line, Berkley, Victorinox, and more of your favorite brands.

All VMC, Gamakatsu, Owner, Mustad, Eagle Claw hooks, 20% OFF!
Includes small packs and bulk packs! Stock up now!

All Crabbing & Prawning Gear, 15% OFF! (excluding trap pullers)

P-Line Halibut and Salmon Jigs, 20% OFF!

Buzz Bomb & Zingers, 15% OFF!

Trolling Spoons 15% OFF!  All the hot colours and designs like Skinny G, Kingfisher, G-Force, Coyote, Titan, Koho Killer, Iron Needle.

P-Line Halibut and Salmon Jigs, 20% OFF!

Buzz Bomb & Zingers, 15% OFF!

Mooching Rods and Bottom Fishing Rods by Rapala, Penn, Okuma, Titan, Shimano, Trophy, Daiwa, Fenwick, Ugly Stik, 15% OFF!

Penn Saltwater Spin Combos, 15% OFF!

Shimano Tackle Bags & Tackle Backpacks, 15% OFF!

All Okuma levelwind reels for salmon, bottom fish, halibut, tuna, 20% OFF!

All Shimano reels for bottom fish, halibut, sturgeon, 10% OFF!

All Scotty Products 15% OFF (excluding downriggers and pullers)

Salmon Nets, 20% OFF!

Bulk anchovy and herring teaser heads, 15% OFF!

Pro Cure & Smelly Jelly scents and cures, 15% OFF

Shimano Evair Fishing Boots Reg. $109.99 Now 20% OFF! (Size 11, 12, 13 In Stock)

Grundens Deck Boss Sandals Black Reg. $109.99 Now 30% OFF! A Great Sandal for the Boat, Beach or Patio! Lots of Sizes in Stock!  

Amundson Trend X5 Mooching Reel, regular $429.95, now 15% OFF!

Ace Line Hauler Brutas Max Torque!  10% OFF!

Cannonballs, we have lots of sizes from 5 LB to 20 LB, 10% OFF!

Coleman 5 QT bait coolers, 15% OFF!

Victorinox and Rapala cleaning and fillet knives 15% OFF!


All monofilament 15% OFF this weekend!

Brands like Maxima, Berkley Big Game, Berkley Pro Spec, Stren.

All braided line 15% OFF this weekend!

Brands like Daiwa J-Braid, Tuff Line, Power Pro Super Slick, Trilene Braid.

All backing 15% OFF this weekend!  20 LB and 30 LB in white, orange, and chartreuse.


It’s springtime and that means fly fishing lakes for big BC trout and chasing spring steelhead, bull trout and cutthroat on the local rivers.  This is your chance to save on the industries top brands like Sage, Redington, G. Loomis, Rio, SA, OPST, Airflo, Hardy, Nautilus, Lamson, and many more.

All Flies 20% OFF!

All Fly Tying Materials, Vises & Tools 15% OFF!  Save big on top brand names like Umpqua, Partridge, Owner, Gamakatsu, Daiichi, Maruto, Mustad, Dr. Slick, Regal, Renzetti, OPST, Wapsi, Hareline, Metz, Hook & Hackle, Lagartun, Fish Hunter, Enrico Puglisi, Fish Skull, UTC, UNI, Danville,

All Fly Lines 15% OFF!  Save on the top lines from Rio, SA, Airflo, OPST.

All Fly Fishing Nets 10% OFF!  Top end nets from Moby and Fishpond at great prices.

All Fly Boxes 15% OFF!  Large selection of brands, styles, and sizes.

All Leaders & Tippet 20% OFF!  Save on Rio, SA, Airflo, Seaguar.

Bighorn Float Tubes Reg, $299.99 30% OFF!

Outcast Fins, Pumps, & Accessories, 10% OFF!


All G. Loomis Fly Rods, 10% OFF!

All Sage Fly Rods & Spey Rods, 10% OFF! 

All Orvis Fly Rods, 10% OFF!

All Redington Fly Rods and Spey Rods, 15% OFF!

All ORVIS Rods and Reels are 10% OFF BUT Purchase a Clearwater 490-4, 590-4, 690-4 or 790-4 and get 10% OFF and A FREE Floating Fly Line

If you are looking for one of the lightest in-hand technical casting rods, check out the Orvis Helios. All models are 10% off BUT if you are looking for a 490-4, 590-4 or 790-4 get 10% OFF and a Premium Fly line of your Choice for FREE! ($130 Value)  

If you are looking for one of the longest casting rods in the sub $300 price range, Check out the Redington Vice.  They are all 15% off this weekend BUT if it was a 4wt 9ft you were after, for this weekend only, if you purchase a 4wt 9ft Redington Vice we will throw in a FREE Mainstream Fly Line with your purchase ($54.99 Value)

We are BLOWING OUT the long loved Classic Trout Fly Rod Series! We have 4wt 9ft 4 pc, 5wt 9ft 4 piece, and 6wt 9ft 4 pc rods in stock. Reg. $234.99 NOW 25% OFF 

We also have the 5wt 9ft 6 peace Redington Classic Trout Reg $249.99 NOW 25% OFF

G. Loomis NRX Plus fly Rods have been at the top of the food chain when it comes to technical long distance casting rods.  This weekend all NRX Rods are 10% off BUT if you are looking for the ultimate lake or river indicator rod, this weekend only, buy the NRX Plus 4 wt 10ft Reg, $1099.99 get 10% OFF plus your choice of a FREE Premium Fly Line ($130 Value) 

Sage X Fly Rods  
The X has long been considered the best all round technical fly rod.  It is incredibly long casting, incredibly accurate but also very easy to cast; a boast that the competition has not been able to achieve. Sure, there are long casting rods out there – sure, there are accurate rods out there but for one rod to be able to do both and then be easy to cast has made the Sage X the standard for high end performance. If you have dreamed of getting one of these rods, take advantage of this sale because when they are gone, they are gone! We have 490-4, 590-4, 5101-4, 690-4, 7100-4 and 890-4 models still in stock  Reg. $1250 Now 20% OFF!



We have a large variety for fly reels in stock from trout to Spey, fresh water to warm water, 2 weight to 12 weight.  We have entry level reels to one of a kind custom finish reels.  Classic click pawl drags to reels with waterproof drags that will stop a truck.  We have what you need. Come down and check them out!

Hardy Fly Reels 10% OFF!      

Nautilus Fly Reels 10% OFF!  

Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels 10% OFF!

Sage Fly Reels 10% OFF!        

Redington Fly Reels 15% OFF!


We have a huge selection of layering pieces, waders, boots, jackets, vests, chest packs, backpacks, hip packs, sling packs, dry bags, hats and gloves, to keep you fishing in comfort!  We carry the top brands like Simms, Fishpond, Grundens, and Mustang

Redington Waders & Boots 20% OFF!
We have a great selection of sizes in Redington Wading Boots
Forge Wading Boots (felt and rubber) – Reg $239.99 Now 20% OFF!
Benchmark Wading Boots (felt and rubber) – Reg $189.99 Now 20% OFF!

If its waders you are after Redington Waders are an excellent option
Escape Waders – Reg $359.99 Now 20% OFF!
Crosswater Waders – Reg $209.99 Now 20% OFF!

Mustang Jackets and Bib Pants, 10% OFF!

All Mustang Personal Flotation Collars at great sale prices, too many too list! 10% OFF!

All Fishpond bags, vests, packs, and accessories 15% OFF!

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling – Camo (2021 Model) Reg. $334.99 Now 25% OFF! 

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack – Cutthroat Reg. $439.99 Now 25% OFF! 

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack – Shale (2021 Model) Reg. $334.99 Now 25% OFF! 

Fishpond Tailwater Fly Tying Bag Reg. $269.99 Now 20% OFF!


Check our selection of Simms, the largest in Vancouver, all at a minimum of 10% OFF!

BUT We have some amazing offers on specific sizes of Simms Waders right now. If you see your size on our list, you will not want to miss out on the Free Gift Card Offer – In Season Savings Have Never Been This GOOD!

All Simms Wading Boots 10% OFF!

G4, G3 Guide, Fly Weight, Freestone, Tributary and Flats Sneaker

Simms Challenger & Pro Dry Pants & Jackets, 10% OFF!

All Simms Jackets 10% OFF!

Simms Technical Shirts & SPF Shirts 10% OFF!

Simms Rogue Fleece Hoodies 15% OFF!

All Layering Pieces – Fleece Pants – Fleece Tops – Wicking Layers, 15% OFF!

All Gloves, Toques, & Socks, 20% OFF!

All Simms Waders 10% OFF! 
G4 Zip, G4 Pro, G3 Guide, Guide Classic, Freestone, Tributary, Women’s Freestones, Women’s Tributary.

G4 Pro Zip Reg. $1149.99 Now 10% OFF BUT If you are looking for a size MK or LK it’s your lucky day! Get 10% OFF Plus a $100 Gift Card to the Store! (While Sizing Lasts)

Simms Guide Classic Wader Reg. $599.99 Now 10% OFF BUT If you are looking for a size Medium 9-11 or size Large 9-11 it’s your lucky day! Get 10% OFF Plus a $50 Gift Card to the Store! (While Sizing Lasts)

Simms Prodry Jacket Gun Metal (Old Model) XL Reg. $649.99 Now 25% OFF!  

Simms Women’s

Guide Insulated Shirt, Admiral Blue, M, $169.99.  Now 40% OFF!

ExStream Jacket, Seafoam, S, L, $349.99.  Now 40% OFF!

Simms Shirts: Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Insulated

Coldweather Shirt, Buffalo Plaid, XXL, $149.99 now 40% OFF!

Gallatin Flannel LS Shirt, Carbon Stripe, 2XL, $129.99 now 40% OFF!

Big Sky LS Shirt, Storm Harvest Gold Plaid, M, $119.95 now 40% OFF!

Stone Cold LS Shirt, Fog Plaid, M, $99.95 now 40% OFF!

Stone Cold LS Shirt, Khaki Plaid, S, M, $99.95 now 40% OFF!

Simms Hoodies, Jackets, Layering

Simms Challenger Hoodies, Steal Heather, S, M, XL $89.99 now 30% OFF!  

ExStream Jacket, Black, S, XL, $349.95 now 30% OFF!

Fast Cast Windshell, S, M, XL $119.95 now 30% OFF!

Rivershed Quarter Zip, Carbon, S, $129.95 now 30% OFF!

Simms Packs & Accessories

Dry Creek Simple Tote 50L, Pacific.  $129.99 now 20% OFF!

Simms Fly Weight Utility Belts Reg. $89.99 Now 20% OFF + 20% OFF  all in stock Belt Accessories! 

Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack – Cloud Camo Reg. $249.99 Now 25% OFF!

Simms Dry Creek Backpack Riparian Camo 35L $399.99 Now 25% OFF!

Simms GTS Rolling Duffle 110L – Carbon $549.99 Now 25% OFF!


Choose from a great selection of polarized sunglasses from Maui Jim, Smith, Zeal, and Suncloud. 

We have the popular “reader” sunglasses that have magnification on the bottom of the lens.  Perfect for tying knots with hard to see fishing line!

All Maui Jim Sunglasses 20% OFF!  All Suncloud Sunglasses 20% OFF!


If you’re driving to the sale this weekend be sure to check out our parking map for recommendations on where to park or park on top of the old MEC building (130 West Broadway) and take advantage of our parking reimbursement program (see start of this post for more details on that).


All sales on March 26th and 27th, 2022 are final, no returns, refunds, credits or exchanges.  We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Pacific Angler Gift Cards. 

Sale prices are for in stock items only and do not include applicable taxes or shipping.  No discounts on Scotty Downriggers, Scotty Trap Pullers, Ace Line Haulers or Marine Electronics (Raymarine & Lowrance) unless specifically listed.