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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, June 8

Pacific Angler Outlook

Where Is Summer?? I am tired of talking about unsettled weather and doubling up on fleece under my waders!  Even with the unseasonal weather we have heard of great reports accompanying the high volume of fleece and long johns being sold. The forecast looks better for the end of this weekend and all of next week.  You can expect temperatures rising just above the seasonal average.

This weather has us back in our winter steelhead gear “simms fleece and gore-tex jackets”

As always make sure to read the marine forecast for the latest conditions.  This is a great resource to check the conditions before you head out on the salt chuck.

Environment Canada – Georgia Basin Marine Report

Marine Forecast:

The Georgia Basin experienced a heavy southeast yesterday, and should diminish today in the early afternoon. Saturday winds will pick up again blowing northwest 10 to 20 knots and continuing Sunday northwest 10 to 20 knots.  On Monday things get better, blowing southeast 5 to 15 knots. Today would be a good day to hit the water but things change fast in the chuck so keep watching the reports.

BC Lake Fishing Report:


Cold, wet weather put a damper on lake fishing this last week. Reports have been sporadic. Temperatures will reach 20 degrees Celsius this next week.   The fishing conditions should be in the lower elevation lakes.

Pacific Angler heard of some great mayfly hatches. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pick up this week across “Lake Country”.  Chironomids and micro-leeches have been the top producers, especially in this colder weather.  Andre’s fingers are a little tender from tying micro leeches all night to keep up with the demand for his custom micro-leeches.  He is keeping up with the pace though and we have an excellent selection.

The Vancouver College Alumni have their annual fundraising lake fishing durby this weekend.  We wish everyone good luck and tight lines on the water!

The Latest Reports

  • Watch Lake had some good fishing though the average size has been down from previous years.
  • We had no detailed reports from Kane though we expect it to be good in the next week.
  • We had decent reports of mayflies from Sheridan and there was some great fishing.
  • Roche fished well with Andre’s Micro Leach, fishing a little shallower than last week.
  • We heard a good report off Stake Lake with good numbers of smaller fish on Andres Micro leach
  • We had a report from Stump, that Brian Chan had a great day fishing micro leaches.
  • Dragon Lake – Some reports say that Chironomids have dwindled down but we heard that fishing deep with dragons and leeches have had some great fishing,
  • We heard good reports from Courtney.
  • Campbell and Scuitto lake had some good reports

Help us make this report even better.  If you have a good (or bad) report from lake fishing this weekend send me an email at msharp@pacificangler.ca.  The best report I receive will win 3 of Andre’s very effective micro leeches!  The winner will receive an email from myself.

Local Lakes

If you check out Region 2’s trout stocking database it will show you the species of fish that was stocked as well as the quantities.  Fishing a stocked lake a few days after stocking can produce great fishing.  Check out “Fishing with Rod“.  This is a great resourse for all you local lake info. The info below is from Rod’s Latest report.

“Fishing remains excellent for most lakes. Urban lakes (Lafarge, Como, Green Timbers) are not producing as well due to no recent stockings. There should be another stocking in the next two weeks before the BC Family Fishing Weekend.

Buntzen Lake and Sasamat Lake were stocked two week ago. Fish are active on the surface in the evening when the lakes are shaded. These two lakes are quite deep so fish tend to be further down on sunny days. You should be able to find both trout and kokanee at Buntzen Lake.

Cultus Lake has lots of fish feeding on the surface. Most are resident/land-locked coho salmon, but you will find the odd large cutthroat trout. The northern end of the lake where the outflowing creek to the Chilliwack River is best. Northern pikeminnow are also moving into the shallows as the weather heats up. Trolling from a boat can be productive, but you should be able to find success by fishing from the docks at the north end of the lake as well. Greg Clark Memorial Family Fishing Derby is on June 16th.

Alouette Lake’s kokanee fishing has picked up quite a bit due to the warm weather. Anglers have had success by trolling with red flies or bait fishing with corn and krill. With that being said, water skiers are now active on the lake during sunny days, so be careful if you are using a small craft.

Whistler area lakes are productive. Alta Lake is a good destination for large cutthroat trout and plenty of active rainbow trout. It is a catch and release fishery. Other lakes that are worth trying include Alpha, Nita, Green and Lost Lake.

Squamish area lakes have been stocked. Try Browning Lake, Brohm Lake and Edith Lake. Both Browning and Brohm have good shore access but fishing can be moody. Edith can be quite productive but shore fishing is limited.

Lakes in the Harrison/Aggasiz region (Weaver, Deer, Hicks) have been very productive for rainbow trout as well if you are willing to do the drive out. Check out this video of  Rods trip to Weaver Lake in late April.

Fishing at Kawkawa Lake is picking up for kokanee, which are usually in the deepest part of the lake this time of the year. Try bottom fishing with krill.”

Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report:

Local saltwater fishing was slower than expected this week.  The Pacific Angler saltwater guides are not sure if this is a result of fewer fish or the tough weather conditions we experienced.  The staff heard of a few reports of fish being caught off the hump.  However, overall the fishing has been slow locally.  If you are out locally try the “usual suspects” (glow green spoons, night rider spoons, and anchovies).

Thrasher and the Entrance was hit and miss.  Fishing spoons and splatter back hoochies like the ones listed last week was productive. The Salty Dawg (our guide boat) is out today, Saturday and Sunday. We will update the Guide Journal early next week with details from the weekend. If you need a more up-to-date report call the shop at 604-872-2204.   The boys in the store would be more than happy to update you.  We will be checking in with Jason and Eddie regularly on the water.  They usually contact us with a celebratory text when a fish hits the deck of the boat.

One of Eddie’s clients this week got into this amazing specimen of a chinook salmon

One thing that we are keeping our eyes on is the Capilano River. This time, 2 years ago the fishing off the mouth for coho was simply on fire.  Fish are pouring into the river right now.  Although we have not heard of any reports we are watching this fishery and expect good things soon.  Right now the river is high and the fish tend to move straight into the river.  If the river drops the coho will stack up. The strategies for fishing this area are a little different than in others.  Fish shallow, 20-60 ft., with smaller spoons and white uv hoochies with relatively faster trolling speeds.  Make sure to talk to the staff at Pacific Angler if you want to try this fishery.   As well, if you have a good report you would like to share with us we would love to hear about it.  Feel free to give us a call (604-872-2204) or send an email (msharp@pacificangler.ca).

BC River Fishing Report:

We have heard good fishing reports from Capilano River over the last few days. Effective techniques to use are float rigs and roe, small green and blue spinners with a spinning rod or use a full heavy sinking fly line and small flies in the deeper pools.  Andre ties a custom fly for this fishery called “The Cap Bugger”.

There are also summer run steelhead showing up in Capilano River (remember that all steelhead are catch and release).  As of now the river his high but if it comes down in the next few days the fishing will be excellent.

Fraser River is in freshet and this week is historically the peek volume levels.  However, because of the cold weather we have been experiencing the Fraser River is not as high as expected.  We have heard of some good sturgeon fishing reports from our expert guides and experienced customers.  If you where thinking about going out be careful and watch out for large debris flowing down the mainstem.

A nice searun Dolly Varden caught on the Upper Pitt River.

The Upper Pitt River has also started to produce some nice searun char (Dolly Varden) fish.  Myself, Andre and Dave went on a scouting day this past Tuesday and got into a few nice fish.  The water conditions were still a little low and clear for really productive fishing but there were still some good fish to be caught.  This fishery is best when the river is in full freshet and the water has a nice blueish tinge to it.

Fly of choice for the Upper Pitt River..call the shop to order some of Andre’s custom flies!

The colour of choice for this fishery are flies in either white or olive.  Our guides prefer to fish with a light spey or switch rod such as the Sage VXP 6129-4.  Single handed rods (6 to 7 weights) with integrated sink tips also work well but can be tiring casting all day.  If you would like to experience this amazing fishery make sure to give Pacific Angler a call and talk to Dave (Pacific Angler Guide Manager).  Our expert guides are myself, Jason and Andre.  We love taking people out to this amazing fishery.

If you have any questions about our fishing report, do not hesitate to drop by our store at 78 East Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Have a great weekend I’ll see you out there,

Matt Sharp