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What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

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Christmas is right around the corner and while the staff here at Pacific Angler are busy getting the shop ready for Christmas, they have also been dreaming of what they would like to see under the tree this year! Check back here each week and on our Facebook page to see what each of the guys have their eyes on for Christmas. It may give you some inspiration for the fisherman on your list or that gift for yourself this Christmas!

Max’s Christmas Wish List:

This Christmas, I am going for a more practical approach to my wish list. My parents may disagree, but I really NEED a new fly tying vise. I spend way too much time tying flies than I should, and my current vise is about to kick the marabou! I have been tying on the Apex vise by Anvil for a number of years now, and though it has served me well, it did not withstand the test of time. I have been looking at a few different brands and models, and I have narrowed it down to two vises.

I have been looking at the Regal Medallion RCR-4, and the Renzetti Traveler C2202. These vises are quite difference in appearance and somewhat different in function. The Renzetti Traveler C2202 is a true rotary vise, allowing the tier to rotate the fly quickly while wrapping materials. Although the Regal Medallion RCR-4 is not a true rotary vise, it does rotate 360 degrees. One huge upside to the Medallion is its ability to hold hooks ranging from #18 to the largest of saltwater hooks without any adjustment. The Traveler can also hold a wide range of hooks, however, the jaws must be adjusted to accommodate the different shank sizes. The Traveler features anodized aluminum parts and it also comes with a bobbin cradle. Both of these vises feature a c-clamp mount, which is the most wiggle-free way to mount a vise.

I would be happy with either one of these vises under the tree this Christmas and I’m sure any fly tier would be!

The Regal Medallion RCR-4 retails for $195.00 and is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original registered owner.

The Regal Medallion

Regal Medallion RCR-4

The Renzetti Traveler C2202 retails for $220.00 and is backed by a lifetime warranty against material and workmanship, regardless of its original registered owner.

Renzetti Traveler Fly Tying

Renzetti Traveler C2202