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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, March 23

Pacific Angler Outlook:

Well spring is kicking into full force.  April is an awesome time to be in Vancouver.  While the rest of Canada is recovering from a harsh winter with brown grass we Vancouverites have lush green grass and cherry blossoms popping out everywhere.

Pacific Angler is enjoying the spring like conditions.  This morning I just picked up a large shipment of Simms waders, boots, and accessories.  The boys have been working hard to put it out.  We also received a bunch of Nautilus reels including the FWX.  Amazing reel for the price point.

The outlook for this weekend is mild weather with a high of 12 degrees Celsius and lots of sun.  This is a great forecast for just about everyone except the steelheader.  Clear sunny days can be the kiss of death for the steelheader.  However, the warmer weather should start to increase the average water temperature and get those steelhead moving to your lure or fly.

With a great marine forecast this weekend if you are a saltwater guy you should think about heading out, dropping some crab traps and enjoying that sun.  Our head guide, Eddie has been out there the last couple of days fishing locally.  We aren’t going to lie, the fishing has been tough but that is as per usual for this time of year.  You can expect to have some great days and some slower ones.

Check out the Marine Forecast from the Canadian Weather Office if you are thinking of heading out this weekend.

Local Saltwater Fishing: 

Like I said earlier the fishing has been tough, but that is pretty typical this time of year.  If you are itching to get out on the salt this is the weekend to do it.  Saturday and Sunday are both forecasted to be beautiful sunny days with little wind.

You never know…you might just have a chrome spring salmon to bring back to the BBQ.

BC River Fishing Report: 

Like I said earlier clear, and sunny skies can make for some very tough steelheading.  However, with some warmer daily temperatures and night temperatures the steelhead should be more willing to take a lure or fly.  If the conditions are low and clear make sure to scale down your presentation in both your leader and lure size and colour.

The low light conditions of the morning and late afternoon can often be the best fishing of the day.  It is important to also fish the water that you are most familiar with.  This is pretty much the peak of the steelhead season so the river you go to doesn’t have too much baring.  Just make sure you fish quality runs, and cover the water…and make sure you don’t go chasing fishing reports.  We’ve all been there!!!  Haha, ironic that we say that in a fishing report.

BC Lake Fishing Report:

Some lake guys have started to drop by the store picking up odds and ends.  We are getting close to opening of the interior lake season.  We’ve heard the first reports of low elevation lakes opening up already.

Leeches anyone…

Countdown is well underway.  I hesitate to guess a opening date.  Soon though…time to start tying.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to drop by the store or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

See you on the water,