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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, Feb 3

Pacific Angler Outlook:

The forecast for this weekend and the following week looks amazing.  Sunny skies with partial clouds and a high ranging from 7 to 10 degrees Celsius.

So whether you are fishing in the chuck or in our coastal rivers make sure to take advantage of this great weather and soak up some vitamin D (sun).

The saltwater guys are going to like this report as well.  The marine forecast by Environment Canada for the Straight of Georgia is:

“Wind west 5 to 10 knots increasing to northeast 10 to 15 early this evening except light near Vancouver Island. Wind diminishing to light Saturday morning then becoming northeast 5 to 10 Saturday evening except light near Vancouver Island.”

Overall, this weekend has the promise to have some amazing fishing both for steelhead in our local rivers in the Fraser Valley and in the saltwater for winter chinook.

Local Saltwater Fishing: 

The saltwater reports have been a bit on the lacking side of late.  Jason was out this past Sunday with some friends and did not even get a bite.  There were no reports of any fish caught that day.  One word…dead slow.

However, things are turning around this weekend.  I just saw a report on one of the forums for February 1st of a nice fish caught.  We’ve also heard of a couple more reports since then.  The weather is going to be perfect with sunny skies, little wind and some great tides.

The standard flasher and spoon rig is the ticket for this time of year.  Imitating a small herring (approximately 3.5 inches) is always a productive method for this fishery.  Often the challenge is finding the fish as they can be anywhere in the harbour.  The shoreline of West Vancouver, Bell Buoy and amongst the freighters are good locations for this time of year.

Cpt. Jason will be out on the Salty Dawg this weekend so don’t be afraid to give him a shout on the radio.

BC River Fishing Report: 

Well, the Vedder River blew out this past Sunday.  It looks like it will be in great shape for the weekend.  There have been some big fish caught over the past week as well and we heard some anglers had their best day of the season yesterday.  Time to get out there on the water!

We’ve also heard of other fisheries starting to produce in the Fraser Valley.  Ones that come to mind are the Stave and Chehalis River.  The fry should also start to be popping out of the gravel.  The cutthroat fishing should start to pick up as more and more fry emerge and venture out from their gravel crevasses.

Also this is Super Bowl Sunday so there should be a few less people on the water come Sunday afternoon, which means more fish you the ones willing to miss the big game.

BC Lake Fishing Report:

Countdown is approximately  2.5 months to ice-off in the interior.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to drop by the store or give us a call at 604-872-2204.  This was a short one, but trust us – get out and fish this weekend.

See you on the water,