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Vancouver Friday Fishing Report, May 11th

Pacific Angler Outlook:

Great weather is on the way! It looks as though we are going to see a major heat wave over the next 10 days. This means lake season is here! It also means that running the down riggers out in the salt chuck is an awesome way to spend the day and the fishing has been hot – Check out the Vancouver Forecast and Kamloops Forecast then brake out the shorts, sunglasses and fishing Rods!

Here is the marine forecast for all you saltwater anglers. This is a great resource to check the conditions before you head out on the water.

Environment Canada – Georgia Basin Marine Report

Marine Forecast:

Friday Wind northwest 10 to 15 knots diminishing to light early this evening then becoming northwest 10 Friday afternoon.

Saturday Wind northwest 10 knots.

Sunday Wind northwest 10 knots increasing to 15 to 20 late in the day.

Monday Wind northwest 15 to 20 knots.

BC Lake Fishing Report:

Chironomids are starting to hatch in the lakes that iced off earlier this month and with the heat wave there is a good chance for boatmen hatches on a warm still day. Ants are also something to look for with a good stretch of warm weather if you are looking for some dry fly possibilities. Micro leaches and chironomids will still be the main focus for most lakes in the interior though don’t forget dragons and damsels. They should be starting to move up onto the shallows over the next few weeks.

Latest News

It snowed at Roche last night and chironomids have not been coming off heavy but fishing has been good deep (25-30ft) with micro leaches. We expect this to change fast with warm weather and fishing should be great this next week. Ron is heading up Monday for a few days so we will have a detailed report for next week.

The Kane Valley lakes should be iced off by the weekend. Harmon Lake was the thickest, but was close to breaking last Sunday.

Nicola Lake is coming off fast. The fishing should be improving

Blue Lake fished well this week. Little Blue still has access issues though you can walk in and it should be iced off (it was half off from the last reports we heard)

Lundbom and Marquart are off and rising. Fishing in the shallows could be great this year though right now covering the drop offs have produced good numbers. We had a report of some decent dragon and damsel fishing as well as micro leaches under indicators.

Corbett is hot right now and fishing was good on green, chrome red ribbed and chrome black ribbed chironomids all last week.

Peter Hope had some decent fishing this last week though we didn’t hear of any large fish. Anglers we talked to said they were focusing on the 15-18ft depths.

We heard reports that Courtney is fishing ok deep (22-30ft)

Some friends who just took our intro to lake fishing course had great fishing on Stump. (Good job Guys!)

Morgan & Six Mile Lake have picked up – Fishing chironomids and micro leeches.

Paul Lake has iced off and we had some friends have good fishing with size 16-18 Granny Smith chironomids (lime green)

White Lake and Barnes Lake are ice free.

For iced off lakes the elevations or up into the  4000 ft range.  These lakes were confirmed off last week and should be fishing great over the next few days.


  1. Kentucky & Aileen Lake;
  2. Kump Lake;
  3. Kidd Lake
  4. Courtney Lake;
  5. Roche Lake;
  6. Marquart Lake;
  7. Lundbom Lake;
  8. Logan Lake;


  1. Peter & Hope Lake
  2. Horseshoe Lake;
  3. Frisken Lake;
  4. Black Lake;
  5. Bleeker Lake;
  6. Morgan Lake;
  7. Lac la Jeune;
  8. Jacko Lake;
  9. Stump Lake;
  10. 6 Mile Lake near Morgan;
  11. Edith Lake; and
  12. Scuitto lake.
  1. Dragon Lake;

Make sure to drop by our store to stock up on all your lake fishing needs. All of our staff are very well educated on British Columbia lakes and love to share their passion.

Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report:

This past week has been challenging with heavy winds but boats that braved the conditions found fish. It bodes well for this weekend because the marine forecast looks great. Thrasher Rock should fish awesome after a few days rest and we are predicting good fishing off the Hump as well.

Yesterday the Salty Dawg hit two fish near Seymour bay on glow 3.5 spoons and earlier this week, (before the wind) Thrasher was fishing well on green and blue hoochies as well as Irish Cream, Green Glow or Night Rider 4 inch spoons. We found that the hot flasher was once again our favorite “The Club Dub” and we just receiver another big shipment yesterday so if you need them come by the shop before they sell out…… again!

Herring and anchovies with teaser heads are also worth adding to your spread. Check out the Saltwater Guide Journal for some amazing pictures of what we found in the belly’s of the fish over the last two weeks.

BC River Fishing Report:

Local river fishing will be mostly over due to the heat and snow melt. Watch the weather and your River Levels. There might be some hot last minute steelhead & dolly fishing.

Another great spot to look at is the Capilano. We have heard decent reports of early Coho. This system will start fishing well over the next 2 months. Fish float rigs, small green and blue spinners or use a full heavy sinking line and small flies in the deeper pools . There are also summer run steelhead showing up (remember that all steelhead are catch and release)

If you have any questions about our fishing report please do not hesitate to drop by our store at 78 East Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204.

Have a great weekend I’ll see you out there,

Matt Sharp