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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, December 16th

Pacific Angler Outlook:

Well, it finally looks like there will be some rain in the forecast.  After a very cold week it is nice to see some warmer temperatures as well.

On Friday the weatherman is calling for a bit of drizzle (< 1mm prec.) with a high of 6 degrees celsuis.  Saturday you’ll see a bit more precipitation (60%, 1 to 3 mm) and then on Sunday a mixture of sun and cloud with less than 1 mm of total precipitation.

If you look further into the forecast the weatherman is calling for 90% precipitation (10 to 15 mm) on Monday.  This is all good news for the steelheader!  The full moon is coming and with big tides this week, we expect good numbers of winter run steelhead to move up through the Fraser Valley.

Local Saltwater Fishing Report:

There have been no new reports on the local saltwater scene, however this is bound to change any day now.  I was tempted to give a go for some winter springs off of West Vancouver last weekend but just felt it was a bit too early.  There should be some fish moving through the area soon.  Maybe you’ll see me out there on the Salty Dawg this weekend.  If so give me a shout on the radio.


BC River Fishing Report: 

As I said before in the Pacific Angler Outlook I expect there will be some good fishing for winter run steelhead over the weekend.  We’ve already heard of some larger early fish being caught this week.  I can’t wait to get out there myself and get that big pull on the float, I never get tired of it!

Pacific Angler steelhead nut Dimitri with a hog from last season

If steelhead is on your agenda then I would recommend fishing in the lower Mainland on the many tributaries of the Fraser River.  We haven’t heard much of the northern rivers.  I am sure there are a few steelhead out there for the hardcores willing to sacrifice their fingertips for a few moments of glory.

The fishing in the Sea-to-Sky country has not been gang busters as of late.  However, the moment the rivers get a good bump of precipitation expect some good fishing for char (bulltrout or Dolly Varden). Run egg patterns with indicators or try swinging flesh patterns.

We heard a number of good cutthroat reports out of the stave and a few have been hit in the Fraser with egg patterns and light spinning gear.

Our local Vancouver rivers are pretty slow at this time of year.  There might be a few old salmon hanging out and some sea run cutthroat coming in and out of the systems in preparation to spawn in February.

Dave was out searching for cutthroat last weekend and got blanked.  You’ve really got to cover a lot of water and go where the food is.  Hopefully, this rain will move some food through the river systems and get those cutties feeding.

Lake Fishing Report: 

It is now officially chironomid restocking box season.  Make sure to come to the store to stock up for the winter.

Tie 300 of these and you will catch 10 lb bows…

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop by our store, chat with the guys and get a feel for what is happening out there.  Also feel free to give us a call (604-872-2204) and talk to one of the friendly staff.

If you are new to the area please drop by (hint, beer is a good icebreaker:-) and we’d love to fill you in all of the cool fisheries Vancouver has to offer.

Kind regards and happy fishing,

Jason Tonelli