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Thursday, October 28th Sturgeon and Salmon Report

We were out sturgeon fishing on this beautiful fall day and the morning started off with a nice sturgeon to the boat.

Dave fighting the first fish of the day.
The first fish of the day to the boat.

The bite was pretty strong in the morning and right after this fish hit the boat Jason Assonitis hooked up and landed the second fish of the day.

The sturgeon are feeding heavily on roe this time of year, fattening up for long winter ahead.  Chum or pink roe bags are generally the top producing baits this time of year.  There has been good fishing from the Chilliwack/Harrison area down to the Fort Langley area.  If you haven’t tried fishing for these monsters, I highly recommend it.  They pull hard, burn line off the reel, and come flying out of the water!  That’s a combinations that is hard to beat.  For info on where to go and what to use, come by the shop or give us a call.  We also offer guided trips if you don’t have a boat and want to try tackling one of these beasts.

The rain forecast for this weekend seems to have been slightly down graded for most areas, but we are still going to get some decent showers Friday and into Saturday.  There will be a few more fish pushing into the Chilliwack/Vedder, but most of the reports we are hearing is that it is starting to slow down there.  Most of the chinook are getting dark, as are the coho, and the last of the chrome fish will likely push in with this weekends rain.  As mentioned, the sturgeon fishing is great this time of year, as is normally the case, and it often picks up with the low barometer coming in as the fish anticipate more food getting washed into the river with the heavy rains.  We have heard of some decent numbers of coho in the Harrison and lots of big white springs as well.  The Chehalis might be a good bet this weekend if enough rain hits that area, as this will draw the coho up the river that are currently staging in the Harrison and Fraser.  We are also hearing of some decent coho and chum fishing in the Stave.  A quick reminder that the chum returns this year are low so there is no retention in the rivers.

Good luck this weekend, it could be a good one, it will all depend on the rain!

Jason Tonelli