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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, January 6

Pacific Angler Outlook:

Well, this report is starting to sound a bit like a broken record but I’ll say it again, the steelhead have arrived.  This is the time of year that the entire staff is on their toes waiting for the latest steelhead report, keeping an eye on those water levels, tides, and whatever data we can get our hands on.  Our customers have had some good success on the tributaries of the Fraser Valley, both on fly and gear.  If you read the report from last Friday, you will remember we said to watch the river levels and expect a drop in the riverws on Sunday and some fresh fish around.  Well one of our customers, Andrew, did just that and headed out to the Vedder and caught this chrome steelhead (including sea lice) on his single hand 8wt fly rod and pink intruder style fly.  Not bad…

Sea lice chromer on the fly…

The weatherman is calling for rain again this weekend.  On Saturday you should expect an accumulation of 10 mm with a high of 6 degrees Celsius and 20 mm on Sunday with a high of 8 degrees Celsius.  So it will be fairly mild for this time of year.

Local Saltwater Fishing Report:

Jason was out on the Salty Dawg searching for chrome winter chinook this past Monday.  It was the Dawgs first charter of 2012.  Check out the Guide Journal for a full report from Jason Tonelli.

The winter chinook fishing should be picking up as the season progresses.  You can expect to hook into several shakers (undersized fish) and the odd keeper.  These are powerful fish as they are in great condition.

BC River Fishing Report:

This coming week’s steelhead fishing should pick up as soon as the rivers come down from the high flows of the last few days.

Light rains will keep the rivers at a nice green level, while the cold evening temperatures allow the mountains to tighten up and stop the run off.  Water conditions will be ideal and fresh fish will push in throughout the week.  Even if we get more rain then forecasted, and the rivers stay high, you should still get out as fresh fish are pouring in.  Check out this 19 pound, 8 ounce fish weighed in by Peter MacPherson! This fish was caught on a goey bob in the recent high water.

19 pound, 8 ounce buck taken on the Vedder this week.
Bright  orange and pink gooey bobs work well for fresh January steelhead.

The ticket this weekned will be pink worms, Gooey Bobs, birght jigs, and bright flies.

Nymphing egg patterns for char and trout has also been fantastic as of late with the high water levels.  It might be a good option this weekend as we are expecting some rain which will get those resident fish feeding.  This is when the Sea to Sky corridor can be really good.

Lake Fishing Report:

There won’t be much action on the lakes until the spring, when the lakes are stocked.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop by the store or give the friendly staff a call at 604-872-2204.  Remember, we have the largest selection of Fishing Courses in Canada.  Everything from Float Fishing for Steelhead to tying Classic Salmon Flies.

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See you on the water or at the shop,

Jason Tonelli