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What’s New Wednesday, “2012 Simms G4 Pros and Zips 25% off, Simms Warmwater Gear & The Drake”

Well it is 2013!  The boys at the shop are just getting settled back into the shop with some fishing.  We are all really excited about 2013.

It promises to be an amazing year of fishing and some great new products coming out.  This also gives us a chance to offer you some of our 2012 product at a great discount.

Pacific Angler is offering 25% off all remaining 2012 stock of Simms Zip Waders and G4 G4 Pro Waders.  These are the waders that revolutionized the way we fish and offer the ultimate in comfort and durability.  Pacific Angler does have limited stock so make sure to come by today to check them out.

Simms has updated the G4 Zip and G4 Pro wader models for 2013 by offering a new 5-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric that bolsters durability and enhances breathability by 25 percent.  As well, The G4 Zips have extended the zipper by two inches to make on-the-river pit stops just that much more easier.  Especially during those cold winter days!

For you anglers trekking down to Caribbean and other amazing warm-water destinations Pacific Angler has stocked up on all of your specialty warm-water gear.  Simms offers the best quality and range of fishing specific apparel.  We are fully stocked in the Simms Sunarmour and Sungaitor.  We have even brought in the very cool DeYoung prints which will add a bit of style to your fishing.  Our shop also has a great selection of shirts, pants, glove, and hats.  All designed to keep you comfortable under the strong southern sun.

Our staff are also well experienced warm-water anglers with extensive knowledge within Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela.  So make sure to stop by to top-up before you head out!

The boys at the shop have also been checking out the brand new Drake.  This magazine is a shop favourite and always a good read!

From all of the staff at Pacific Angler we wish you the best for the start of 2013.  Make sure to drop by our shop @ 78 East Broadway or call our friendly staff at 604-872-2204.  You can also keep updated with all things Pacific Angler by following the PA Facebook Page.