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What’s New Wednesday, “Senyo Articulated Shanks and Intruder Wire”

For all you steelhead guys getting ready for the winter Pacific Angler has brought in the new Senyo Articulated Shank for tying big and buggy intruders and wire for attaching your hook to the shank.  These shanks look amazing with a bunch of different colours for you to pick from to match your fly.  The wire comes in the same colours to match the shank.  As well, the rear loop is offset so you do not have to tilt your vice when tying your fly.

The new and improved features of the shanks are:

  • Simple and easy to tie with.
  • 5 vibrant anodized colors (pink, blue, copper-orange, green & black).
  • A loop up-eye.
  • Will fit the Fish-Skull™ (SM, M and L sizes) and the Fish-Skull™ Sculpin Helmets.
  • 20 shanks per pack.
  • Stainless steel for saltwater use.
  • Match the shank colors with the new colored “Senyo’s Intruder Wire” (available from Hareline) to achieve the ultimate in materials blending.

The Senyo Intruder Wire comes in a thin diameter and does not kink after playing a fish.  This is an excellent material for both intruders and articulated flies.  The wire comes in colours to match the shanks, which is pretty cool.

Make sure to check out these new shanks and intruder wire the next time you are in the shop.