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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: December 9, 2022

Vancouver_saltwater_fishing_winter_chinook & prawns_Dec'22


Another week of relatively chilly weather has kept many folks off the water but we managed to get out on the saltwater for a few days this past week.   So be sure to have a read of this week’s saltwater report!  On the freshwater front, we have a look at the upcoming forecast and opportunities to get out.  Things are looking a bit cold but it’s always worth getting out to scout for the upcoming season.   

In other news, we are officially kicking off our annual Best of the Year Fishing Photo Contest! We have all the details below and we are excited to share the coolest photos from special fishing moments of 2022.  

Last, but not least, we do not have a video report this week but we do have a fly video.  Last week Wiley had an article on Game Changer Style articulated patterns and we’re here this week to show you how easy it is to tie this style of pattern. Wiley ties the game changer in a style we have been using for bull trout locally and it is well worth following along if you are hiding from the cold over the holiday season.  Check out this video below! 

Insert Video Here:     


Pacific Angler Parking Update 
If you’re heading our way to cross a few things off your shopping list you can use the short-term free parking located directly in front of the store.  It’s marked as commercial/room to load and is yours to use free of charge for 30 or so minutes.    Need to stay in the neighbourhood longer?   Check out our handy parking map for some suggestions on where to park when you are headed to the shop! 


IT IS BACK!  Our annual fishing photo contest! 

We had such a great time looking through all of your submissions last year we are hosting our annual fishing photo contest again this year. So now is the time to submit your best photos from the 2022 fishing season!   We will be picking winners within the categories listed below.  Each winner will receive a $50 gift card to Pacific Angler and our grand prize winner will receive a $150 gift card to Pacific Angler!  Winners will be announced in the December 30th edition of the Friday Fishing Report as well as on our YouTube Channel.   

If you need a little inspiration, check out last year’s winning photos! 


  • Best Fishing Photo – anything with a fish in it, or related to the act of fishing. Prize: $50 Pacific Angler Gift Card   
  • Best Fishing Scenery Shot – amazing shots of the wonderful world we get to fish in. Prize: $50 Pacific Angler Gift Card  
  • Best of Kids Fishing (under 16) – we want to see how the next generation is enjoying their time on the water. Prize: $50 Pacific Angler Gift Card  

We will also award a prize of a $150 Pacific Angler Gift Card for the Best Overall Photo chosen from all submissions across all categories.    

Submission Guideline:  

  • Photos will be accepted via email only!   Email your entries to photocontest@pacificangler.ca  
  • All photos must be emailed as an attachment. 
  • We recommend photo file sizes to be at least 250kb with larger 1-5MB File sizes being preferred and all photos being in a jpeg format. 
  • Each entry must include a brief description and the name of category you best think it fits.   
  • Parents or Legal Guardian must submit photos for participants under the age of 18 and by submitting a photo agree to the below terms.  
  • Contest is open December 9, 2022 – December 28, 2022 at 5PM.   

Terms and Conditions: 

Prizes must be accepted as awarded and are not transferable or convertible to cash. By submitting your photo, you give Pacific Angler permission to use your photo in the Friday Fishing Report, our social media feeds, our website and/or Pacific Angler TV on YouTube at our sole discretion.  You acknowledge and agree that all submissions may be reproduced and published (without notice or compensation) in any electronic media and any printed material such as our brochures.  At any time, you may revoke this authorization by notifying Pacific Angler in writing to info@pacificangler.ca  This written revocation will not affect the actions taken prior to this notification.   


River Fishing Outlook for the next 14 days  

Well, I don’t know what to say. When we look at the 14-day trend the weather looks cold with temperatures dropping well below seasonal averages. This is going to make freshwater fishing in general a challenge.  

The key with winter river fishing is temperature and water levels. Cold, low, clear water shuts down the fishes’ metabolism and reduces the availability of food like salmon eggs and smaller prey fish species. Long story short, if you see a forecast like the above negative degree daytime weather it’s tough to get fish to eat.  

You want to watch the weather and when you see a warming trend with rain in the forecast it’s go time!  

The one exception to the rule can be early fresh steelhead. Though they are temperature dependent, the early fish coming into the river seem to maintain some of their aggressive instincts even in cold clear water and though these conditions are not good, catching an early fresh steelhead in conditions like we are going to see over the next week are not unheard of.   

So, what are we recommending? Get out for some steelhead scouting and if that isn’t up your alley have a look at Jason’s saltwater salmon fishing report below.  Now is an excellent time to get out on the water on your boat or with us on a guided trip!   

Matt Sharp 


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report 

If you are heading out this weekend, Sunday looks to be the much better of the two days.  Saturday has some significant SE 20-30 knot winds and rain, no thank you.  Luckily, on Sunday the winds back off, the high-pressure ridge settles in, and the sun is going to come out. 

We have been out locally and are finding fish in the harbour, around the freighters on the ebb or the flood and around the Cap Mouth on the flood.  The harbour always seems to pick up in December and remains a good option right through March.  

There has also been some good fishing around South Bowen and lower Howe Sound.  We haven’t taken the run farther up Howe Sound yet, as there have been too many strong outflow winds on a lot of days.  Nor have we been over to the Gulf Islands recently.  I would suspect the fishing is good in those areas as well, but with good fishing closer to home there currently isn’t the need to burn the fuel. 

Vancouver_saltwater_fishing_winter_chinook & prawns_Dec'22
A productive local trip with chinook and prawns on deck

As usual this time of year, the bait is close to the bottom.  That means you want to keep your gear there as well.  We like to use 18-pound cannonballs this time of year so we can keep close to the bottom, troll fast, and cover a lot of water. 

Productive gear this past trip was a black glow flasher such as the Gibbs CB55, Oki Black Double Glow, or PA Black Custom, paired up with a blue glow splatter back hootchy or the new Skinny G Herring Aid with the glow back.  The original Herring Aid spoons from Gibbs had nickel backs.  These are still available, but they are now also available with a glow back, which increases its effectiveness when down deep, say 100 feet plus.  In the winter we are often fishing at least that, so it came as no surprise this spoon produced well on its first foray this winter. 

The new Gibbs Skinny G Herring Aid Glow back (left) and Gibbs G-Force 3.0 Herring Aid Glow Back (right). Two excellent choices for local winter chinook. Sticker is the Riverwalker Chinook Edition

Prawning has been decent for most and chinook fishing should stay consistent going forward.  If you have some time this holiday season, now is a good time to book a trip or get out there on your own boat. 

See you in the shop or on the water, 

Jason Tonelli