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Pacific Angler has a partnered YouTube Channel! Pacific Angler TV – Click On the Picture Below to Check out All our Videos and the Friday Fishing Report:

Packing Multiple Rods | Learn How with Pacific Angler

Rigging Up a Flasher for Salmon Trolling | Learn How with Pacific Angler

Fixing and Maintaining Simms Breathable Waders | Learn How with Pacific Angler

Dissecting a Great Steelhead Fly Box | Learn How with Pacific Angler

How to Build Steelhead, Salmon & Bulltrout Leaders for Swinging a Fly | Learn How With Pacific Angler

A Season of Fishing - Salmon Fishing, Heli Fly Fishing - The Vancouver Fishing Locations We Love and a Few Amazing Fishing Trips Around the World

Great Footage of Salmon Fishing in Vancouver - Pacific Angler offers guided fishing charters from Vancouver, exceptional fishing is only minutes from Vancouver harbor.

Isle of Youth 2015 - Awesome Footage from one of our Hosted Fly Fishing Trips to Cuba -

Hawaii Bonefish - A Great Look at Fly Fishing for Bonefish in Hawaii

Helicopter Steelhead Fishing  – Jason and Bruce hit the Skeena and as always the footage was epic —

Mending 101, is a key component of our Egg Fishing Course on the Squamish River held every November and January. This fly fishing course has a classroom session were we take an in-depth look at the indicator nymphing technique and an on water session were we learn how it applies to using beads to fish for bull trout and rainbows after the salmon runs. If you are interested in signing up please give the shop a call today.

The Stinger Prawn – Awesome fly tying video from Dimitri, featuring his famous Stinger Prawn. It is a steelhead catching machine and in many regards a work of art. Dimitri has spent thousands of hours on the vise with this style of pattern and the art is in the proportions. This video gives a clear picture of how he achieves the “right” steelhead profile. Check it out and don’t forget to Like – Share and Follow our Vimeo page!

Upper Skagit River Flyfishing

They may not be the biggest fish. The bugs are never good but god do we love this little river. Upper Skagit River fly fishing at its best. If you are interested in Fly Fishing this amazing little river come visit us.

Pacific Angler Presents: Upper Skagit

Hoochies are imitate a common food source of Pacific salmon – Squid. In this episode of “Learn How with Pacific Angler”, staff Jordan Simpson demonstrates how he ties up a hoochie setup for salmon trolling in British Columbia.

Hoochie Leaders | Learn How with Pacific Angler

Nymphing is a effective fly fishing technique used to target trout in streams. In this episode of “Learn How with Pacific Angler”, staff Matt Sharp demonstrates how he ties up an advanced nymphing setup.

Advanced Nymphing Rig | Learn How with Pacific Angler

Some of the salmon fishing highlights from our Vancouver spring chinook season. This was all filmed within an hours boat ride from Vancouver. Call 778-788-8582 to book your fishing charter today and experience amazing salmon fishing like this leaving from Downtown Vancouver or if you need to equip your boat to be able to do it yourself, contact us. Pacific Angler is a full service fishing pro shop as well as one of the top Vancouver guide services. vancouversalmonfishing.com

Pacific Angler Presents - Springs Have Sprung

How to Make a Custom Fly Line Loop and Then Connect it the Correct Way | TOO MANY PEOPLE DO THIS WRONG! | Learn How With Pacific Angler

How to Brine Your Bait For Saltwater Salmon Fishing

A Beutiful Look at Saltwater Salmon Fishing in Vancouver

Advanced Egging Rigs | Learn How With Pacific Angler