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What’s New Wednesday, “Custom Flies, Umpqua, & HMH Tubes”

We’ve kind of gotten away from it but we are now back to posting “What’s New Wednesday” on Thursday.  This is a weekly report of new gear, courses and events at the shop.

There has been quite a bit going on in the store over the last couple of weeks.  It seems our customers have settled into the new store and hopefully everyone has been able to find us.

For this week we’ve received quite a few new products, including some custom tied flies, tube fly accessories from HMH, and lots of fishy stuff from Umpqua.

We received some amazing custom tied balanced leeches from a local tier.  The lake guys have already been checking them out.  We will have tons of lake patterns in wait for when the lakes ice off over the next couple of weeks.  Andre has also tied up his famous epoxy fry patterns.  His fry patterns consistently out fish most other fry pattern, so if you are heading out to the local rivers make sure to drop by the store and stock up on a couple of his flies.

The boys have also been busy putting out the Umpqua order we just received.  Everything from crab patterns for permit to intruder patterns for steelhead.

We also received the Umpqua boat fly boxes.  Both the medium sized ones and the large. These are perfect for your hundreds of thousands of chironomid and leech flies.

And yes we just received a ton of HMH tubes to tie your little critters on for the spring steelhead season.  Tubes are the way to go when tying large flies with lots of movement.  As well you can add weight to the fly by tying on copper or aluminum tubes.

Check out these fishy tubes that one of our good customers, Mr. Alex Persson, tied for Flies for Fins.  Goes to show you can tie anything from a large prawn pattern to a low water  style for spooky fish.

Pacific Angler will have a lot more cool stuff coming down the “tube” over the next few weeks.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop by the store or give the boys a call at 604-872-2204.

Happy Fishing,