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Weekly Fishing Report and November Courses

A new date has opened up for our Coho Course by popular demand!  Here it is…

They don’t get much nicer…

Coho On the Fly in the Lower Mainland

We have two new spots open for this date.  The course includes a theory session taught by legendary coho fly angler, Andre Stepanian and a full day on the water to put theory into practice.

You will simply become a better salmon fly angler by participating in this course as you will learn an amazing amount form Andre’s.  He has spent countless hours mastering the art of catching coho on the fly.

Date, Time & Place:  Theory session, Thursday November 10th, 7:30 to 9:30 PM, at Pacific Angler; On-the-water session, Sunday November 20th, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Harrison River by jet boat.

*Just two spots left, call Pacific Angler (604-872-2204) to book your spot.

Cost: $225.00 (not including taxes)

Beautiful chrome coho caught on one of Andre’s custom flies.

Fishing Report:

The rain we were hoping for didn’t materialize in the amount predicted earlier this week.  Pretty much the story for October, the driest October in 5 years by the way.  The rivers bumped a bit with the rain we did get and the coho reacted accordingly by becoming slightly more aggressive.   With the clear skies we have right now, it froze at night, and the rivers are now low and clear.  The coho and chum are around, but you will need to scale down your presentation this weekend, so go small and get out the fluorocarbon.  The sturgeon fishing has been steady, but the colder weather will generally make the fish a bit lethargic and they will start to stack up in the overwintering holes.  Looking ahead it looks like we are in for some more rain on Monday and this will bring the rivers up with a fresh push of coho and it will also get the sturgeon a bit more excited as more eggs are washed down stream.

Small, dark patterns work well in clear water.
A small fly and fluorocarbon leader fooled this low water coho.

So it is time to get technical this weekend, don’t be afraid of the low and clear water, just go small and use fluorocarbon and you should get a few fish.  Also expect it to be a first light bite as the sun will usually make things a little more difficult mid day.

See you out there!

Jason Tonelli