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What’s on Andre’s Christmas Wish List?

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Christmas is right around the corner and while the staff here at Pacific Angler are busy getting the shop ready for Christmas, they have also been dreaming of what they would like to see under the tree this year! Check back here each week and on our Facebook page to see what each of the guys have their eyes on for Christmas. It may give you some inspiration for the fisherman on your list or that gift for yourself this Christmas!

Andre’s Christmas Wish List:

I used to overlook the Finsport Wallets until this last spring when I finally decided to do an inventory of my fly lines, sink tips, flies, lures, and plastic baits that were scattered in several drawers. I actually had one of these Finsport Wallets in a drawer but never took the time to look at it. Since I took the time to organize my fly lines in one of these wallets I have bought several more in different sizes from 12×7 to as small as 4×4 to organize the rest of my tackle. I really like the small one for all the big flies that take up too much room in a fly box.


Finsport Wallets come in a variety of sizes making them perfect for organizing all types of tackle.

The plastic watertight press sealed inserts are removable and you can buy them separately so you can have one wallet and variety of inserts. Since the inserts are attached to the wallet with velcro, you can easily customize your wallet for a day out on the water in a snap. I like to mark the contents of the plastic inserts and find the best way to do so is to use white stick-on labels instead of writing directly on the insert.  This helps keep things organized and let’s me reuse the inserts multiple times.  The cases also have a mesh compartment, which is handy for those items you use all of the time and want quick access to.  I highly recommend any size of Finsport Wallet for organizing your fishing tackle and even any non-fishing related items as well.


Come down to the shop and Andre will show you all the features of the Finsport Wallets!