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What’s New Wednesday, “Summer Gear for Trout & Salmon”

Summer is officially here and Pacific Angler has been stocking up on all of your favourite gear.  The staff have been working overtime to receive a big order of salmon and fly fishing gear.

Cool gear we received are a full selection of Simms Headwaters womens stockingfoot waders in all of the sizes, tons of Airflo and Rio fly lines, a big order of flies from Umpqua Feather Merchants, Rainy’s Flies, salmon rods in all shapes and sizes, massive selection of your favourite hoochies, and all of your favorite fishing accessories.

For the fly fisherman we just received the new Rio Scandi Short Versitip line.  The staff are excited to get it out on the water as it will be ideal for many of our summer, fall and even winter steelhead fishing.  Similiar to the versitip system you can fish a run with the floating tip section (aka. dry fly action) and then go back through that run with a sinking tip section and fish a wet fly.

Click on the link to check out Simon Gawesworth demonstrate the Rio Scandi Short Versitip.

Another item of interest is for the saltwater salmon angler.  Jason scoured the earth to find the Yamashita “Casper” hoochie.  This has been what has been producing for our head saltwater guide, Eddie.  When Jason heard this was the hot lure he had to find it.  And find it he did…make sure to stop by the shop to get the hot coho hoochie while supplies last.

This is the time of year that the boys at Pacific Angler love.  It’s warm outside and the people and fish are happy!  If you have any fishing enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the friendly Pacific Angler staff at 604-872-2204 or drop by our new location at 78 East Broadway to get the most up-to-date fishing reports.