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What’s On Matt’s Christmas Wish List?

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Christmas is right around the corner and while the staff here at Pacific Angler are busy getting the shop ready for Christmas, they have also been dreaming of what they would like to see under the tree this year! Check back here each week and on our Facebook page to see what each of the guys have their eyes on for Christmas. It may give you some inspiration for the fisherman on your list or that gift for yourself this Christmas!

Matt’s Christmas Wish List:

Do your fishing boots look like they have been through World War III? Have you noticed that a friend or loved one’s fishing boots look like a broken ankle waiting to happen?  My poor old Simms G4 boots are now over 7 years old and have seen hundreds of miles of great BC Rivers. The soles are literally falling off!

It's about time to retire these boots.

It’s about time to retire these boots.

So I’ve been doing my research to decide what my next boot will be. The brand is an easy pick. My old boots were Simms and all you need to do is take one look at them to understand why I am going to stick with Simms – 7 years of abuse and they could still probably get me through another season. Needless to say they don’t owe me a penny.  In the world of fishing boots that will last me another 7 years there are three contenders.   The new Simms G4 Boa boot, the new Simms G3 Guide boot and one of the most faithful guide boots around, the Simms Rivershed boot.

All three of these boots offer different features and feel. The G4 is fishing meets the space age. I have used the boa system on other boots and absolutely loved the technology. Unfortunately the boots attached to the boa didn’t hold up. I am excited to see the boa on a high end fishing boot and with the new deep tread vibram soles. At 57.6 oz in a size 10 they follow the space age theme and are the lightest boot in the group. I would not be disappointed to see a pair of G4 boots under the tree this Christmas.

Simms G4 Boa boot in black.

Simms G4 Boa boot in black.

The second boot that I am considering is the Simms G3 Guide boot. In concept and look the G3 is exactly opposite the G4. Simms has stuck with the most tried and true material for making fishing boots – leather. If we could fast forward through another 7 years of hard use I would guess that the new Simms G3 with its leather construction will probably win the longest life contest. This boot comes in both felt and the new vibram deep tread soles.   There is just something about a leather boot that is classic and instills confidence. Tipping the scales at 59.2 oz in a size 10 puts this boot in middle of the field in the weight category.

Simms G3 Guide boot - felt edition.

Simms G3 Guide boot – felt edition.

The last boot on my list has 5 years of performance to back it up.  The Simms Rivershed boot has dominated the mid to high-end boot market and I know more guides rock this boot than any other. Both Dimitri and Jason have fished this boot for years and though Dimitri has worn through a few pairs we all know the abuse that guy puts on gear. The testament is he keeps buying the same boots so they have to be good! Tipping the scales at 62.4 ounces (in size 10) it is heavy but in many ways durability comes with weight and this boot is durable. It is also a more cost effective option than the G4 and G3.

Simms Rivershed boot - a top pick among our guides.

Simms Rivershed boot – a top pick among our guides.

Only Santa will know what boots I will get so I guess I have to wait until Christmas morning!

If you or a loved one is looking for new fishing boot in Vancouver come down to the shop a 78 east Broadway or give us a call at 604-872-2204. We have all three of the above boots in stock in a great range of sizes.