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Fall Fishing Sale – Sept 16+17, 2023 – Full Sale List

Pacific Angler Fall Fishing Sale 2023

The fall fishing season is upon us!  The rivers are starting to get their first push of chinook and coho, pinks are open in the Fraser.  The saltwater salmon coho and chinook fishing is still going strong. The lakes are cooling off and the fishing is heating up!  This is your chance to get geared up for your favourite fisheries with great gear on sale at amazing prices!


Saturday September 16 – 10am to 6pm

Sunday September 17 – 10am to 5pm

Pacific Angler – 78 East Broadway Vancouver BC


Due to ongoing Broadway Subway construction, there is limited parking available on Broadway.  We do have some FREE parking spots right in front of the shop.  If those are occupied, check out our parking map here for some great parking options in the neighbourhood. 


Fly Fishing Setup:  Choose any fly rod, Spey rod, fly reel, backing, and fly line, to make your dream setup and receive 15% OFF!

Saltwater Salmon Setup:   Choose any mooching reel, mooching rod, and line (braid or mono), to make your dream setup and receive 15% OFF!  Some exclusions apply.

Bottom Fishing Setup:  Choose any saltwater level wind reel, rod and line (braid or mono), to make your dream setup and receive 15% OFF!

Float Fishing Setup:  Choose any level wind or centerpin reel, rod and line (braid or mono), to make your dream setup and receive 15% OFF!  Some exclusions apply.

Note: Combo discounts can’t be added to items already on sale or discounted.


Spinning Rods

Spinning rods from the following brands 15% OFF!
Rapala – 13 Fishing – Shimano – Trophy – Titan
Daiwa – Okuma- Fenwick – Ugly Stik

G. Loomis IMX and E6X spinning rods 10% OFF!

Daiwa Kage Ultralight spinning rods reg $259.99 now 30% OFF!
KAG612ULFS and KAG712UFS in stock.

Okuma VSB-S-703M-MH $379.99 now 20% OFF!
Great spin casting rod for tuna or other pelagic species!

Okuma Voyager Spinning Travel Kit $99.99 now 20% OFF!
A great spinning kit for camping and backpacking!

Get the kids fishing!  Trout combos from $44.95 to $129.95 15% OFF!

Mooching Rods
Mooching rods in the following brands 15% OFF!
Okuma – Shimano – Titan – Fenwick – Trophy – Daiwa

Float Fishing Rods
Float fishing rods in the following brands 15% OFF!
Shimano – Trophy – Titan – Fenwick

G. Loomis IMX and E6X float fishing rods 10% OFF!

Sage float fishing rods in level wind and centerpin models 10% OFF!

Sturgeon Rods
Sturgeon rods by Trophy and Shimano 15% OFF!

Bottom Fishing & Tuna Rods
Bottom fishing rods by Penn, Daiwa, Okuma 15% OFF!
Shimano Game Type J, Grappler, Trevala 10% OFF!

Bass Rods
13 Fishing Omen and Fate Black 15% OFF!


We have a diverse selection of conventional reels in stock for local angling techniques as well as warm water and blue water reels!

Level Wind & Trolling Reels
Shimano level wind reels 10% OFF!
Abu Garcia level wind reels 10% OFF!
Daiwa level wind and spin reels 10% OFF!
Okuma level wind and spin reels 10% OFF!
Penn level wind and spin reels 10% OFF!

Daiwa CC80HS LT level wind $114.99 30% OFF!
Daiwa Lexa LX-HD400H-P $419.99 30% OFF!
Daiwa Millionaire UTD300/UTD300L. Reg $144.99 now 15% OFF!

Okuma CV55L level wind, $249.99 now 20% OFF!
Okuma Convector Kokanee Combo $209.99 now 20% OFF!

Abu Garcia Ambassador 7000CS. Reg $249.99 now 15% OFF!

Spinning Reels
Daiwa Crossfire 2000 to 4000 sizes $49.99 to $79.99 now 30% OFF!
Daiwa Saltist 3000 to 8000 sizes $349.99 to $379.99 now 20% OFF!
Daiwa Tatula 1000 to 4000 sizes $289.99 all sizes now 20% OFF!
Okuma spinning reels for trout and salmon 15% OFF!
Penn & Daiwa spinning reels for trout, salmon, blue water 10% OFF!

Mooching Reels
Islander Mooching Reels
We have a great selection of Islander Mooching reels.  We carry TR3, MR3, and MR2LA and we have them in stock in all the standard colours and limited editions colours.  Come to the shop for in store specials!

Amundson Trend X5 Mooching Reels 15% OFF!
One of our best-selling machined mooching reels.  This is your chance to own a solid, well tested reel at a great price!
Regular $429.99 now 15% OFF!

Centerpin Reels
Kingpin Imperial 10% OFF!   
Amundson Trend X3 10% OFF!
Islander Steelheader see in store for details.


Enjoy great deals on all the hot brands like Fenwick, Okuma, Shimano, Rapala, Trophy, Shakespeare, Daiwa, Mitchell, Ugly Stik, Plano, Flambeau, Gamakatsu, Normark, Gibbs Delta, Owner, Luhr Jensen, Mad River, Worden’s, Berkley, Maxima, Seaguar, just to name a few!

All Freshwater Terminal Tackle & Hooks 15% OFF!
P-Line – Angler – Eagle Claw – Gamakatsu – Owner – VMC

All Freshwater Lures 15% OFF!
Lucky Bug – Flat Fish – Rooster Tail – Mepps – Panther Martin – P-Line
Gibbs – Cleardrift – Rapala – Brads – Terminator – Macks – Daiwa

Deals on Soft Beads & Hard Beads
BnR Soft Beads 20% OFF!
Cleardrift Soft Egg Clusters 20% OFF!
Mad River Soft Beads 20% OFF!
Troutbead Blood Dot Eggs 20% OFF!

Twitching Jigs & Float Fishing Jigs
Lots of sizes and colours to choose from 20% OFF!

Deals on Tackle Storage Solutions
Flambeau Tackle Boxes and Organizers, all sorts of sizes 15% OFF!
Calcutta Tackle Boxes and Organizers, all sorts of sizes 15% OFF!
Daiwa Tackle Binders & Tackle Bags 15% OFF!

Deals on Bass Gear
We have hard baits and soft baits from Storm, Terminator, Rapala, 13 Fishing, Daiwa, YUM, Lunkerhunt, Mister Twister.  All 15% OFF!

Deals on Carp Gear
All carp gear and accessories 15% OFF!


Come in for a great selection of saltwater tackle from brand names like Oki’ Tackle, Gibbs Delta, Rapala, Shimano, Daiwa, Abel, Islander, Amundson, Fenwick, Flambeau, Scotty, Silver Horde, Sea King, Trophy, Titan, Coleman, Victorinox, P-Line, Luhr Jensen, Rhys Davis.

Crabbing & Prawning
Scotty 2500 Line Puller 10% OFF!
Ace Line Hauler Brutas Pacific Pro 10% OFF!
Ace Line Hauler Carry Case & Bull Dog Hands Free 10% OFF!
Crab Trap & Prawn Traps 15% OFF!
Crab & Prawn Floats, Ropes, Weights, Accessories 15% OFF!

Saltwater Accessory Wall
Pliers, Knives, Scales, and more, from Rapala, Shimano, P-Line, Berkley, Victorinox, all 15% OFF!

Scotty Accessory Wall
All Scotty accessories 15% OFF! 

All Saltwater Terminal Tackle & Hooks 15% OFF!
P-Line – Angler – Eagle Claw – Gamakatsu – Owner – VMC

Bottom Fish & Salmon Jigs
All jigs in all sizes, from halibut to salmon, 15% OFF!

Trolling Spoons, Hootchies, Teaser Heads, Scents & Cures
All salmon trolling spoons, hootchies, teaser heads 15% OFF!
All Pro Cure & Smelly Jelly scents and cures, 15% OFF!

Tuna Lures & Rigging
All tuna lues, rigging, and accessories 15% OFF!

All flashers are 20% OFF!  Delta Flasher Storage Box 20% OFF!

Salmon Nets
All salmon nets 20% OFF!

All cannonballs 10% OFF!

Nauti & Burnewiin
All Nauti and Burnewiin products 10% OFF!


All mono in bulk or packaged is 15% OFF!
All fluorocarbon in bulk or packaged is 15% OFF!
All braid in bulk or packaged is 15% OFF!
All backing in bulk or packaged is 15% OFF!


Redington Claymore and Dually Spey Rods 10% OFF!
Sage X and Sonic Spey Rods 10% OFF!
Burkheimer Spey Rods 10% OFF!


All Premium Fly Rods Minimum 10% OFF!
Sage – G. Loomis – Burkheimer – Orvis – Redington

From 3 WT to 12 WT, from beginner to advanced, fresh or salt, we have the rod for your needs, and they are on sale!

G. Loomis NRX+ Fly Rods
These legendary fly rods are the culmination of years of research by the G. Loomis engineering team.  Hand crafted in Woodlands, Washington with cutting edge materials and resins, some of the lightest and most responsive rods on the market.

G. Loomis NRX+ fly rods $1,279.99 now 10% OFF!

Sage Fly Rods
Foundation        R8              Sonic         Maverick            Salt HD

Sage fly rods in various models to choose from 10% OFF!

We have a full selection of Sage fly rods in stock from entry level trout rods to specialized saltwater rods.  These rods are handcrafted not far from here on Bainbridge Island, WA and only go on sale a few times a year.

ORVIS Fly Rods
We have been carrying ORVIS for quite a few years now and we have been very happy with the performance and durability of their rods. 

ORVIS Clearwater fly rods in various models now 10% OFF!

ORVIS Recon fly rods in various models now 10% OFF!

Redington Fly Rods
Top end performance without the heavy price tag!  We have been a dealer for decades and loves these rods.  We carry a large selection of in a variety of line weights.  All Redington fly rods are 10% OFF with a few select models on sale at deeper discounts.

Redington Strike 3106-4              Reg $429.99 now 30% OFF!


Hardy – Nautilus – Sage – Orvis
Redington – Abel – Lamson

We have a large variety of fly reels in stock from trout to Spey, fresh water to warm water, 2 weight to 12 weight.  We have entry level reels to one of a kind custom finish reels.  Classic click pawl drags to reels with waterproof drags that will stop a truck.  We have what you need. Come down and check them out!

Abel Fly Reels
Legendary Abel quality and hand painted finishes result in some of the most beautiful reels on the market.  TR and Vaya 10% OFF!

Sage Fly Reels all models and sizes 10% OFF!
Sage Click 0/1/2, reg $460 now 30% OFF!

Orvis Fly Reels all models and sizes 10% OFF!

Hardy Fly Reels
Marquis, Bougle, Cascapedia and Perfects 15% OFF!

Nautilus Fly Reel current models and sizes 10% OFF!
NV G6/7 Black, RH, reg $870 now 30% OFF!

Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels all models and sizes 10% OFF!


All flies are 15% OFF!

All fly tying materials, vises and tools are 15% OFF!


Fly Lines
Assorted Skagit Heads, $25 each!
Save on the top lines from Rio, SA, Airflo, OPST.  15%OFF!
Discount bin of selected fly lines up to 50% OFF.

Leaders & Tippet
Save on Rio, SA, Airflo, Seaguar leaders and tippet 10% OFF!
Rio Butt Material .024 and .027      Reg $39.99 now 40% OFF!

Fly Fishing Nets
Nets from Moby, Fishpond, and Gibbs, 10% OFF!

Fly Boxes
Large selection of brands, styles, and sizes, 15% OFF!


We have the largest selection of waders and wading boots, in Vancouver.  Here are some great deals while supplies last!

All Simms Product is Minimum 10% OFF!

Hodgman Mackenzie Boot Foot Hip Waders
Size 9, 11                                                         $69.99 now 40% OFF!

Redington Forge Wading Boots, size 8, 9          $239.99 now 40% OFF!

Simms Women’s
Women’s Vapor Tread Wading Boot Felt, 5             $229.99 now 25% OFF!
Women’s Vapor Tread Wading Boot Vibram, 5         $229.99 now 25% OFF!
Women’s’ Freestone Wading Boot Felt/Vibram, 5, 6 $259.99 now 25%OFF!

Simms Men’s
G4z Waders.  Yes, these Gore-Tex, zip waders are finally going on sale!  Regular $1,249.95, on sale for $1,049.95!

G3 Guide Boots in felt and Vibram are on sale!
Regular $399.95, on sale for $349.95!

G4 PRO Jackets are on sale.  Regular $899.95, on sale for $799.95!

Tributary Wading Boot in Vibram, 8              $179.99 now 25% OFF!

Freestone Wading Boot Felt, 8                      $259.99 now 25% OFF!

Simms 40% OFF Rack:
Assorted shirts, various sizes and prices, now 40% OFF!
Pro Wading Staff, Carbon                                  $289.99 now 40% OFF!

Grundens Waders & Boots
Boundary Zip Wader, Gore-Tex Pro                 $1,099.99now10% OFF!
Boundary Wader, Gore-Tex Pro                         $799.99 now 10% OFF!
Bankside Wading Boot, Vibram                         $289.99 now 10% OFF!


Mustang Taku Jacket, Admiral Gray         Reg $499.99 now 40% OFF!
Mustang Taku Bib Pants, Admiral Gray     Reg $499.99 now 40% OFF!
Shimano Evair Deck Boots, size 13           Reg $109.99 now 30% OFF!
Grunden’s Deck Boss Sandal, Black          Reg $109.99 now 15% OFF!
Simms Challenger Jackets and Bibs 15% OFF!
Simms Pro Dry Jackets and Bibs 15% OFF!
Grundens Neptune Jackets and Bibs 10% OFF!


IS-42 Instrument Display.     Floor display, $819.99 now 30% OFF!
S5100 CHIRP Sonar Module.  Floor display, $3,029.99 now 30% OFF!

Evinrude Engine Interface Cable                       $134.99 now 30% OFF!
Verado Hose Kit for PUMP-1                              $404.99 now 30% OFF!
Mercury Verado Hose Kit                                $274.99 now 30% OFF!

Axiom Pro Hybrid Touch 12S Floor display, $4,249.99 now 30% OFF!
Axiom Plus 9                          Floor display, $1,819.99 now 30% OFF!
Element 7 HV100 Combo       Floor display, $1,019.99 now 30% OFF!
CP470C CHIRP Sonar Module Floor display, $1,537.99 now 30% OFF!
TM275H-W Transducer           Floor display, $2,404.99 now 30% OFF!


Simms, Sage, G. Loomis, Pacific Angler, Fishpond, Hats 10% OFF!

Maui Jim, Smith, Suncloud, all 10% OFF!


Fall lake season will be here before you know it.  Time to get geared up now while we have inventory as it won’t last long at these prices!

Big Horn “U Boat” Float Tube                    Reg $300   now 30% OFF!
Outcast OSG Clearwater                            Reg $2,200 now 10% OFF!
Outcast Stealth Pro                                   Reg $1,600 now 10% OFF!
Outcast Fish Cat Cruzer                            Reg $600   now 20% OFF!
Outcast Fish Cat Rise                               Reg $275   now 15% OFF!
Outcast Fish Cat 4 LCS Float Tube              Reg $415   now 15% OFF!
Outcast Fish Cat 4 LCS Deluxe Float Tube Reg $525   now 15% OFF!
Outcast Fish Cat 5 Max Float Tube            Reg $500   now 15% OFF!
Outcast Backpack Straps                           Reg $50    now 20% OFF!
Outcast Double Action Hand Pump            Reg $80    now 20% OFF!
Outcast Fins                                              Reg $75    now 20% OFF!
Outcast Power Fins                                   Reg $165   now 20% OFF!
Outcast Float Tube Boat Bag                     Reg $170   now 20% OFF!
Outcast Valve Adaptors                              All models now 20% OFF!
Outcast & K-Pumps                                   All models now 10% OFF!

Terms & Conditions of Sale

All sales are final, no returns, refunds, exchanges, or credits on any items purchased on September 16th and September 17th, 2023.

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Pacific Angler Gift Cards.

Sale prices are for in stock items only and do not include applicable taxes or shipping.